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Next He’ll Privatize The Air

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The billboard pictured here is real, it’s located in Lima, Peru, and it produces around 100 liters of water a day (about 26 gallons) from nothing more than humidity, a basic filtration system and a little gravitational ingenuity.

Clever idea. And it looks like they give away the water to the poor. Socialists.

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No Problemo. Shower Away.

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You always knew that someone in authority would simply declare the drinking water safe no matter what the truth, rather than, you know, tearing out and replacing fouled piping in 300,000 homes and the surrounding environs.

On January 18, 2014, Dr. Ben Stout, an ecologist from Wheeling Jesuit University, took water samples from the kitchen faucet and hot water tank of an unflushed Charleston, West Virginia home. Stout is testing for crude 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol, which leaked from a storage tank at Freedom Industries in Charleston, West Virginia into the Elk River on January 9 (possibly January 8). Residents in 9 counties receive their water from the Elk River.

Stout suggests that people manually flush their hot water tank for the 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol is likely forming an oily ring in the tank. The 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol smells like cherry licorice, is light, oily and floats to the top of water.

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Aquapalypse Now Redux

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Rep. Tim Moffitt’s legislation to terminate (with extreme prejudice) the city’s control of its water system is in the courts. So it’s been quiet lately. Still, file this away for future reference. If things don’t change in Raleigh soon, you might need it.

This report from Europe is from last March, but does this sound familiar or what? [Emphasis mine.]

The European Commission has in recent weeks gone on a PR offensive in response to growing criticism of its pro-privatisation agenda for the water sector …

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Tim Muppet

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What’s that saying about never going full on something or other?
(Video courtesy of dixiegirlz.)

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A Big Fracking Deal

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As if the legislature hand not pissed off enough citizens in North Carolina, this item has been flying largely under the radar. Hold onto your groundwater, people, these frackers mean business and they mean to force you into theirs:

Known as compulsory pooling, or forced pooling, the policy allows drillers to tap local natural gas, even if property owners don’t want drillers probing under their homes and farms. Critics compare it to a government’s right to seize private property for the public good, except in this case the parties claiming rights to the land would be for-profit businesses.

“That’s just unfair,” said Therese Vick, a community organizer for the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League. “They’re taking control of your property – your neighbors, the government and a commercial interest – and making you sell your resource.”

The idea is not a new one and has been on the books since 1945, just rarely used writes the News & Observer. Now energy companies want to. The delicately named Compulsory Pooling Study Group will be holding a public meeting Wednesday in Raleigh and forwarding recommendations to the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It may be the last public meeting before the issue moves to the legislature.

Wonder ow all those “No Zoning” folks out in our bright, red counties will respond once they find out control of their their property has been sold to the highest donors?

Don’t forget, those frackers will need water to frack with. Lots of it.


“We Took That Away From You”

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Transcript of exchange between Chris Pelly and Tim Moffitt – August 5, 2013. Taken from video shot at the event by another attendee. It’s my understanding that neither Councilman Pelly nor Representative Moffitt were aware they were being recorded.

Pelly: If we wanted to join the Culture and Recreation Authority, does the current legislation allow that to occur?

Moffitt: No, we took that away from you. When you filed your lawsuit, we… You did three things: First of all you filed your lawsuit, ok, so we’re not going to let you file the lawsuit on this side and sue the state and charge your taxpayers money but at the same time be the benefactor of this because it’s going to cost people outside the city some of their hard-earned money, so until the lawsuit is settled, we took the Authority away from the city.

Pelly: And does any other city in Buncombe County have the right to join the Authority?

Moffitt: Right now Buncombe County has asked for two years to not allow anybody to join. So they feel it’s going to take two years to kind of get the foundation set, for them to undertake that. So the limitations are going to be based on what the County is willing to do.

Pelly: And there’s a lot I could argue with you about about the issue of the water system, but this isn’t the place to do that…

Moffitt: Well, you know the history I’m talking about, Chris, you can find it. The history you’re talking about, I’m not sure.

Pelly: I have just one question for you.

Moffitt: Sure.

Pelly: Later on today there’s going to be a rally in downtown Asheville, your hometown…

Moffitt: Yup

Pelly: …and the newspapers are estimating thousands of people are going to be there.

Moffitt: Yup

Pelly: Does that give you pause that….

Moffitt: No

Pelly: decisions you’re making in the legislature are concerning people?

Moffitt: No

Pelly: Does it concern you that 86% of Asheville residents voted against the water referendum, for the water referendum that retains the water system?

Moffitt: What really concerns me is that you would actually put a referendum on the ballot that was not about the issue that was actually being discussed. As far as the folks that are participating in Moral Monday, we predicted this would happen in 2011 when it started in Wisconsin and Michigan. We predicted it would be 18 months before it hit North Carolina because North Carolina is considered a purple state. So North Carolina is seen by the unions as a state that they can flip, and if you go back and look at the chatter regarding Moral Mondays, it’s really a union driven event and doesn’t really…

Pelly: Does it affect the future of education and voter identification or any of those issues?

Moffitt: It affects people’s opinions on those things, but a lot of those opinions are not based on fact.


In an editorial this morning, the Greenville, NC “Reflector” came out strongly in support of Asheville’s fight to retain local control over its drinking water.

As you may recall, language was added to H94, an environmental bill sponsored by Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson, language intended (apparently) to strengthen the state’s legal case in its lawsuit with Asheville. The change put Greenville’s water system directly in the crosshairs of Rep. Tim Moffitt’s water grab. As Barry Summers recounted last week, in the NC Senate, Greenville was not amused:

The entire leadership of the town of Greenville, NC was recognized in the gallery, by the Senator that represents them. They are clearly there to give the Senate the stinkeye over the possibility that their water system may get grabbed up in Rep. Moffitt/McGrady/Ramsey’s theft of Asheville’s water.

Greenville got at least a temporary reprieve when the language was stripped.

But the Reflector’s editors, at least, have not forgotten who put a target on their backs or why. In its stinging editorial, Greenville’s newspaper spoke out against the seizure of Asheville’s municipal assets, calling the state’s actions “reckless trampling on municipal authority” and a “worrisome precedent” that could come back to bite Greenville again. The paper urged citizens to not sit by idle and pretend the situation has returned to normal.

No, something is rotten in Raleigh when lawmakers overreach their authority and claim municipal resources for the state without recompense. Just as Greenville should be comfortable in its control over its water supplies so too should other communities. The overreach exhibited in this case cannot be allowed to stand, and this city should be a vocal proponent of Asheville as it continues this fight.

If you’ve noticed slowness on ScruHoo over the last few days and weeks (or have been unable to connect), according to Purple Cat it is because we have been under a Denial-of-Service Attack. That is, unless you have a lot of relatives in the Netherlands who suddenly took an obsessive interest in Asheville’s water fight with Reps. Tim Moffitt, Nathan Ramsey, Chuck McGrady and North Carolina’s GOP-led legislature.

We are working to correct the problem.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry was in Raleigh, NC this week covering the largest Moral Monday protest to date against the GOP-led legislature’s radical rightward tilt. State NAACP president Reverend William Barber leads the protests that grew to well over 1,000 last week, with 150 arrests for civil disobedience.

Perry: We have a series of bills including voter I.D. requirements and doing away with same-day voter registration and a bill that would penalize parents of college students who vote where they attend school. A bill whose numerical name, SB666, is not lost on Reverend Barber.

Barber adds that North Carolina has joined the 15 states that have rejected Medicaid expansion under Obamacare — a group Paul Krugman’s Friday column labeled “The Spite Club”:

Barber: In the first two weeks of the session, they denied 500,000 people Medicaid. Not 500,000 black people. Not 500,000 white people. 500,000 poor people and disabled children in a state that has 1.6 million poor people and 600,000 of them are children.

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