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Today is International Laugh at Lieberman Day!

Think Joe Lieberman is a joke?

We do too. That’s why we’ve created a new holiday: Laugh at Lieberman Day. It’s today, Tuesday, November 18th, and we want you to celebrate with us! Here’s what you need to know:

How to celebrate:

Step 1: Find some way to record yourself

It can be a video camera, a camera phone, your laptop, or just a microphone. Just find someway to at least capture yourself speaking.

Step 2: Call Joe Lieberman’s office

Start your recording, pick up the phone, and dial (202) 224-4041. When someone picks up, ask if you’ve reached the office of Senator Joe Lieberman.

Step 3: Laugh!

Cackle. Giggle. Chortle. Guffaw. Whatever it is, just laugh. Even if you get an answering machine, laugh! Laugh at the joke that is Senator Joe Lieberman.

Step 4: Upload your video to YouTube

Upload the recording of you laughing at Joe Lieberman to YouTube. Make sure you tag your video laughatliebermanday so it will show up automatically on this page.

Step 5: Tell your friends!

Spread the joy! Tell all your friends about Laugh at Lieberman Day. Email them this website. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it on Twitter. Shout it from the rooftops. Just get the word out!

It’s easy and fun! See?


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George W. Bush – War Criminal

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“There is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.” – (Ret.) Major General Antonio Taguba

Major General Taguba was responsible for investigating the torture at Abu Ghraib.

Congressman Shuler, will you stand up for human rights and the American way of life, or will you stand idly while war criminals skate by without being held to account? Please call for a War Crimes Tribunal to be formed and held in the public arena. Please do this without another moment’s delay.

Washington Post via dKos

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Reason #2,432,129 Not To Bomb Iran

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The Iranians are gearing up for a big Presidential election, too. In Summer of 2009, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will likely stand for re-election. The Iranian parliament, no friend to the bellicose President, has elected one of his most vocal opponents, Ali Larijani, to be their Speaker. In case you’re not aware, it’s not the President who holds the foreign policy reigns in Iran. That role goes to the Supreme Leader, held since 1989 by Ali Khamanei. However, the President is in charge of a lot, and Ahmadinejad is evidently taking the rap for a 25% rise in inflation.

Ali Larijani ran for President against Ahmadinejad in 2005. Ali’s no Boy Scout, being a well-connected censor and assassin among other things, but he appears to have a very different stance on nuclear development than does Mahmoud.

AFP: “[Larijani] typifies an increasingly prominent group in Iranian politics who remain rigidly loyal to the principles of the 1979 Islamic revolution but are distinctly lukewarm over the presidency of the ultra-conservative Ahmadinejad.

The divisions between the two were laid bare in October when Larijani resigned his post as top nuclear negotiator amid speculation that he was ready to take a slightly more pragmatic line in the standoff with the West.

Larijani also indicated his parliament would be closely supervising the work of Ahmadinejad’s government, which has been criticised by reformists and conservatives alike for controversial economic policies.”

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Doug Feith on The Daily Show

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Part One

Part Two

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The Huffington post has a great article up with video of George Stephanopoulos back in the days before he sold his soul to the corporate media: Stephanopoulos Once Criticized The Tactics He Put To Use In Debate

Tom Shales at the Washington Post writes “In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC”

All I can say about the debate the other night is FUABC!

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Earlier this week, McHenry posted a video that violated Green Zone military security in Iraq and may have led to several deaths, including that of a colonel.

Now, according to the Charlotte Observer, he’s blaming the Pentagon for not briefing him. But the Pentagon is contradicting him.

A Pentagon spokesman said he didn’t know what McHenry was told in Iraq, “but we routinely brief our operational rules to our visitors in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“We do not as a matter of policy discuss attacks in a way that would provide the enemy any better understanding of the effectiveness of their attacks,” said Lt. Col. Todd Vician.

VoteVets has called on congress to censure him for endangering troops.

Brandon Friedman, vice president of Vote Vets, has suggested McHenry resign and enlist:

And frankly, at this point, members of the military are tired of covering for these chickenhawk wannabe-heroes who go around looking for glory the easy way. We’re tired of them starting wars they can’t finish and we’re disgusted with their enthusiasm to use a military which they don’t understand in the slightest.To be quite honest, it’s only because McHenry is a Congressman that the Pentagon and MNF-Iraq spokesmen were so lenient with him.

If Patrick McHenry wants to tell war stories so badly, he should resign his Congressional seat and go enlist. He’s only 32. That way, he could get some training–so that next time he’s in a combat zone trying to be a tough guy, he won’t be such a bumbling, self-promotional fool about it.

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Hat-tip to Crooks and Liars (of course)

We were recently asked how to respond when confronted with the attack, “Aw you liberals just hate America.”

This is name-calling with a destructive (and false) frame. There are times when it is necessary to have a retort, not for its own sake, but to allow you to shift the frame and say a lot more on any one of many topics. The replacement frame should express progressive views while revealing key truths hidden by the original frame. Here is one strategy:

Aw you liberals just hate America.”

No. We love democracy and we want to return it to America.
You want a presidential dictator.
We love liberty and we want to return it to America.
You want to tap our phones.
We love equality and we want to return it to America.
You think some people are better than others.
We love honesty and we want to return it to America.
You love lobbyists and corruption.
We love fairness and we want to return it to America.
You want to oppress the powerless.
We love openness and we want to return it to America.
You love secrecy and hiding the facts.
We love nature’s glory and we want to return it to America.
You love the profit that comes from destroying nature.
We love community and we want to return it to America.
You want everyone to fend for himself.
We love public education and we want to return it to America.
You want to destroy public education.
We love civilian control of the military and we want to return it to America.
You want to militarize America.

And on and on…

George Lakoff
The Rockridge Institute

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The House that Ann Built

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Nasty words to columnist hit home

Some of controversial columnist Ann Coulter’s invective has boomeranged and resulted in threats at her Palm Beach home.

The Miami Herald reports “Conservative columnist Ann Coulter is nationally notorious for vitriolic broadsides, but she has been unnerved by invective she received at her Palm Beach home. So much so that she got the county property appraiser to remove her name from public records identifying where she lives.

In doing so, she won an exemption from public disclosure of her address, allowed by law for victims of stalkers or harassment.

Coulter, 45, has called Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a ”faggot” and said she wished he would be killed by terrorists. She once said President Clinton ”could be a lunatic” and wrote of a group of widows of men killed in the World Trade Center that she had ‘never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.”

So maybe it came as no surprise when somebody delivered a greeting card to her home in March with this salutation: “You self-aggrandizing — sociopath!! The only thing left after a nuclear war are you and cockroaches…”

Coulter, a lawyer and author, paid $1.8 million for her two-story home on a quiet street between the Breakers Hotel and Worth Avenue in March 2005.

“…Somebody called 911 from Coulter’s home on July 2, 2006, but hung up. A neighbor called in December to report a man sleeping in his car in front of Coulter’s house. It turned out he was working on a job site.

Police driving by in January said Coulter was in violation of a town ordinance requiring her house number to be visible from the street. In another drive-by in June, they found her in violation of water restrictions.

The month of March, however, was the most vexing for Coulter, who did not return a phone message asking for comment.

The evening of March 25 she heard somebody screaming from a vacant lot next door: “Ann Coulter is a big [expletive].”

Coulter called police, then went downstairs and locked a door. When police arrived, the person was gone. Coulter opted not to file a report. But police placed a ”special watch” on her home.

Coulter called again a few days later. She had checked her mailbox and found an apparently hand-delivered pink and white envelope inside. It read, ”Ann Coulter!!” Below her name was a cupid heart with an arrow drawn through it.

On the greeting card inside was written: “Go [expletive] yourself.”

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of the article.

-Twisted Rants Of Ann Coulter-


Her last idiocy was trying to, as she put it, “perfect the Jews.”

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The Siege: Denzel’s Anti Torture speech (1998)

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“Before 9/11, before GWB became President, a movie about a series of terrorist attacks in NYC leads to the President suspending the Constitution and declaring Martial Law.

In this scene, the General in charge (Willis) is about to use torture to interrogate an American Muslim suspect as a matter of expediency. FBI Agent Hubbard (Denzel Washington) reacts to the General’s plan with outrage.

Remember, this clip is from 1998.”

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Trent Reznor’s “Warning”

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thx C&L