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How Gordon Won the Election

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Click Gordon to enter the campaign galleryI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Gordon Smith ran the best damn campaign I have ever seen.

I had the pleasure of experiencing it all close-up — and what I found were some of the nicest, most enthusiastic, intelligent, well-spoken, creative, and diverse group of people I’ve ever met. And boy…did they know their stuff. Volunteers all, but everyone seemed like a pro.

Gordon told me on a cold night last January that he wanted it to be a “people-powered” campaign. Indeed it was. Folks from every walk of life helped it work: young and old, rich and poor, gay and straight, religious and not religious, Democrats…and yes, even a few Republicans. Not everyone agreed on all the issues, but everyone was included. Everyone was heard, everyone was respected. And everyone had a great time. I have the pictures to prove it.

Over the course of this last year, I showed up at a few events with my camera and drank some beer. Some of the pics have been shared on the back channels of the internet and privately in emails, but I thought it would neat to bring them all out on display for everyone to see…and back here to where it really all began.

So…in no particular order, I invite you to meet the people behind Gordon Smith’s run for City Council: just click on Gordon’s smiling face to see them all (well, most of them anyway — apologies to anyone I might have left out).

Congratulations, Gordon — and congratulations to everyone for a job well done.


Beer Wars Live

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Post lifted wholesale from Bruisin’ Ales Blog:

Bruisin’ Ales is pleased to host an Asheville screening of Beer Wars LIVE!* This is a simulcast event held nationwide on April 16 at 8pm. $15/pp The showing will take place at Carolina Cinemas 14 on Hendersonville Road in South Asheville. From

Fathom and Ducks In A Row Entertainment present Beer Wars LIVE with Ben Stein, a one night event taking you inside the boardrooms and back rooms of the American beer industry. The event will feature the exclusive never-before-seen documentary Beer Wars, followed by a riveting live discussion led by Ben Stein with America’s leading independent brewers and experts. Playing in over 430 movie theatres nationwide on Thursday, April 16th, beer industry insiders will take you behind-the-scenes of their quest for the American Dream.

Beer Wars will introduce you to the who’s who in beer while following the journey of small, independent brewers who are challenging the corporate giants. Director Anat Baron provides an insider’s perspective of the daily battles and all out wars that dominate one of America’s favorite industries.

Purchase your tickets here. We’re going to have a Stoudts tasting at the theater before the film, starting at 6:30.We hope you’ll join us, and yes, beers featured in the film will be available at the screening!

Highland Brewing Co. and Brews Cruise are offering an add-on to anyone interested. For a safe transportation option, Mark from Brews Cruise has arranged for the 360PartyBus to pick-up in the lot next to Bruisin’ Ales at 5pm to head to Highland Brewing Co. for a brief tour, tastings and hot dogs; which will then take you to the theater and back downtown to the Bruisin’ lot afterwards. If you already have your movix tix, you can still get on the bus. If you choose to do the entire day, the schedule looks like this:

5:00 pm-Pick-up @ Bruisin’ Ales, Round-trip on the 360PartyBus
5:30 pm-Highland Brewery tour, beer samples and food
6:15 pm-Load bus for Hollywood Cinemas
6:30 pm-FREE Stoudt’s tasting
6:45 pm-Bus arrives at Hollywood Cinemas
8:00 pm-”BeerWars LIVE”
10:30 pm-Load bus for Bruisin’ Ales

$10/pp for Bus & Highland Tour Only
$25/pp for Bus, Highland Tour, & BeerWars LIVE”

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Sunday Morning Music

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Jazz guitarist Jim Hall performs “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” with a trio consisting of Steve Swallow on bass and Walter Perkins on drums. This tune was Hall’s feature on Art Farmer’s “Live at the Half-Note” record and this footage is likely from a 1964 appearance of the Farmer quartet.


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Catching Up On My Reading

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While a return to regular blogging here at ScruHoo is still days away, lots of other bloggers are banging away – holidays be damned:

Paul Rosenberg at Open Left compares a biblical basis for oppressing homosexuals to the biblical basis for asserting the earth is flat.  I expect Chad Netherbits will seize the moment to do battle with the spherical earthers’ radical liberal agenda.

“The Internet is perhaps the greatest source for reestablishing an open communications environment in which the conversation of democracy can flourish”, Jose Vargas at the Washington Post channels Al Gore to argue that Obama’s Internet savvy is indicative of a wave of political interactivity.

Tim Peck is flying that libertarian flag over in the AC-T LTE section:  “the inevitable consequences of government interference in the marketplace”.

Tell your unemployed, underemployed, and unhappily employed friends all about it:

The third annual Homecoming Job Fair will be held Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville. The job fair will showcase regional employment opportunities in advanced manufacturing, health services, hospitality and other growth industries.

Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, the legendary WNC moonshiner, has had his sentencing postponed again.  It’s no easy task putting away a folk hero, and there are a lot of us who hope Popcorn never sees the inside of a cell.  FYI - “Popcorn,” a name he acquired following an altercation with a popcorn machine that gave him neither popcorn nor his money back.”

On January 15th we’ll get our next look at the Downtown Master Plan.  There’ll be public input, then a ‘final’ draft will be completed by March.  City Council will then have the task of modifying and trying to pass this plan which will have far-reaching consequences.  

Mountain Xpress has an interesting roundup of their most popular pieces of 2008.

Asheville’s Chapter of Drinking Liberally sent an email:

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the movie night … Milk was fantastic and we all enjoyed the viewing.
Naomi asked me to thank everyone who contributed to the sickle anemia fund she started … she collected over $200 from us!
On December 24th several DL members did volunteer sorting and packing work at Manna Food bank … we had a blast and during the 2+ hours we worked, we packed boxes for 4500 meals … nice work and we will plan on doing this event again.
Since we will not have a regular gathering on Thursday due to the holiday, I am planning another movie night on Tuesday to see Slumdog Millionaire at the 7:20 showing.  We will meet at Barley’s at 6:45.
Eldridge and friends will be hosting a New Years eve party on their place on Wednesday … starting around 7:30 … bring light snacks and something to drink…

Shoot me an emait at if you want more info on the DL New Year’s Eve.

What have you been reading?


Election Grab Bag

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Election day is five weeks from today.

Kay Hagan is coming to town this weekend. Leading in the polls and loving her some Asheville, she’s rolling in to encourage folks to come out to canvass on Saturday. From the BCDP:

“[Kay Hagan] will be at Democratic Headquarters at 11:30 AM to kick off the Saturday Canvass. We would love to have a large group of volunteers to greet Kay. Volunteers should gather at 11:00 AM. Of course, everyone is welcome to canvass; however, if you cannot canvass, come anyway to meet and greet our next U.S. Senator. Call Valerie at 828-817-3856 for more information.”

Before she canvasses, Hagan will be at a fundraising breakfast. Wanna go? Contact Elana McKenzie or 253-4921. After she canvasses, Hagan will be at the Vance Aycock Big Annual Fundraising Dinner. Wanna go? Contact Buncombe County Chair Kathy Sinclair at

Early voting starts on Thursday October 16 and lasts through Saturday November 1. Any unregistered voter can register and vote on the same day during this time. For a list of Early Voting sites, including times and locations, visit HERE. Biltmore Square Mall and Innsbrook Mall are open until 9:00 PM on Saturday, October 18.

Here’s a fun Board of Elections tool – Check Your Own Voter Registration. You can also find your voting location and voting history (for the last two years or so) here. You can also find out about your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Fun times. On your info page, there’s also a button to see a sample ballot.

The four Republican candidates for County Commission were on Matt Mittan’s Take A Stand yesterday at 570 AM. Here’s the link to the podcast for Hour One, and here’s Hour Two. I didn’t catch much of the broadcast, but what I heard sounded like Don Yelton beating the drum and the other three lining up behind him. Mittan did an admirable job of trying to keep Don on topic and keep him from rambling on for too long.

Word is that Drinking Liberally will have the Vice-Presidential Debate up on the big screen at Asheville Brewing Company on Thursday night.

Hiya Hooligans.

Barack Obama’s big night is tonight at Invesco Field in Denver, and there are a couple of options for you if you’d like to be in community on this historic night.

The Democratic Party and the Obama campaign folks are hosting a viewing party at the YMI Cultural Center on Eagle Street downtown. Starting at 7:30pm –

Susan Fisher will speak, as will Mr. Hayes of the NAACP, among others.

First, we’ll watch the “I Have A Dream” speech on its 45th anniversary.

Then, we’ll watch the live broadcast as Barack Obama accepts our party’s nomination for President of the United States.

A cash bar and cash food will be available.

If your into a less organized scene, then come on out to Drinking Liberally at the Asheville Brewing Company, 77 Coxe Ave. The DL crowd will begin to gather at 7pm, and the speech will be on all the screens inside and out.



Drinking Liberally – Tonight

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere I could go have a couple of drinks with liberals?

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While you’re anxiously waiting for the Starbucks to open on the ground floor of the Parkside Condo Highrise, come bite your fingernails with a gaggle of liberals down at the Asheville Brewing Company. In this brave, new Asheville where condo developers can scheme with City and County staff to buy our public park land and turn it into luxurious living for the millionaires among us, it’s vital that we plebians behave as though nothing is wrong.

We can ignore Maj. Gen. Taguba leveling war crimes charges against George W. Bush and KBR telling our military to suck on it in Iraq. We can ignore the occupation of Iraq altogether while pretending that the do-nothing Democrats in Congress have already held the Bush administration to account. Global warming? Fuggedaboutit. Gas prices? F5 that shit. A massive wave of foreclosures, ballooning national debt, the plunging value of the dollar? Who has the time?

Come whistle while Rome burns tonight at the Asheville Brewing Company, 77 Coxe Ave., Downtown Asheville. Drinking Liberally, that left-leaning cabal of well-educated, well-heeled, well-bourbon political love children comes together for another Thursday night praising the light and cursing the darkness. We’ll start at 7ish and go until the goings gone. Everyone’s welcome. The only cost is your tab.


Drinking Liberally – Happy Birthday

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NYT: “On Thursday night in Hell’s Kitchen, an impassioned discussion of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s remarks about the Bobby Kennedy assassination as a reason for her staying in the presidential race took place in the backyard of Rudy’s Bar and Grill. Across the yard, Rachel Maddow, a host on Air America Radio, poured glasses of beer for a table of friends and debated Senator John McCain’s war record.

Among the regular patrons at the bar on Ninth Avenue were a few unsuspecting tourists. Dozens of people were squeezed together talking politics, drinking beer and eating free hot dogs. The conversation was cut short for an anniversary toast.

“To many more years, and many more chapters,” said Justin Krebs, 30. Mr. Krebs was one of the founders of the progressive social networking group called Drinking Liberally that has been meeting at Rudy’s every Thursday night for the past five years.

“We knew our friends wanted to talk about politics and the state of the country, but it felt like that was a taboo thing to do in a social setting,” Mr. Krebs said. “We wanted to create an environment where people would be told that politics is not off the table — that in fact, it’s what we’re here for,”

Go read the rest. Drinking Liberally is teh awesome. Come on down to our own Asheville D.L. on Thursday nights at 77 Coxe Ave, the Asheville Brewing Company. w00t!

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