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Mayor Bellamy Announces Her Plans

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Terry BellamyMtn X:

At the end of her State of the City address tonight, Mayor Terry Bellamy announced she won’t seek re-election, instead running for Rep. Patrick McHenry’s 10th district congressional seat once again in 2014.

When a future history of Asheville is written, the historic tenure of Terry Bellamy will be a pivotal part. The youngest woman ever elected in North Carolina, Terry Bellamy went on to become Asheville’s first African-American Mayor. The opportunity to serve alongside her has been an important part of my civic education. She’s been a consistent ally in matters of affordable housing, public transportation, and economic development. I’ll always be grateful to her for her commitment to looking out for the disabled members of our community. We’ve not always agreed on issues, but I believe that Terry Bellamy will forever be an advocate for Asheville.


Let The Word Go Forth

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Let the Word Go Forth from Steve Atlas on Vimeo.

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Step by step, town by town, the Campaign for Southern Equality is calling for full federal equality for LGBT Americans. Watch the video below. I’m heading to Washington, D.C. to join CSE for the actions on Thursday. You can learn more here. Be a part of it.

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The Campaign for Southern Equality has begun Stage 4 of the WE DO campaign in the pursuit of full federal equality for LGBT Americans. They will be leading actions in seven states between now and January 17th – Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia – and Washington, D.C. Read more about WE DO here after you watch this video.

It’s time we all stood up and demanded equality for one another. Thank you CSE, and thanks to all the brave couples who are putting themselves on the line in the hopes they will be recognized as fully equal human beings.

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Random Thursday Variousness

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve arrived in the vast cornfields of Canada…*


Another day, another death. Today’s featured death is Muhammad Ziad Awad Salaymah a 17 year old Palestinian teenager shot dead in West Bank. He pulled a toy pistol from his belt at a Israeli checkpoint, and was gunned down by IDF soldiers.  Protests ensued. The use of leathal force against non-violent protesters is left to the discretion of Soldiers in the field. The US give an average of $3 billion a year in military aid to Israel (that’s billion with a “B”).

Israeli soldiers use rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas bombs and stun grenades against non-violent protesters in the the West Bank – in addition to spraying them with water mixed with chemicals. These tactics have led to the injuries of hundreds and even several deaths among protesters.

Here’s some random stuff to read/discuss/ignore (after the break):

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Random Wednesday Variousness

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It’s 12.12.12. Do with that what you will. In the past 24 hours there have been approximately 153,400 deaths world-wide ( with approximately 356,201 births, do with that what you will), one of those deaths belonged to Ravi Shankar, again, do with that what you will. Also, several people were shot and killed at a mall in Portland, by a man wearing a white mask and brandishing a semi-automatic rifle. He killed himself. Also, North Korea shot something off, and had a parade. They are fond of parades.


Here’s some random stuff to read/discuss/ignore (after the break):

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50 Years Ago Today…

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35 Years Ago Today…

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Elvis left the building.

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(Thanks to J. Bugg for bringing the above video to my attention.)

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Romney/Ryan ’12

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Click the link for more information. From Think Progress – 12 Things You Should Know About Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan:

1) Embraces extreme individualism
2) Raises taxes on the middle class, cuts them for millionaires
3) Dramatically increases Medicare costs for seniors, increases eligibility age
4) Leaves Social Security to the whims of Wall Street
5) Budget would result in 4.1 million lost jobs in 2 years
6) Eliminates Pell Grants for more more than 1 million students
7) Keeps $40 billion in subsidies for Big Oil
8) Family stands to benefit from oil subsidies
9) Claimed Romneycare has led to “rationing and benefit cuts.”
10) Believes that Romneycare is “not that dissimilar to Obamacare.”
11) Accused generals of lying about their support for Obama’s military budget
12) Co-sponsored a personhood amendment