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Just FYI, we’re going to be putting ScruHoo up on a lift and performing some badly needed maintenance tasks on it this afternoon starting at around 3:00 pm. This will require taking the site offline, but we don’t expect this to take more than an hour.

We thank you for your patience and support.

UPDATE (4:17 PM): We’re back up, and everything seems to be running smoothly.

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I’m still tweaking the settings and looking for something other than an Droid to test this on, but ScruHoo should now be easier to read and navigate on a cell phone, loading a minimal template instead of trying to cram the full version on your small screen. Give it a try!

Also, if you’re using an iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry or any other mobile internet-enabled thingy, let us know how we’re looking.

Oh yeah, go vote!

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Over the course of this afternoon (and possibly the next couple of evenings), you may experience some weirdness with the site. Don’t mind me – I’ll just be over here, tweaking some code and adjusting some settings… it’s all in the name of improvement, see.

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Yeah, you may have noticed something weird with the website over the last 24 hours.

Or, more to the point, you may have noticed nothing, which was exactly what was showing if you were a Firefox user. If you used Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, you got to see a few cached pages, but that was it. We experienced our first extended downtime since 2006.

In layman’s terms, an upgrade that we attempted to do yesterday afternoon required a newer version of PHP than we were using, and as a result the entire site crashed. Thankfully, the good folks at PurpleCat Networks were on the job and were able to get everything up and running for us.

There’s still some weirdness that needs to be sorted out, but everything seems to be back to normal. Let us know if you see anything funky.

Thanks for your patience.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna crack open a cold one and watch the rest of the Denmark v. Japan match.

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Every now and then, Admin Hooligan adds the Donate button to the sidebar — meaning another bill has arrived for hosting fees. Pretty much everything else at this modest little community service is a volunteer effort, the product of our personal passions. (Why else would a Hooligan sit up late on Saturday night prepping the next installment of Sunday Morning Music?)

If you check in every day to read the scribblings, to add your two cents or to keep up with local politics, please contribute a few bucks towards sustaining this forum. Your fellow Hooligans will greatly appreciate it.

Please click the Donate button at right so we don’t go all NPR on your blog.

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Let’s Change The World

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Google is planning to launch an experiment that we hope will make Internet access better and faster for everyone. We plan to test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more trial locations across the country. Our networks will deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today, over 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections. – Google Fiber Initiative

I’ll post the whole thing here at some point, but for now take yourselves over to googleavl to read all about Asheville’s effort to invite Google to town.

“You all heard about the Information Superhighway of the internet back in the day. Compared to a superhighway, this network is like a teleportation device. It’s so far beyond what anyone else is using that it gives Asheville the opportunity to dream big.”


Opposable Thumbs

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thumbsup200If you’ve been paying attention to the site in the last few days, you’ll notice that some wacky little thumb buttons have appeared beneath each person’s post. Thumbs can be useful things: they’ve allowed humans to operate tools, like Playstation; they’re good for sticking in dykes and in pies; there’s a rule named after them; they show up in gladiator movies; they’re essential for hitchhiking; they hurt like hell when you whack them with a hammer; and, it’s really hard to blow up a balloon (much less tie off the end) without them.

But what do these buttons mean in the context of this site? Hell if we know. Do they indicate one’s agreement with a post or simply an appreciation for its quality? Are they informative at all…or merely useful for diffusing boredom and frustration — the blog equivalent of bubble wrap?

Green thumb, red thumb…Red thumb green. Green thumb, up thumb! Up thumb green! Red thumb, bad thumb…Thad thumb thad. Good thumb, Up thumb! Bad poem, bad.

We welcome your thoughts on this very important matter.

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Well, Hello There

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hello_there{pic found here}

Hiya, Hooligans.  An unexpected upgrade got the blog off-kilter for a while there, but we’re repaired now.

Ashvegas has an excellent series of Wordles for candidates who submitted questionnaire responses to WNC For Change.  Check out the Wordles for Cecil Bothwell, Esther Manheimer, Carl Mumpower, Cesar Romero, Gordon Smith, Kelly Miller, Robin Cape, Shad Marsh.  My responses to the questionnaire in full are here.

Saylor, Ash, Xty, and I got together for a blogtastic power lunch at City Bakery on Charlotte St. today to hatch some ideas for our annual BlogAsheville gala.  More soon.

LAAFF was a lot of fun.  I met hundreds of people, and the campaign vols were doing the same.  The bicycle powered blender at the LAAFFter Party on London St. marked an impressive technological leap in Margarita mixing and pedal power.

Tonight I completed questionnaires for the Asheville Citizen-Times and Children First.  You’ll be able to read them at the website before long.  Let me know if you’d like a copy of either.  Tomorrow I’m being interviewed at WWNC 570.  That info will be on their website at some point.

I celebrated my 39th birthday on Saturday by heading to Hot Springs with Rachael.  We hiked the Lovers’ Leap loop trail then went down to the spa for a massage and a soak.  After checking in with the hard-at-work campaign team, I watched the USA-El Salvador World Cup Qualifying Match at Dirty Jack’s with over a hundred soccer enthusiasts.  We won 2-1.  Good times.

What have y’all been up to this Labor Day weekend?

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MySQL, GIS, php

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If you know what anything in the title of this post means, you could be a great asset to my campaign for city council. My campaign manager says that these are going to make a voter-data-geospatial-something-wide-area-distribution-something-or-other. If any of you know what php, MySQL, or GIS means then you would be welcome with open arms to the team. Drop me a line through my Campaign Volunteer Contact Form here.

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trollHowdy Hooligans,

I wanted to let everyone know that there were some comments left here over the last few days that weren’t what they appeared.

You may have seen the commenter “Dave” in this virtual salon over the last little while. Well someone from his IP address left comments using the identities of Bruce Mulkey and Cecil Bothwell. The IP address has been banned, and the impersonating comments have been deleted.

There’s likely to be a lot more of this sort of thing over the next several months as the forces of the status quo go all out against the progressive candidates in this race. If there is more of it, we may have to turn to full comment moderation or even registration. We’re not ready to take that plunge yet, but we want you to know that it’s possible if the misrepresentations continue.

Here’s hoping it’s an isolated incident, but trolls ought to know we’re watching. IPs will be banned if people abuse this forum, and if we can figure out who the trolls are – we’ll make it public.

Know that a lot of folks are cooking up schemes to tear down this grassroots effort. If you want to give ’em a poke in the eye, you can donate or volunteer for my campaign. I’ll let the trolls know how many of you were motivated by their actions. When folks stoop so low as to impersonate honorable people in an attempt to tear down their characters, they need to know we’ll use their hunched backs as a stepstool.