What’s Considered Technology?

The primary article below this heading is devoted to a discussion of the influence of technology upon society and of conditions affecting technological change; the second article focuses upon the influence of technology upon worldwide relations. Given the fervor with which Poe embraced, for instance, “anastatic printing” (also called “aid etching” that reproduced a facsimile impression of the original) as a manner of experimenting with and ultimately increasing the representational worth of written texts, he impressively foreshadows the constructivist custom inside modern arts that’s mainly recognized with early-twentieth-century avant-garde movements.

Ought to the event of science and technology result in a perspective of this order, it will mark the final collapse of the eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century excellent of a rational society where man’s materials atmosphere, a minimum of his social and political setting, is vulnerable to human understanding and control. What is sometimes called the commercial revolution began in England … Read More