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Veni, vidi, vaya con Dios

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It seems a bright eighth grader in Vermont thought it would be a good idea for the state to adopt a Latin motto. So Republican state Sen. Joe Benning introduced legislation recommending Stella quarta decima fulgeat (“May the fourteenth star shine bright”). The phrase harkens back to when Vermont entered the union as the 14th state.

Wonkette has what happened next:

And then Burlington TV station WCAX put the story on its Facebook page with the headline, “Should Vermont have an official Latin motto?” and all Stupid broke loose when morons thought that Vermont was knuckling under to a bunch of goddamned illegal immigrants.

An email from Benning to the Vermont Political Observer captured the irony:

I anticipated suffering the backroom internal joking from my colleagues in the legislature. What I did not anticipate was the vitriolic verbal assault from those who don’t know the difference between the Classics and illegal immigrants from South America.

A couple of samples:

“I thought Vermont was American not Latin? Does any Latin places have American mottos?”
“ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!! sick and tired of that crap, they have their own countries”
“How do you say idiotic senator in spanish? I’d settle for deport illegals in spanish as a back up motto”
“Hell No! This is America, not Latin America. When in Rome do as the Romans do!”

Later commenters jumped in to lampoon the earlier posts, of course. Wonkette and the Vermont Political Observer have more.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

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And now?

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No ID Required To Buy An Election, Just To Vote In One

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The GOP insists you prove your identity to vote. But if you want to spend millions to sway U.S. elections, they’ll protect your anonymity, even if you are a non-citizen. Harold Meyerson writes:

Voter suppression has become the linchpin of Republican strategy. After Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the GOP was briefly abuzz with talk of expanding the party’s appeal to young and Latino voters. Instead, the party doubled down on its opposition to immigration reform and its support for cultural conservatism — positions tantamount to electoral suicide unless the youth and minority vote can be suppressed.

Meyerson discusses the “interstate shell games” wealthy right-wing donors play to prevent the public from knowing the their identities as the sources of so much negative campaign “speech.”

But you may need a court order to get the documentation they insist you must produce before you can exercise your right to vote. This passes for common sense in some sectors.

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Arizona, Here We Come!

Courtesy of Rep. Nathan Ramsey’s office. Joe Arpaio will be proud. Pink undies next, Nathan?

Buncombe GOP Facebook Page


From the Office of Rep. Nathan Ramsey providing information on HB786 :


Information on House Bill 786 up for a vote Monday, July 15th for the Second and Third Reading in the House.


RECLAIM NC is a law enforcement / public safety bill that has been carefully crafted to address hardened criminal activity in our state. The bill applies to citizens and non-citizens alike. The bill creates new statutes, enhances some existing statutes and imposes stiffer penalties on the activities that support various criminal activities.


HB786 addresses Identity Theft by making it a Class H Felony to “manufacture or sell” counterfeit documents. Currently, it is only a Class 1 misdemeanor.


HB 786 creates a “rebuttal presumption” against bail for certain crimes perpetrated by people in the State illegally, who may pose a threat to society or a flight risk if released on bail. It creates a tier of secured bail requirements for various other crimes, under the same conditions. This will help protect the citizens of NC by keeping the undesirable element off the street for longer periods of time.


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America The Lost

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After last year’s summer of discontent, I looked back on America’s response to September 11:

A flood of post-September 11 articles asked how the attacks happened, what we would do next, and why terrorists hate us. One savvy pundit asked, Would America keep its head?

We invaded Iraq on trumped-up intelligence. We conducted illegal surveillance on our own citizens. We imprisoned people without charge, here and abroad. We rendered prisoners for torture and tortured others ourselves in violation of international law. All the while, millions of staunch, law-and-order conservatives supported and defended it, and still do. Vigorously.

Did America keep its head? Uh, no.

After an earlier national tragedy, the 1986 Challenger disaster, the broadcast networks filled air time by bringing on psychologists. How absurd it seemed to have TV psychologists telling us how we should feel about it and explain it to the kids. Today, of course, absurd is the new normal. Today we have the conservative Mighty Wurlitzer going all E. Power Biggs on America, telling us 24/7 not how we should feel but whom we should fear. And week by week it is becoming increasingly hard to keep up with whom the home of the brave is supposed to fear.

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Spotted on a planter in front of the Rise ‘n Shine Cafe on Merrimon Ave. this morning (click to enlarge):


Hot Carl in Freefall

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Carl Mumpower is going to play even worse with the Republican base than I could have imagined. The dead-enders who still think George W. Bush is doing a good job are not going to forgive Carl for calling for the President’s impeachment. Carl’s trying to get to Shuler’s right on immigration, but the only thing to the right of Shuler on this issue is a steep political cliff that Mumpower’s driven over.

He can play the maverick, but mavericks attract followings and get things done. Hot Carl is more of a bothersome iconoclast, his years of oppositional behavior on City Council standing as a monument to generating theater more often than results.


Senate: Liddy fires the first shot!

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I saw this during Jeopardy! last night. It’s ostensibly about illegal immigration, but I guess it ultimately serves as proof that Watergate Hotel resident Elizabeth Dole was actually in North Carolina long enough to shoot this ad:

You know that last scene on the beach? I almost expected to see the wind blowing her hair to the left… then the wind blowing her hair to the right… then the wind blowing her hair into the ocean.

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forartikkel12323.jpgFrom the URTV debate:

“I can tell you about 90% of these I would not have supported.”
“Those who are looking for handouts from Washington would do well to vote for another candidate beside me.”

– Carl Mumpower on the earmarks Heath Shuler has gotten for western North Carolina.

“When you talk about the militia, I assume you mean the Minutemen, right? O.K. Every American has a right to go anywhere in the United States and, if they care to, to risk their life to make a point. I see no difference between the motives of the Minutemen at the Arizona border than Dr. Martin Luther King and the other people who went to Selma. It’s the same thing.” – John Armor on the Minutemen militia.

“Global Warming – One of the major frauds of the 20th century.” – John Armor

“Since I’m not a scientist, and I haven’t heard any consensus views from the scientific community about global warming, my own opinion is – until there is a predominant evidence, body of evidence, that we are causing it, I have to think that what’s really causing it is the natural progression of the globe.” – Spence Campbell

“I think this is a war that’s been going on for a thousand years, and it’s now being fought in the middle east” – Spence Campbell in response to a question about the War in Iraq.

pissed.gifCongressman’s Shuler number one priority in the House right now is getting his SAVE Act to the floor for a vote. Moving things along was a portion of his rationale for voting to move the telecom immunity/FISA bill quickly. Homeboy even tried a nifty parliamentary maneuver whereby a bill can come directly to the full House, but he’s saying that John McCain called the Republicans who hadn’t already signed on and told them to chill. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want it to come to the floor either.

If your number one issue is immigration, and you like the SAVE Act, then you’d better send Heath a thank you note, because he’s certainly doing everything he can think of to get the thing passed. Immigration is way down my list of priorities for the country, but the polls of this district make it clear immigration is the end-all, be-all for a large majority of Shuler’s constituents.

So Heath is diappointed with the Democratic leadership, the Republican Presidential candidate, and, evidently, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, too. From Blue Ridge Now:

“Shuler said he is not excited about any of the three presidential candidates left in the race — McCain, U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. He said fringe elements of both parties have too much influence on the process.

“When I look at the presidential candidates, I don’t think any of the three gives me a sense that we can come together,” Shuler said.

He cited President John F. Kennedy as an example of a leader who unified the country. He said Kennedy had a vision and brought the country together to put a person on the moon. Shuler said the country was unified after the 9/11 attack, but seems to be more divided now.

“We seem to have lost a little,” Shuler said.”

I’m guessing Shuler’s not aware that President Kennedy “initially proposed an overhaul of American immigration policy that later was to become the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, sponsored by Kennedy’s brother Senator Edward Kennedy. It dramatically shifted the source of immigration from Northern and Western European countries towards immigration from Latin America and Asia and shifted the emphasis of selection of immigrants towards facilitating family reunification.[39] Kennedy wanted to dismantle the selection of immigrants based on country of origin and saw this as an extension of his civil rights policies.” – Wiki

It’s not surprising that illegal immigration hasn’t united the country the way the terrorist attacks of 9/11 did. I expected the Democratic leadership would help Shuler get SAVE passed, but they’ve decided to avoid the issue. For a minute it looked like Shuler would get enough Republican support to force a vote and maybe pass the thing despite the Democratic leadership. Now it looks like SAVE is dead in the water.

No wonder Shuler’s peeved, he’s pinned a lot to making this thing happen, and now it looks like he’ll have to wait another year to try again.