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Liveblogging the NC Election Returns

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Here’s the voting guide. [Ed: also available in PDF for download/printing here.]

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You and Me in the NYT

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The New York Times ran a comic strip today featuring David Roat, Drinking Liberally, Leni Sitnick, Gordon you-know-who, the Tastee Diner. A lot of us met Campbell, the illustrator, last week. Thanks for the shoutout, Cam.

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Mark Your Calendars

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busy.jpgIt’s going to be a busy week!

Today – Bill Press, progressive talk radio luminary, will be at Sante Wine Bar in the Grove Arcade from 6-8 pm.

Also today – Gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue is in town and will meet folks at Mountain Java the Fresh Market on Merrimon Ave. from noon to 2 p.m.

Thursday night from 6 – 8 p.m. Democratic Senatorial candidate, Jim Neal, will be at the Asheville Pizza Company on Coxe Ave. He’ll be meeting, greeting, and, presumably, eating. Kay Hagan hasn’t spent any time with folks up here in the mountains, but Neal has made it a point to get out here early and often. Come out and meet him.

Then Drinking Liberally is happening at the usual Coxe Ave. Asheville Brewing Company location as well. It’s the last Thursday before the primary, so come out between 7 and 10, and bend the political ears.

At 9:30 pm Thursday, there’s a big benefit for the family of Paxton Mitchell back at the Merrimon Ave. Asheville Pizza and Brewing location. Bands, raffle, and a silent auction. This family is buried in medical bills since losing their son to leukemia, and some local heroes are coming together to make sure the community is there to help.

On Saturday afternoon, Mountain Voices Alliance is having a Save Our Slopes rally beginning at 2pm at Pritchard Park. Then they’re marching down to City/County Plaza for an afternoon of music and letting our leaders know that folks want conservation and wise planning.

Early voting ends on Saturday at 1 p.m. You can wait in line on May 6th if you want, but I already voted. It took five minutes. Here’s my voting guide if you’re looking for advice.

Sunday afternoon, May 4th, Holly Jones is having a rally/celebration at the French Broad River Park from 3-5 pm with the eminently danceable Westsound.

All of the candidates are looking for volunteers between now and May 6th. If you’ve been meaning to help. Now is the time. Whether it’s Obama, Neal, or one of the excellent County Commission candidates, it’s time for folks to put their shoe leather where their support is.

Asheville Brewing Company is hosting the Primary Night Returns Party beginning at 7:30 pm on May 6th. We’ll have the results of the national level race on the teevees, and our bank of bloggers will run their boxes hot with results from state and local contests. Drinking Liberally and P!B!O! are hosting the event. It’s been a wild ride, and there’s miles to go. Come and get your politics and drinking somewhere where folks’ll be making some noise.

What else is going on? What did I miss?

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Who’s Going?

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Team Clinton with opening act General Shelton will grace the stage of the storied and beloved Asheville Civic Center tonight at 8pm. The doors open at 6pm for some reason, and the P.I.C. are saying to get there early.

Of course it’s also Drinking Liberally at the Asheville Brewing Company, where left-leaning folks who’d rather hear each other than the Senator from New York will gather for pints and positivity.

I’m doing both. First to the Civic Center, where I’ll catch the great circus that’s bound to appear on the streets around it. I don’t imagine I’ll go into Hillary’s speech, but Arratik may go get audio. So if anyone from the BrewCo. is reading this, please set me up a Rocket 77 at about 8. Cheers.

What are your plans? Predictions? Deepest fears?

Update: Vote in the poll atop the left hand sidebar!
Update #2: No fair voting twice, Gordon!

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Yes, you read that right. We’re going to be conducting a Republican straw poll at Drinking Liberally tonight.

It makes sense. I mean, it seems like every time you open the newspaper these days, there’s some organization within NC-11 that you’ve never heard of announcing the results of their Republican straw poll – why let them have all the fun?

Come on down, have a few refreshing adult beverages, and make your voice heard as far as whether you’d rather see Carl Mumpower, John Armor or Spence Campbell take on our incumbent in November.

See you tonight!

Asheville Drinking Liberally
Every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 10:00ish
Asheville Brewing Company – 77 Coxe Ave., Downtown Asheville

drinking-liberally-small.jpgFrom a Drinking Liberally email alert:

This week Asheville Drinking Liberally will be moving our weekly gathering from our regular date and time of Thursday to Tuesday. Not only is this because a significant percentage of regulars are planning to attend the Holly Jones campaign kickoff event (she’s running for Buncombe County Commission), but we’re also changing dates this week for tomorrow night’s highly anticipated primary returns.

While tomorrow’s primary elections in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont are not by any stretch the last of the season, but with 370 pledged delegates at stake, this could be a make-or-break situation for both of the major Democratic candidates. Will it be a blowout or a nail biter? Either way, our friends and extremely accommodating hosts at the Asheville Brewing Company (77 Coxe Ave. in Downtown Asheville) will be serving up their famous micro brewed libations and a wide array of pizzas, sandwiches and pub grub as the returns come in on the wide screens.

We will also be collecting items for DFA’s “Souper Tuesday” canned food drive. Everything collected will go directly to Asheville’s Manna Food Bank, so we would like to encourage everyone to bring a couple of items from their pantries or cupboards and help families in need right here in our own backyard.

We will go back to our regular Thursday thing next week on March 14th. In the meantime, join us tomorrow for what should prove to be a very exciting and memorable night!

Asheville Drinking Liberally
Tuesday evening (TOMORROW) from 7:00 – ????
Asheville Brewing Company – 77 Coxe Ave., Downtown Asheville

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Bill Russell and I had an intimate encounter at Asheville Brewing Company last night, but you’ll have to come out to Drinking Liberally tonight to find out what transpired. DL will be watching the Obama/Clinton debate at 8pm and quaffing from 7 ’til the quaffin’s done.

I’m going to be a little late getting there, so can someone organize the teevee/sound situation? Arratik’s getting in from L.A., but he’s not sure if he’ll get there in time. Cheers!

What’s happening? Who knows what? My day job is really eating into my information addiction, and I need your help.

Here’s an amazing video clip of the thousand students who marched seven miles to vote for Obama in Texas:

elephants.jpgFor most of you I know that local Republican politics is a “Hooligans watch it so you don’t have to” arrangement, but I wanted to clue you into the debate scheduled for Thursday, February 21, at 7PM at the YMI Cultural Center, 39 S. Market St. in downtown Asheville. I learned about it from a newly formed west Asheville GOP precinct blog:

“The 11th Congressional District Republican Debate will offer a unique opportunity to hear from all 3 Republican candidates for Congress. The candidates participating include (with information taken from their websites)”

John Armor
Spence Campbell
Carl Mumpower

I’m thinking we might have to pre-empt Drinking Liberally for this. Who’s interested in attending? I’m not suggesting anything hooliganesque outside of the occasional titter or tipple, but I think it’s exciting to watch the local GOP have public debates to determine their next candidate. This kind of openness in the process ought to be applauded whenever it happens.


This excerpt is from Bill Clinton’s book Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World which details his and the efforts of ordinary Americans to make an impact on the world in which we live.

I post this because I’m tired of hearing Hillary Clinton framed as a DC insider. Where it may be true she has more experience in DC and is better connected than her primary opponents, it should not be made a wedge issue for progressive voters.

“…Hillary was a different story. When I met her in law school, she was involved with a local project to provide legal services to poor people. She took an extra year to study the special needs of children at the Yale Child Study Center and the university hospital. When she graduated, she decided not to pursue prestigious and more lucrative law firm opportunities and went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund to help poor children.

When she came to Arkansas to be with me and taught in the law school, she ran the legal aid clinic and prison project. After we married and moved to Little Rock, while I was attorney general and governor, she co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families; served on the board of our Children’s Hospital and helped with its fund-raising drive (it became one of the nation’s ten largest children’s hospitals in a state with only 2.8 million people); brought an excellent preschool program from Israel to poor families in our state; headed a task force that increased access to health care for people in small towns and rural areas; and chaired a committee that developed higher standards for our schools.

She also served on an American Bar Association commission on the status of women in the profession. Somehow she made time for all these volunteer efforts while she was working full-time as a lawyer, active in her local church, and fully involved in all Chelsea’s school and extracurricular activities. My wife was my first role model for what it means to be a public servant with public office…”

This is not to say I don’t like the other candidates, or that I hope Hillary gets the nod (I do hope she is somehow on the ticket), I find it unproductive and distasteful to dismiss H. Clinton out of hand by “framing” her as an insider.

Martin Luther King once said, “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”

I concur…

You can read more about Hillary’s public service from Bill Clinton, here.