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A Good Decade

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Screenshot 2014-03-24 at 12.46.04 PMJune 4, 2014 will mark the 10th anniversary of this group blog we call Scrutiny Hooligans. That’s 110 years in internet time. That’s older than this gentleman. The decade has seen bloggers come and go. It’s seen periods of raucousness and ennui.

For me, Scrutiny Hooligans began as a place for friends to swap stories and vent frustrations. I found community here and later found more through BlogAsheville. The local political scene largely opened its arms, and where it didn’t I went ahead and awkwardly embraced it anyway.

To all you Hooligans- front-pagers, commenters, lurkers and trolls -I’m grateful for the lessons and the opportunities. This blog has always been an experiment. Every blogger with complete editorial license, and every commenter given latitude with the patience of Job’s therapist. There are other little miracles that only the gentlemen behind the curtain can know.

My participation here has dwindled over the years since I was elected. Turns out there’s only so many hours in the day, and turns out there’s a lot to accomplish outside of this virtual realm. I’ve been honored with election and re-election to Asheville’s City Council, and I relish the opportunity to serve. On the flip side, I’m of the opinion that it’s time for this ScruHoo co-founder to take a bow and exit stage left. It’s time for wilder heads than mine to populate these digital environs. It’s time to call it a decade and a good one at that.

Scrutiny Hooligans has been a springboard and sounding board. I’m grateful for all of you who have been a part of the journey. You may see an occassional guest post from me if the Hooligans at the helm deem it worthy, or this may be that last. Thanks, all. The animating contest of freedom and the bending arc of history require different exertions from each of us. This one for me is finished.

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If you’ve noticed slowness on ScruHoo over the last few days and weeks (or have been unable to connect), according to Purple Cat it is because we have been under a Denial-of-Service Attack. That is, unless you have a lot of relatives in the Netherlands who suddenly took an obsessive interest in Asheville’s water fight with Reps. Tim Moffitt, Nathan Ramsey, Chuck McGrady and North Carolina’s GOP-led legislature.

We are working to correct the problem.

Illegitimi non carborundum.


Check Your Bookmarks!

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Well hello there again Hooligans. I just have a small piece of business here for you.

For the more internet savy, you might’ve noticed the address up there in your browser ends with a .us

scrutinyhooligans dot US

Now most websites end with the .com, thus the dot com era was born! No one much talks about the dot us era nor the dot biz era. Does .etc exist?

The point is: you might have mistakenly bookmarked instead of The reason you don’t second guess a left at Albuquerque is that we currently have any traffic redirected to the correct address.

The problem is something might go hinky with that redirect starting February 1st. We might need a few days to work it out. Don’t worry! The site will still be running. Just make sure you have the .us address in your bookmark! Go check right now!

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments. I will try to get back to you by the evening.

You may now return to your normally scheduled hooliganism. Thank you.

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DNC2012 Open Thread #1

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Heya, Hooligans. Tom Sullivan and I are at Hooligan HQ (a.k.a. the Days Inn on N. Tryon St). Tom made a valiant attempt to collect our credentials, but the Secret Service decided to sweep the Convention Center, evacuating it and shooing away anyone who wanted in. There are law enforcement folks all over the place, air and land.

So we’re planning on just crashing the NC Welcome party tonight at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

This week you’ll have lots of ways to follow the Convention. There are the conventional ways, with your cable news channels and whatnot, and then there are the new media methods:

I’m at Twitter –
and at Facebook –
ScruHoo at YouTube –

Official info –

Please include your preferred links and info in the comments. We’ve got to get washed up!

Well none of us were really paying attention, and we missed ScruHoo’s millionth hit altogether.

Best I could do was this screen capture of hit number 1,000,021. So the person who came here 21 people before this joker wins the prize.

Actually there’s no prize. All in all the whole thing is as anticlimactic as things come.

A million came here before you. Use this thread to tell them about the future.

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Site Updates

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Howdy folks. Just wanted to let y’all know that we’ve been doing some of that there updatin’ lately. We got ourselves the latest version of this fix and a new plugin for that thingamabob and gosh knows what else! All I can tell ya is that things are gonna look just a wee bit different round these parts. Now don’t ya go on worrying or nothing. Things will be just fine. Your eyes will get used to it I reckon. Mine did. Ok so now that I got that off my chest, you can all go back to your regularly scheduled hooliganism or whatever.

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Tuesday Open Thread – Millionth

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The biggest topic of conversation at the Hooligan Conclave last week, aside from who looked best in the African hat we purchased from another patron, was how we should mark Scrutiny Hooligans’ one millionth hit. That’s right. In a few weeks, ScruHoo will have its millionth visitor.

Were you the master of all things bloggy, how would you come at it? Prize for the person? Exploding .gif? Ignore it altogether? Tickets to watch a secret meeting with Tim Moffitt, Nathan Ramsey, David King, Joe Belcher, Mike Fryar and their employees?

Or, you can use this thread to talk about the other exciting things going on in the world and in your minds. Enjoy.

What’s amazing is that this blog has been operating for some time with no one at the controls. Sometimes I miss the occasional disemvoweling, and I wonder how many WordPress updates we’ve missed. That is all.

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Friday Open Thread

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Since ScruHoo ported from Blogger to WordPress on April 1, 2007, there have been 4,326 posts, 30,634 comments, and Akismet has kept 37,587 spam comments from appearing. According to Sitemeter, there have been 749,219 individual hits to this blog since April 1, 2007 and 203,200 hits prior to that. Maybe we ought to start a pool on when the millionth hit will happen.

According to NewStatPress the most popular operating system of people and bots hitting this blog is Windows XP. The most popular browser is Mozilla with Chrome in a distant second.

None of that is particularly relevant to anything, just thought I’d share. It’s your thread. Do with it what you will.

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Another Upgrade

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PurpleCat Networks, our excellent Asheville-based web host, is going to be migrating ScruHoo onto a new server this weekend, tentatively scheduled to start at midnight this coming Saturday/Sunday. This will be a good thing for readers, contributors, occasional commenters, and me. But this will result in a few hours of downtime, after which a better, faster and more secure ScruHoo will await you.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

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