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They Complain? Beat Them Harder.

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When Buncombe voters turned out to express their alarm and dismay regarding the newly redrawn Congressional districts, some of us held out hope that the obvious illogic of dividing our mountain county would win out, that anyone could see the injustice being done and that political pressure to do the right thing would win the day.

We were wrong.

The latest version of the Congressional district map carves even more of Buncombe County into Rep. Patrick McHenry’s 10th District.


The latest Republican plan would include even less of Buncombe County in the 11th Congressional District. Buncombe County has [238,318] residents. Asheville has 83,939.

July 1 plan:
• 129,646, or 54 percent in 10th
• 108,672, or 46 percent in 11th
• 63,600, or 76 percent in the 10th
• 19,793, or 24 percent in the 11th

July 19 plan:
• 150,156 or 63 percent in the 10th
• 88,162 or 37 percent in the 11th
• 72,053 or 86 percent in the 10th
• 11,340 or 14 percent in the 11th

UPDATE: A 3rd version of the Congressional map (Rucho-Lewis 2A) was released last night. It has only 54% of Asheville turned over to Patrick McHenry. I haven’t been able to dig into the numbers to know which precincts, etc. I’m looking forward to hearing from the folks who have.
Mountain Xpress has more:

Against that backdrop, all eyes are turning toward Rep. McHenry of the 10th District. A deputy majority whip, the powerful four-term Republican also serves on the House Financial Services Committee. Elected to Congress at age 29 after a short stint in the Statehouse, McHenry quickly became a fair-haired boy of the modern conservative movement, hailed by the National Journal recently as the “most conservative member of Congress from North Carolina and the 17th most conservative representative in the country.”

When it comes time to cast ballots for elected representation at every level from County Commission to NC Legislator to Congress it will be our responsibility to answer this insult with electoral injury.


Rabbit Punch

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Wow! That’s terrific bunny…

Elizabeth Warren Is Not ‘Making This Up’

The Wall Street Journal‘s  David Weidner takes up for the Consumer Financial Protection Agency’s Elizabeth Warren after her run-in this week with House Oversight Committee chair, North Carolina’s Rep. Patrick McHenry. In fact, she’s been following the letter of the Dodd-Frank law, which is why McHenry’s in such a snit:

We’re seeing this across Washington these days. Laws passed by Congress when it was controlled by Democrats just don’t count: the new health-care law, Medicare, financial reform, to name just a few.

Of course, Republicans, including Mr. McHenry, most of whom depend on Wall Street contributions and lobbying to preserve their power, can’t stand those laws. Mr. McHenry’s most dependable donors include the American Bankers Association, Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co.

Medicare and Mediscares

House Budget Committee chair, Rep. Paul Ryan is less than happy too, after Republicans lost Tuesday’s special election in NY-26 largely over GOP support for his proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher system. The New York Times’  Paul Krugman writes:

Mr. Ryan may claim — and he may even believe — that he’s facing a backlash because his opponents are lying about his proposals. But the reality is that the Ryan plan is turning into a political disaster for Republicans, not because the plan’s critics are lying about it, but because they’re describing it accurately.


The new program might still be called Medicare — hey, we could replace government coverage of major expenses with an allowance of two free aspirins a day, and still call it “Medicare” — but it wouldn’t be the same program.


That’s now MIT’s David Autor explains the GOP’s 24-point-type-and-clip-art jobs plan to the Washington Post‘s  Ezra Klein:

“Here’s how it works,” Autor wrote in an e-mail. “1. You have a set of policies that you favor at all times and under all circumstances, e.g., cut taxes, remove regulations, drill-baby-drill, etc. 2. You see a problem that needs fixing (e.g., the economy stinks). 3. You say, ‘We need to enact my favored policies now more than ever.’ I believe that every item in the GOP list that you sent derives from this three-step procedure.

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Speaking of Republicans, the North Carolina primary is only 111 days away, and I haven’t heard much in the way of revival music coming out of the GOP’s little tent lately. This time two years ago, Carl Mumpower already had his congressional primary campaign in full swing (in fact, I think we had even cut his TV commercial by now) — but aside from a few lackluster appearances from a partial complement of candidates, there hasn’t been much to tell me that anybody is doing much on the Republican side.

There are six guys that I’m aware of who are vying for the dubious honor of taking on Heath Shuler: Dan Eichenbaum, James J. Howard, Ed Krause, Greg Newman, Scott Stump, and Kenny West. Only two have active websites (Eichenbaum and Howard) and West’s Facebook page seems to have dried up and blown away — although you can see a cached version here. From what I’m told, Greg Newman hasn’t showed up to either of the two forums held so far (which were apparently poorly attended), and when it’s not regurgitating press releases from the Tea Party folks, the Buncombe County GOP‘s website doesn’t tell me much either.

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Scrutiny Hooligans Year In Review

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Scrutiny Hooligans had a great year in 2008, averaging over 12,000 unique visitors per month and with a roof-blowing 26,000+ in October. The commenter community is consistently witty, thoughtful, and informative. This blog has helped to educate, advocate, and empower Ashevillains of all political stripes while providing a forum unavailable anywhere else.

Before we cross Father Time’s threshold into ought-nine, it seems right and virtuous to have a look back at the posts and themes that helped to make 2008 a banner year for Scrutiny Hooligans.

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Daniel Johnson Tells The Truth About Patrick McHenry

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Daniel Johnson is running against obsequious Patty McHenry in North Carolina’s 10th District. Johnson is hitting McHenry’s empty rhetoric on energy prices by showing voters his record. From the campaign’s press release:

Patrick McHenry Votes Against Lower Gas Prices

Congressman Patrick McHenry’s office says that he will be visiting Western North Carolina this week, and his office says he wants to talk about how to lower gas prices. But up in Washington, D.C., Congressman McHenry votes “no” to every attempt to establish a comprehensive energy policy that would lower gas prices for working families.

-McHenry voted “no” to requiring oil companies to drill on the 68 million acres that they already hold leases for, which could produce 4.8 million barrels of oil and 44.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas daily (H.R. 6251, 6/26/08). Drilling on these public lands could double U.S. oil production and cut oil imports by one-third.

-McHenry voted “no” to cracking down on oil speculators that artificially inflate the price of oil (H.R. 6604, 7/30/08).

-McHenry voted “no” to releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (H.R. 6578, 7/24/08). Each time the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been tapped or deposits suspended, the price of oil has dropped by at least 19%.

-McHenry voted “no” to tax credits for investment in alternative energy (H.R. 2776, 8/4/07).

-McHenry voted “no” to cracking down on gas price gauging (H.R. 1252, 5/23/07).

-But McHenry says “yes” to $25,500 in campaign donations from oil and gas companies.

Daniel Johnson understands how skyrocketing gas prices shrink our families’ budgets and our businesses’ bottom lines. In Congress, Daniel Johnson pledges to work with both parties to establish an aggressive, comprehensive strategy for lowering prices at the pump. Daniel Johnson will vote to increase refinery capacity, to force oil companies to drill on the lands they already own, and to end tax breaks for oil companies making record profits so the U.S. can invest in alternative energy that creates jobs and brings down the price of a tank of gas.

For more about Daniel Johnson’s campaign to represent Western North Carolina from the 10th Congressional District, please visit

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NC-10 Shocker: McHenry Caught Lying

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This little tidbit regarding the recent vote on emergency housing legislation comes from the Lenoir News-Topic:

The bill, known as the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act (HR 3221), passed the House on a 272-152 vote, following President Bush’s signal that he would not use his veto power to stop it. In a rare break with the Republican president, McHenry joined 148 other GOP members in voting against the bill, while 227 Democrats and 45 Republican representatives supported the act. There were three Democrats who opposed the legislation, and the McHenry campaign falsely claimed in a press release Thursday that Heath Shuler, a Democrat who represents the neighboring 11th Congressional District that includes Asheville, was among the ‘no’ votes. According to an Associated Press roll call of the vote, the Democrats who opposed the bill are Peter DeFazio of Oregon, Marcy Kaptur of Ohio and Nancy Boyda of Kansas.

Shuler Campaign Manager Andrew Whalen said McHenry’s assertion is incorrect.

“My boss voted for it,” Whalen said. “If Mr. McHenry is choosing to make this false claim, it’s poor staff work. It must reflect on his leadership. I don’t know what Mr. McHenry is doing here and why he would try to hide behind us to hide his vote.”

Johnson Campaign Manager Lauren Moore said, “Congressman McHenry is dead wrong. He and his staff need to get their facts straight.”

McHenry spokesman Brock McCleary said the release was based on an incorrect Forest City Daily Courier article that said Shuler had voted against the bill. McCleary then contended that Shuler changed his vote.

“Sometimes these folks have the ability to change their vote after the fact,” McCleary said. “It was four, and now it is three (against). He changed his vote.”

Whalen disputed McCleary’s allegation.

“That’s not the case at all,” Whalen said. “They can claim anything that they want, but that is not the case. It would appear that they made a mistake, and now they are trying to cover it up.”


More on Patty’s cowtowing to the subprime mortgage industry @ Pat Go Bye-Bye.


McHenry Watch Blog is Back!

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It looks like after about a month and a half of inactivity, our favorite* website dedicated to the unseating of NC-10’s Rep. Patrick McHenry, Pat Go Bye-Bye, is back! And with two posts (one on him loaning his own campaign $175K, and another covering a radio spot linking him to Big Oil), no less!

Check it out! And while you’re clicking, why not put a little coin into Daniel Johnson’s effort to get the smarmy, sleazy McHorny off our payroll once and for all.

* Considering that PGBB was maintained by our own Drama Queen (who we love dearly and miss terribly) before she was sidelined with other more pressing priorities, we’re a little biased.

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Open Thread: Your Plans

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It’s a little over three months until the general election, and I’ve been trying to figure out how best to apportion my time. The Shuler – Mumpower race is boring, though Hot Carl’s war with Republicans is passably entertaining. Susan Fisher is running unopposed. Jane Whilden is running against a weak candidate. Martin Nesbitt is going to crush R.L. Clark. I can’t get excited about Kay Hagan though I’d love to see Liddy Dole go home to twinkly-eyed Bob. Bev Perdue leaves me wanting more as well. The Daniel Johnson – Pat McHenry race in the 10th looks like a real squeaker, but it’s hard to get excited about a Democrat who’s to the right of Shuler even if it means that McHenry gets evicted. The Larry Kissell – Robin Hayes race in the 8th looks like a lock for Kissell, though it’ll take consistent effort to keep it that way.

So I guess I’m not seeing any races to get excited about outside of the Buncombe County Commission and the Presidential race. Volunteering time to Holly Jones and Barack Obama will likely be my plan.

How are you going to expend your political energies?