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Meet the Overpass Light Brigade

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“The Overpass Light Brigade was forged in the activist climate of the Wisconsin Uprising. Our messages shine over highways at night. We believe in the power of communities coming together in physical space, as well as the importance of visibility for grassroots and progressive causes. We are a loose and inclusive affiliation of people dedicated to the power of peaceful and playful protest.

“Contact us on our Facebook page if you would like to join one of our Bridge Parties, and feel free to share our images, follow us Twitter, and give a few “democrabeeps” when you drive beneath the bridges… Shine on, OLB!”

[h/t Diane Sweet at C&L]


Burn a Book, Save a Library

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Sometimes we are too slow out of the gate. Underfunded. Out-shouted. But that doesn’t mean we’re beaten. Not by a long shot.

From Boing Boing:

The Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide agency has won a gold prize in the Effie awards for their hoax “Book Burning Party” campaign, which is credited with saving the public library in Troy, MI. Michigan’s extreme austerity measures and collapsing economy had put the library under threat, and the town proposed a 0.7% tax raise to keep it open. The local Tea Party spent a large sum of money opposing the measure on the grounds that all taxes are bad, so the Burnett campaign reframed the issue by creating a hoax campaign to celebrate the library’s closure with a Book Burning Party a few days after the vote.

The outrage generated by this campaign was sufficient to win the day for the library, as Troy’s residents made the connection between closing libraries and burning books, focusing their minds on literacy and shared community, rather than taxation.

Troy Public Library would close for good unless voters approved a tax increase. With little money, six weeks until the election, facing a well organized anti-tax group who’d managed to get two previous library-saving tax increases to fail, we had to be bold. We posed as a clandestine group who urged people to vote to close the library so they could have a book burning party. Public outcry over the idea drowned out the anti-tax opposition and created a ground-swell of support for the library, which won by a landslide.

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Socialist You

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The late George Carlin had this comedy bit involving a four-letter word starting with S. He marveled at how it was this all-purpose expletive. He provided lots of examples. What fascinated Carlin was how everyone used the S-word figuratively. Almost never literally.

Socialist is like that. Conservatives started throwing the word around with gusto when Barack Obama began running for president. Socialist is the conservative all-purpose epithet beginning with S.

Of course, they never use it literally, either. Most could not define socialism if you put their own guns to their heads. But as an all-purpose slur, precision is not the point. As in, “If I ever get my hands on that socializing, socialistic socialist, I’m gonna shove my socializing boot right up his socialist butt!”

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We Do Campaign In South Carolina

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Though all of the Republican Presidential candidates were invited to the Reconciliation Prayer Service held in Greenville, SC today, none attended. Three same-sex couples sought marriage licenses at the Greenville County Probate Court, and all three were denied pursuant to the laws of the state. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, leader of the Campaign for Southern Equality, told participants today, “Your love is holy. Your love is true. We are here today to stand up to laws that are unjust and to call for full equality for all LGBT people.”

See the story at WYFF.

On Wednesday, two more couples will seek marriage licenses. Then Thursday a Charleston couples will do the same in that city. Watch for some surprises along the way.

David Forbes at Mountain Xpress wrote an excellent story about CSE and the We Do campaign.

And here’s one of the excellent videos released as part of the We Do campaign.


Monkey Do

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The Freeway Blogger strikes again, distracting drivers with his dangerous roadside graffiti.

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From Howie Klein at Down With Tyranny!:

This is just a heads up– I’m allowed to give a heads-up– about some important action for American patriots this weekend targeting, peacefully, of course, banksters– related to the march on the homes of NYC plutocrats. You can count on some details here at DWT later this week… gotta wait for the 99% to give the final finger wiggle, but think “OccupyTheBoardRoom.” And remember, we’re an unprecedented coalition of labor, community, and netroots groups coming together to voice our legitimate anger at the 1%. And, oh, boy, are we gonna have some fun with the plutocrats!

Twitter #OTBR #OWS


Wonder what #OccupyTheBoardRoom is all about? Go to this website Saturday, October 15:


The Occupy The Boardroom link above is live, active and will send you an email with instructions for tomorrow. The Occupy The Boardroom Facebook page is active as well. Sign up to do your part.

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CNN: “Facebook calls for a global “Occupy” protest on October 15 similar to the Wall Street protests Demonstrations in more than 25 countries from Ireland to Italy, Hong Kong to Chile.”

More Saturday.


Dogs and Cats Living Together

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At the privately run group blog known as “Scrutiny Hooligans”, a controversy has erupted, spilling over into a Congressional campaign, Asheville City politics, a political community, the local twittersphere, and the lives of the bloggers.


The brouhaha began when the Administrator of the site, deemed “sovereign” by the other front-page writers, including City Councilman Gordon Smith, chose to disallow a frequent commenter, community activist Barry Summers, from posting to the site. The administrator, who chooses to remain anonymous, took this action after Mr. Summers made frequent attacks on one particular writer, Michael Muller, former campaign manager for Carl Mumpower and Bill Russell, after Muller’s comments about Joe Minicozzi and Mayor Terry Bellamy.

Congressional candidate Cecil Bothwell leapt into the fray to admonish the site’s Administrator and everyone else involved. The Administrator retorted with some harsh words for Mr. Bothwell, who is also an Asheville City Council member. The hullaballoo has exploded into a full-on display of Blogdrama.

The Administrator, according to Smith, has, “released the reins”, leaving the site adrift on the waters of the Asheville blogosphere. The site has always operated without editorial control, but this is the first time it has been absent an administrator.

Scrutiny Hooligans has operated for over seven years and has become the Asheville home for off-color political commentary regarding area goings-on. Frequent commenters’ reactions have ranged from outrage to confusion to mild annoyance to apathy.

We will have to await the next chapter in this cyberruckus to determine whether it will have lasting political impacts on the Asheville blogosphere, inter-Council relations, congressional politics, and the well-being of the Scrutiny Hooligans community.

Scrutiny Hooligans invite everyone with an opinion to fire away.


Chad Nesbitt Calls For Support

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Mtn. X:

“Former Buncombe County Republican Party chair Chad Nesbitt announced today on WWNC radio’s “The Matt Mittan Show” that he’s planning an Aug. 28 rally in downtown Asheville to protest the Aug. 21 GoTopless rally. He said the rally will be held at 2 p.m. in Pack Square Park and invited the public to attend.”


You are not going to believe this.

Mumpower and Nesbitt have a website for their Sunday event. The website and event are titled, “Sanity in the Public Square”. The website is adorned with an image of Uncle Sam being shot in the face by liberalism and Islam. To the left of this picture is the telling turn of phrase, “aberrant exhibitionist ideology”.

When comedian Stephen Colbert petitioned the Federal Election Commission for permission to form Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (a.k.a., the Colbert Super PAC), people laughed to see Colbert use the campaign finance system to lampoon that very system. “This is 100 percent legal and at least 10 percent ethical,” he said upon receiving FEC approval.

The Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court now allows “independent-expenditure only committees” like Colbert’s to spend unlimited amounts of money to support or attack candidates. But with the debut of Colbert’s first television ads ahead of Iowa’s Ames straw poll, it is clear that Colbert’s target list is broader than candidates and campaign finance.

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