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forartikkel12323.jpgFrom the URTV debate:

“I can tell you about 90% of these I would not have supported.”
“Those who are looking for handouts from Washington would do well to vote for another candidate beside me.”

– Carl Mumpower on the earmarks Heath Shuler has gotten for western North Carolina.

“When you talk about the militia, I assume you mean the Minutemen, right? O.K. Every American has a right to go anywhere in the United States and, if they care to, to risk their life to make a point. I see no difference between the motives of the Minutemen at the Arizona border than Dr. Martin Luther King and the other people who went to Selma. It’s the same thing.” – John Armor on the Minutemen militia.

“Global Warming – One of the major frauds of the 20th century.” – John Armor

“Since I’m not a scientist, and I haven’t heard any consensus views from the scientific community about global warming, my own opinion is – until there is a predominant evidence, body of evidence, that we are causing it, I have to think that what’s really causing it is the natural progression of the globe.” – Spence Campbell

“I think this is a war that’s been going on for a thousand years, and it’s now being fought in the middle east” – Spence Campbell in response to a question about the War in Iraq.

pissed.gifCongressman’s Shuler number one priority in the House right now is getting his SAVE Act to the floor for a vote. Moving things along was a portion of his rationale for voting to move the telecom immunity/FISA bill quickly. Homeboy even tried a nifty parliamentary maneuver whereby a bill can come directly to the full House, but he’s saying that John McCain called the Republicans who hadn’t already signed on and told them to chill. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want it to come to the floor either.

If your number one issue is immigration, and you like the SAVE Act, then you’d better send Heath a thank you note, because he’s certainly doing everything he can think of to get the thing passed. Immigration is way down my list of priorities for the country, but the polls of this district make it clear immigration is the end-all, be-all for a large majority of Shuler’s constituents.

So Heath is diappointed with the Democratic leadership, the Republican Presidential candidate, and, evidently, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, too. From Blue Ridge Now:

“Shuler said he is not excited about any of the three presidential candidates left in the race — McCain, U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. He said fringe elements of both parties have too much influence on the process.

“When I look at the presidential candidates, I don’t think any of the three gives me a sense that we can come together,” Shuler said.

He cited President John F. Kennedy as an example of a leader who unified the country. He said Kennedy had a vision and brought the country together to put a person on the moon. Shuler said the country was unified after the 9/11 attack, but seems to be more divided now.

“We seem to have lost a little,” Shuler said.”

I’m guessing Shuler’s not aware that President Kennedy “initially proposed an overhaul of American immigration policy that later was to become the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, sponsored by Kennedy’s brother Senator Edward Kennedy. It dramatically shifted the source of immigration from Northern and Western European countries towards immigration from Latin America and Asia and shifted the emphasis of selection of immigrants towards facilitating family reunification.[39] Kennedy wanted to dismantle the selection of immigrants based on country of origin and saw this as an extension of his civil rights policies.” – Wiki

It’s not surprising that illegal immigration hasn’t united the country the way the terrorist attacks of 9/11 did. I expected the Democratic leadership would help Shuler get SAVE passed, but they’ve decided to avoid the issue. For a minute it looked like Shuler would get enough Republican support to force a vote and maybe pass the thing despite the Democratic leadership. Now it looks like SAVE is dead in the water.

No wonder Shuler’s peeved, he’s pinned a lot to making this thing happen, and now it looks like he’ll have to wait another year to try again.

This time w/Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA), discussing the SAVE act.


UPDATE: As an added bonus, here’s his appearance on Glenn Beck.


(Big up to the fabulous Petulant and his mad video skillz)

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Shuler on Lou Dobbs tonight

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lou-dobbs.jpgCongressman Shuler will be on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight at 7:00 pm to discuss HR 4088 (aka the SAVE Act).

Whether or not Dobbs will start frothing at the mouth with more of his tired, boring, monochromatic, white nativist, xenophobic, racist rhetoric as he heaps large steaming piles of praise onto Heath remains to be seen.

And somehow I doubt that Dobbs’ “do as I say, not as I do” attitude toward hiring illegal aliens either knowingly or unknowingly will come up in conversation.

Anyway, there it is. Watch if the spirit moves you.

I would, but… well… it’s on opposite… um… uhh… [frantically flipping through TV listings…] Flavor of Love 3. Yeah. I never miss an episode of Flavor of Love 3. Nope. Never.

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Irony, thy name is Rudolph…

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10/1/2007 (CBS News):

Monday night Rudy Giuliani visited a famous Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurant that serves as much controversy as it does calories.

Geno’s Steaks has been a famous Philly hot-spot for years. It was thrown into the headlines last year when the owner posted a sign at the counter that reads, “This is America. When Ordering Please Speak English.”

The national spotlight on the restaurant and its owner, Joey Vento, came at a time when both the media and Congress were fixated on illegal immigration – a subject that Republican candidates have been returning to in the past few months.

Giuliani, who has had to defend his record on illegal immigration as mayor of New York City, seems determined to prove he is a strong opponent of illegal immigration. Vento believes him.

“He’s the right man – he’s tough,” Vento tells CBS News. “I’m hoping from what I’ve read so far about him – I believe we’re on the same page as far as illegal immigration.”


Via La Politíca:

Here’s the Giuliani campaign ad en español that begins airing today on at least three Spanish-language television stations in Miami (WLTV-Univision, WSCV-Telemundo, WJAN-AmericaTeVe). It is called Liderazgo (Leadership) and opens with a shot of the late president Ronald Reagan shaking Giuliani’s hand.

¡Nueve Once!

(Nice catch, Think Progress)

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And they’re kicking us out. Kind of. From Raw Story.

“We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us,” long-time Indian rights activist Russell Means told a handful of reporters and a delegation from the Bolivian embassy, gathered in a church in a run-down neighborhood of Washington for a news conference.


Lakota country includes parts of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.The new country would issue its own passports and driving licences, and living there would be tax-free — provided residents renounce their US citizenship, Means said.

The treaties signed with the United States are merely “worthless words on worthless paper,” the Lakota freedom activists say on their website.

So, what do all of you send-them-back-where-they-came-from folks think of this development?

“Our people want to live, not just survive or crawl and be mascots,” said Young

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Caliente Carl Admira Tom Tancredo

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hot-carl.gifWhen Tom Tancredo didn’t show up to the Republican Presidential candidates’ spanish language debate, those of us who bothered to notice at all smiled a little as Tancrazy’s campaign train rode a little further off the rails. Tancredo hasn’t polled out of low single digits throughout his doomed run, and the ideologue’s unwillingness to speak spanish to spanish speakers is yet another reason that even Republicans find him less attractive than Rudy!, Romney, and Ron Paul.

But as most of us ignored Tancredo’s boycott, el boicoteo de Tancredo de la sierra de Carl Mumpower el discusión de Univision y su corazón era más caliente que un tamale.

From e-Carl:

“Absent from the debate was Colorado Representative and Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo. Citing a resistance to “further Balkanization of American political life”, the Congressman elected not to participate in a political forum he viewed as “insulting to our new citizens”.
“Like many folks, I’m sick and tired of the way in which politicians of both parties so easily abandon their principles and pander for votes. The Democrats, especially, continue to play to their “pet constituencies” – while ignoring the concerns of the average American – by seducing them with false promises that cannot be kept,” offered Mumpower. “That does a grave disservice to the very people that politicians claim to help. I am a proponent of making English our official language because I sincerely believe it would ennoble people. It would help to broaden the equal access to liberty and opportunity that makes this country special – and it would help people of all backgrounds to more fully share in the American dream,”

This is the same Tom Tancredo who honestly wants to deport all 12 million people currently residing illegally in the U.S., the same Tom Tancredo previously endorsed by white supremacist groups Stormfront and Vanguard. This is a guy most folks wouldn’t ever want to get in bed with. But Army of Mumpower does not fear the unbearable whiteness of Tom Tancredo.

Carl thinks speaking English is “ennobling“: “to elevate in degree, excellence, or respect; dignify; exalt”. In otherwords, spanish speakers are less excellent, less respected, less dignifed, and less exalted. Carl would elevate them to his english-speaking level and would refuse to speak to them at a debate. No matter if they were born here, Hot Carl believes in Tancredo’s notion of “Balkanization”, ignoring the multitude of nations around the world with multiple languages. Tom Tancredo, when he speaks of balkanization, usually also mentions the dangers of multiculturalism.

Tancredo a year ago in the Denver Post:

“Immigrants who cling to their language, heritage and loyalties while living in the U.S. threaten to turn the nation into a “Tower of Babel,” he said.

He rails against what he calls “the cult of multiculturalism,” or “people who are intent upon dividing America up into cultural enclaves, who are intent upon essentially minimizing the importance of Western civilization.”

Tom Tancredo and Carl Mumpower believe that language diversity is a symptom of a disease. Carl evidently believes the ignoble folks who speak Spanish need ennobling. They believe that speaking Spanish to spanish speakers will tear our nation asunder. From here they both look like silly men taking meaningless stands against a problem that doesn’t exist. If anything, Americans’ inability to speak multilingually is a deficit. You’d be hard pressed to find another nation in the world with so little knowledge of other languages. Mumpower’s defense of our ignorance is embarrassing.

three_amigos_ver2-770439.jpgI missed the big YouTube debate with the Presidential candidates over at CNN. Instead I was reading Arratik’s astoundingly quick and thorough rendering of the Henderson County Republicans’ Congressional candidate debate. The audio is here.

At no time during this debate did anyone say the word ‘Iraq’ or the term “health care”.

On Earmarks – Mumpower, Armor, and Campbell all stated their opposition to the practice of earmarks. Campbell, however, talked about how we need to make the appropriations process more transparent before he stated his opposition. If you’ve been following ScruHoo for long, you’ve seen the money that Shuler has returned to the district to grow our small business and manufacturing. Armor calls earmarks a “cancer” that will “destroy the United States of America”. Mumpower calls them “a rigged lottery”. Campbell says, “uh” quite a bit.

On the “Fair” Tax – The Fair Tax is a 30% national sales tax that would replace the current income tax system. Campbell was for lower taxes but wasn’t too hip to the Fair Tax. In favor of the Fair Tax, Armor’s ready to take the current taxes and “Throw ’em out.”

Mumpower gives us the cryptic, “Simple and transparent taxation is in everyone’s interest, and the Fair Tax is one approach to that effort.”

I haven’t heard anything Heath Shuler’s had to say on the current tax code or about Tax Reform. When our current money is flying off the shelves to Iraq, I imagine the first priority should be to get American tax dollars directed back to America’s needs. For more on the “Fair Tax” here’s a link pimping it and a link smashing it.

On Social Security – Campbell incisively describes what he wants to do with Social Security, “I’m sorry… I also believe that if we don’t address Social Security, uh… and, and address it soon, um, the people of America will suffer and suffer greatly, and so I would be, uh, in favor of a, uh, re-look at Social Security.”

Having already re-looked at Social Security, Armor promises suffering for somebody, “There are three ways to deal with it: higher taxes, which I know all of you resist; uh, higher age for benefits; uh, and adjusting the levels of benefits. But the longer we wait, the worse it gets. So this is one of these things, we just gotta step up and do it.”

Mumpower didn’t offer any ideas at all. He promised “catastrophe”.

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Wot Rots

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Ashvegas alerts us to the existence of this newest western North Carolina white supremacist group, Smoky Mountain Resistance:

I came across this propaganda video advertising a group I’ve not heard of before called Smoky Mountain Resistance. The video uses buzz words such as patriot and white pride to make their point. I have no idea who is behind this, but I’d like to know more, just to keep an eye on ’em.

This YouTube piece looks like a slide projector filmed by a camcorder, but it gets its message across:

SMR also uses catchy phrases like “European Morals and Values” and “Our Nation is Being Invaded” while answering the question “If we do nothing what does our future hold?” by displaying nuclear explosion and cataclysm. Judging from the other videos on their YouTube page, it appears that these caucaphiles think that groups who would call them on their racism are “taking our freedom away”. They also display the awful underbelly of the American debate over immigration, reminding me again that too many immigration hardliners likely have racism in their hearts.

Ash’s post and this post are certainly the most attention the group’s ever received, but like the Ashman says, we need to keep an eye on those who would repackage a message of intolerance and hate to sell again as “heritage” and “white rights”.

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Sunday Reading

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Who thought it was brilliant to go from Blackstrap Rum to Bombay Sapphire martinis to Caucasians?  Oh yeah… that was me. This Hooligan traipsed from Asheville Brewing Company to Flying Frog via Joli Rouge with the vivacious JDryz.  Now it’s nearly noon, I’m in my robe, and the day is spread before me like soup to swim through.  How are you adjusting? Here’s what I’m reading: 

Transforming the Justice System…the Mexican justice system…”The Bush administration’s proposed counternarcotics aid package for Mexico would set in motion a vast reengineering of the country’s justice system, revamping the legal education process, creating a network of court clerks and helping to write new laws”.

Newsweek says what we’ve heard from our friends at the AC-T and Mtn. X. When they’re criticized from the right and the left, it means they must be doing a good job. Horse’s Mouth:

“The editor of one of the two top newsweeklies tells us he goes to sleep with a smile on his face if he gets lots of criticism, so long as it came from blogs on both sides. But “doing our job” presumably here means “doing good journalism.” So if people on both sides say you aren’t doing good journalism, the correct response isn’t to say, “thanks, I appreciate it.” Rather, one should say, “Hmmm. People are criticizing me. Is there something to what they’re saying? Is one side perhaps right?”

For Thunder Pig – Things That Are Not Torture at dKos.

Harper’s via War In Context: “A Canadian software engineer, he was changing planes in JFK on his way home to Canada after a Mediterranean vacation when American law enforcement snatched him up. Arar had been fingered as a terrorism suspect by Canadian authorities. Within a brief period of time, he was interrogated, locked-up and then bundled off to Jordan with directions for transshipment to Syria, a nation known to use torture. Indeed, it was plain from the outset that he was shipped to Syria for purposes of being tortured, with a list of questions to be put to him passed along. Never mind that Syria is constantly reviled as a brutal dictatorship by some Bush Administration figures who openly dream of bombing or invading it… the Syrians, it seems, have a redeeming feature—their willingness to torture the occasional Canadian engineer as a gesture of friendship to the Americans.”

Violence in Southern Iraq Drops 90% After British Pullout.

I’m number one! And folks who hate Mexicans will also hate that two very hispanic monikers have cracked this list of American surnames.
The top 10 U.S. surnames
1. Smith (881 occurrences per 100K people)
2. Johnson (688)
3. Williams (569)
4. Brown (512)
5. Jones (505)
6. Miller (418)
7. Davis (398)
8. Garcia (318)
9. Rodrigues (298)
10. Wilson (290)

Liberty Dollar raid in Asheville. I learned that Ron Paulites were coining money with the Ron’s visage.


“Agents of Sen. Hillary Clinton are spreading the word in Democratic circles that she has scandalous information about her principal opponent for the party’s presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama, but has decided not to use it,” Robert Novak reports. “The nature of the alleged scandal was not disclosed.”

Meanwhile, The Politico reports Obama accused Clinton of “Swift boat’ politics” and vowed he will not be intimidated.”

Where’s Heather Rayburn?

Blogger to take on Howard Coble (R) for the NC-06 Congressional seat.

Asheville’s annual holiday parade was a scream. You can see AC-T coverage here.

Lots of folks are swooning over Deputy Whip Largely’s SAVE Act. The most vocal are right wing blogs and organizations.

When you read the mouthbreathers’ “statistics” about illegal immigration, know that most of the numbers are… fuzzy.

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