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Western North Carolina friends and supporters at NC Rep. Patsy Keever’s welcome home celebration explain why they stand with her. In contrast, Koch Industries, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs are among her opponent’s top ten contributors.



Keever: In Context and Updated

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Wednesday’s Asheville Citizen-Times story regarding Rep. Patsy Keever, the president and the DNC convention misstated her position, according to the Keever campaign:

The headline and the article in today’s Asheville Citizen-Times misconstrued my support for President Obama. As the Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 10th Congressional District, of course I endorse the President. My primary task in this election, however, is to find common ground among the citizens of the 10th District, and that is where I will put my focus.

Omitted from the original story was her statement emphasizing that:

No matter who is our next President, I will support him when his policies are right for North Carolina’s 10th District and oppose his policies when they are wrong for North Carolina’s 10th District.

Keever told the Citizen-Times late Wednesday that she regrets not saying more explicitly that she endorsed the president, “I should have, but I didn’t and I have to take responsibly for that.”



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Neither of the Democratic Congressional candidates in NC-11 and NC-10 will endorse President Obama. I’m not sure if GOP contenders Mark Meadows, Vance Patterson, or incumbent Patrick McHenry have endorsed Mitt Romney. Meadows reminds me of Romney.

I know that Larry Kissell and Mike McIntyre, two Congressional Dems from further east aren’t planning on endorsing Obama either. The new GOP-drawn districts have created very difficult contests for Rogers, Kissell, and McIntyre, and they’re sticking to their own issues rather than trying to also advocate for the President.

Anyway, there are heads a’sploding across WNC as Dems work to build a united juggernaut that can approach the successes of 2008. What do you think of these developments, especially as they relate to the electorates of the various districts?


You Thought You Had It Bad

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If you think the electoral dance of a thousand paper cuts is going off the rails here in our home state, I’d like to remind you that it could be worse.

For instance, in our eponymous sister to the south this week, it seems that the winner of the Republican primary race just got booted out in spite of the so-called and often touted “will of the people” and the loser of that particular contest declared the official candidate. There are about a million things wrong with that, but start with what it takes to even go through the maneuvers necessary to get the guy that beat you in the election thrown out on a technicality. This guy needs a cojones trophy of some sort, not to mention pretty much any old Democratic challenger that can take advantage of the heinousness by sounding the least bit reasonable in the general. No, wait, this is in South Carolina, so “reasonable” doesn’t count for much.

Meanwhile, the good news out of Wisconsin is that, a month after the election the loser, the redundantly named Van Wanggaard has conceded that contest, giving the Democrats control of the State Senate. Mr. Wanggaard claims it was the failure to institute a voter ID bill in time that gave the election to the evil Democrats, and charges of irregularities at the polls have become something of an urban legend up there. You know, one of those stories that a lot of people think are true but don’t have any real basis in fact.

Compared to that kind of drama, I guess we are lucky in our little corner of North Carolina to only have to suffer through the nonsensical platitudes and canned talking points of  Vance Patterson and Mark Meadows, trying to out-grovel one another before the imperious local Tea Baggers for the right to take on the third Republican in the contest, Hayden Rogers, who won his contest early by putting a “D” in front of his name in a contest he should have been locked out of on philosophical grounds.

And speaking of tame and crazy, over behind the wall of insular intellectual dissipation that is the Citizen Times, Jon Ostendorff, whose sweater vest is not just a passing phase, but a symbol of solidarity is busy making nonsensical headlines aimed at Patsy Keever that don’t turn out to have much behind them, Hair-splitting aside.

The election season is about to heat up, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer country. We don’t have an official half-time show, or Hank Jr. or checkered flags or starting pistols, but everyone knows it is just about time for the second half to start. Oh goodie.


Preview of Coming Distractions

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From Common Cause:

Robo calls telling voters in Wisconsin that if they signed the recall petition, they did not need to vote in the election… Election Day emails falsely informing Virginia college students that voting was postponed 24 hours… Text messages alerting Florida students that Tuesday voting was for Republicans only… 100,000 robocalls telling Maryland Democrats their candidate would win without their votes…

These are all real-life voter suppression case studies exposed in a shocking new Common Cause report [1]. And they’re just a taste of the onslaught of bullying, misinformation and sabotage voters may face in 2012. Common Cause has a plan to fight back — and protect the fundamental right to cast a ballot for hundreds of thousands of voters across the country — but your involvement is essential.

Will you join Common Cause at the polls in your state and help us ensure that no deceitful Election Day tactics go uncaught?

You can sign up as a poll worker or a poll monitor, and volunteer anywhere from two hours to 14 hours. Once you do, we’ll direct you to all the support, information and training you’ll need.

That’s a good start, but most of the vote suppression efforts will take place long before Election Day. The time to get aggressive about fighting it is now. Litigating the results after the polls close won’t change the turnout, people!

Get ’em registered! Turn ’em out!

[1] “Deceptive Election Practices and Voter Intimidation: The Need for Voter Protection” [PDF], July 9, 2012, Common Cause and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law


Welcome Patsy Home

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While Raleigh Republicans were busily forfeiting federal election integrity dollars, shortchanging our schoolchildren, gutting racial justice, etc., Rep. Patsy Keever was there fighting to do the right thing. She’s always been on the side of fairness, and we owe her a debt for her service. Come out on July 19, 6-8pm, Asheville Brewing Company on Coxe Avenue to welcome her home from Raleigh, thank her for her work, and throw some coin towards her Congressional run against Pat McHenry. From the ol’ email inbox:

You’re invited to help welcome Patsy back to Western North Carolina after two (grueling) months in Raleigh!
This is a great chance to catch up with Patsy and talk about the happenings of the State House and her congressional campaign.

Please bring your smiles, hugs, enthusiasm and $25 to help welcome the next Congressperson from NC-10 back in style! If you have already donated to the campaign, you’re welcome to disregard the donation request, and no supporter will be turned away.

Check out her website. It’s been fancied up!


You Lie!

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Unclear whether this was today or it’s happening next week. If it happened today, I hate that we missed it. Who knows more?

Under The Dome: South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson will campaign for the Republican ticket in Asheville on Thursday.

Wilson, who is from Columbia will speak to volunteers at the Republican Victory Headquarters in Asheville. He will talk about North Carolina’s importance in the 2012 elections, according to a GOP release.

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Please take a minute to send the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee a message from WNC. Grassroots Champion contest ends midnight, June 5.

We’ll try to keep this at the top of the page through Tuesday. Read More→

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Yes the NC Constitutional Amendment passed 61-39, but here in Buncombe it failed. There were a lot of interesting results here at home last night, most of which bode very well for Buncombe. Let’s get the results train rolling. (Buncombe results) (NC results)

On the 10th Congressional tip, Patsy Keever steamrolled Terry Bellamy 58-26, with also-ran Tim Murphy limping in with 15%. Keever’s excellent organization outpaced the other campaigns. People love them some Patsy Keever, there’s no getting around it. Whether she can translate that into victory against a seemingly bulletproof Patrick McHenry will depend on her campaign’s ability to activate voters who haven’t come out the last several cycles.

In the 11th, Hayden Rogers romped over his competition. With 56% of the vote, he beat Cecil Bothwell by 26, and Tom Hill pulled only 14%. Cecil was a liberal candidate in a conservative district, but it’s worth noting that he won the part of the district that’s in Buncombe County by 161 votes. Rogers now has to pivot to the general election in a district that has a very high number of registered Republicans. The contrast between the 10th and the 11th couldn’t be more stark in terms of who Democratic voters chose to be their standard bearer.

In Buncombe County Commissioner races, we saw a very high Democratic turnout. If the ratio of Democratic to Republican voters is similar in November, then look for a savory County Board majority to come into office.

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The Day Before The Day

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What’s the CW on who’s going to win all these races? Have you already voted? What do you think the GOP Presidential primary vote will look like? I’m guessing Romney doesn’t break 58% and that Ron Paul has his best southern state showing.

This would also be a great place to let everyone know where the election night parties and gatherings are.

With 37 different ballot styles in Buncombe County (Thanks a lot, Tim Moffitt), the Board of Elections may take a little more time than usual to release results tomorrow, but you can watch for results at this link right here.