Comments Policy for LiveChat

LiveChat events are different from regular blog posts, so the Hooligans decided to supplement the standard comments policy with these guidelines.

1) Councilman Smith has absolutely NO control (editorial or otherwise) over liveblogging events. Any observations, opinions, humor, etc. are solely the responsibility of the person making them.

2) Facebook Logins are not required to chat. However, those who opt not to use the Facebook login will find their comments delayed since all text will be placed into a moderation queue. Remember: Even with Facebook Login, your comments may take as much as 10 minutes to appear because the software’s moderation queue tends to be slow for new users. So don’t take delays personally – you are probably not being singled out. Once you are a trusted user, this delay may be removed.

NOTE: If the moderator authorized your account for un-moderated comments, and you close the tab or window that’s viewing the chat … YOU WILL HAVE TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT REAUTHORIZED WHEN YOU RETURN.

Facebook login and aggressive moderation is in place because trolls depend on anonymity like hyenas depend on abandoned carcasses.

3) If you have problems with chat that are _NOT_ related to: “My comment isn’t showing up immediately”, then fire an email to brainshrub at

4) While LiveChat does not need extra software, you’ll probably need to install a program called “Silverlight” to get video working. Feel free to ask questions in the chat room if you need technical help. If you don’t see the web-stream, try viewing the feed directly here.

5) You don’t have to agree with, or even like, members of City Council or fellow chatters. Just don’t be a jerk. If you need to know what will get you banned, refer to the ScrutinyHooligans comment policy.

For those of you too lazy to follow the above link, here’s a comparison of what is and isn’t acceptable:

    Gallant: “I disagree with Councilperson Bluster’s proposal to tax patchouli oil. I find it socialistic, unchristian, and against the Founding Fathers wishes. Also, I feel Bluster cares more about developers than the citizens of Asheville. Bluster is a mean, shortsighted person.” (Gallant will not be banned for these kinds of statements.)
    Goofus: “I saw Bluster cheating on her spouse last night. Also, here is a link to a pornographic website. And by the way, I have several mean things to say about another person not on council because I have a personal grudge against them. I advocate violence. Ha Ha! Isn’t it funny how I made a violent/racist comment? Oh, hey, I’m just kidding … so I think that makes it okay.” (Goofus will be hit hard with this mighty tool.)

6) Don’t copy + paste tons of text from other sites into the chat window. If you have a point to make that requires a reference to another article – then limit yourself to a few sentences and a link.

7) This chat may be seen across several blogs simultaneously. If you’d like your blog to host this LiveChat event, send an email to brainshrub at

– pvh