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This is a guest post from the effervescent Amanda Rodriguez. Thanks for sharing your story, Amanda.

Amanda Rodriguez, homeowner.

Amanda Rodriguez, homeowner.

I moved to Asheville eight and a half years ago from Massachusetts because I hated big city life and bitter Boston winters. I also wanted to be closer to my grad school. While completing a low-residency program in Charlotte, I lived in Asheville and worked full-time, scraping to get by, supplementing my meager income with student loans. After graduating, I was still in love with Asheville, but I was buried under crippling student loan debt and the exorbitant cost of renting in the city. I wanted so badly to stay in Asheville, but it seemed like an impossibility. I was nowhere near hitting the 30K a year mark despite having a Masters degree.

When construction started on the Clingman Lofts, I became fascinated with them. As they took shape, their fun, funky aesthetic seemed perfect for me. I even crept into and explored them one night while they were still a work-in-progress. My heart ached at visions of the future that I imagined with myself cozy inside one of those lofts so close to downtown. My heart ached at the seemingly unattainable dream that I could be a homeowner in Asheville.

Affordable housing made that dream a reality. I’ve lived in my loft on Clingman Avenue for over five years now, and though the road to get here was rough, it was so very worth it. Using various programs throughout the city, I became a homeowner, and my monthly mortgage payments are even slightly less than I was paying to rent all those years ago. Because of affordable housing, I was able to set down roots in Asheville and make a life for myself. I was able to add myself to this vibrant community, contributing to the economy and the work force, contributing my intelligence, my creativity, and my diversity to my new home town.

I think of all the amazing and valuable people who’ve essentially been pushed out of Asheville because the wages are too low and the cost of living too high. I’m fearful of the trend towards gentrification that seeks to homogenize a city that is a renowned tourist destination because of its eclectic community. Affordable housing is vital to attracting and retaining talented people in our city, to fostering diversity, and to keeping Asheville weird.


Thank you

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Election Prediction/Open Thread

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11111111111-780329So, it has been a fairly boring election season this season; no suspensions for drug use or domestic disturbances, no tweeted genitalia or exiting of the closet, none of the usual fare that stirs the unwashed masses from our political stupor and angries up our blood.  Okay, we did have the bizarre finger pointing/pissing/yelling match between Johnathan Wainscott and Cecil Bothwell, and a typo-strewn grammatically challenged Facebook rant from John Miall Jr. But all in all, it was pretty tame.  This is what happens when Carl Mumpower isn’t around to offer up his own brand of gentlemanly wackiness, but politics isn’t entertainment folks, it is serious business. Serious. Business.

Having said that, what follows is my mildly informed election predictions (for entertainment purposes only):

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Wednesday Fun Time Opportunity!

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This Wednesday, Oct 30, from 4-8pm, at The French Broad Brewery The good folks of the 9th precinct invite you out to a meet and greet super happy fun time, with beer!

In addition to  an opportunity to hob your knob with  your favorite/least favorite City Council candidates, there will be raffling off a bunch of goodies (including a BBQ gift card, Brews Cruise tickets, and much much more!), polite conversation, burgers and dogs (the hot variety) will be available to satiate your appetite , and tasty tasty beer. Come meet your 9th precinct officers (That’s you Oakley). Beer, free stuff and political activism, what could go wrong? Nothing! Did I mention beer? Beer!

Proceeds from this event will go toward the establishment of 9er Notes, a local newsletter billed as an insurgency against powerlessness, and cynicism, and the infiltration of our bodily fluids.


More info: here

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Asheville City Council Early Voting – Up and Running

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Asheville City Council General Election Early Voting Dates, Times, and Locations.

Asheville City Council General Election Early Voting Dates, Times, and Locations.


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What’s that saying about never going full on something or other?
(Video courtesy of dixiegirlz.)

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Asheville City Council Agenda 10.22.13

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It’s been a few weeks, and your Asheville City Council is coming together again to deliberate and decision-make. This Tuesday we’ve got a big consent agenda, a report from the School Board, five public hearings zoning and development rules, and several various new business items. We took the October 8th meeting off due to the Mayoral Primary election, so there’s lots to do.

Have a look at the entire agenda after the jump, or click here to see it at the City’s website. Please offer your thoughts in the comments.

Please remember that early voting has begun for Mayor and City Council members. You can click here to see locations and hours of operation for early voting. Thank you for being a part of deciding Asheville’s future.

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Your Asheville City Council meets Tuesday night for another night of deliberation and decision making. This week’s agenda is below the fold, or you can click here to view it at the City’s website.

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Beyond Coal

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Screenshot 2013-08-22 at 11.07.13 PM

This Saturday, you have the chance to stand together with people who are ready for our clean energy future. Gordon Smith for City Council campaign volunteers will be canvassing Saturday at 10am (details here – FB event page), so consider making a day of it! From the Beyond Coal: A Rally for our Future Facebook event page:

Let’s move Asheville beyond coal! Come take action and call on Duke Energy to retire the Asheville power plant and lead our state in renewable energy. Come out on August 24th from 2-4pm Pack Square and take action! There will be music, kids activities, and speakers, and much more! #ActOnClimate, #FearlessSummer

Currently our electric energy comes the Asheville coal-fired power plant, which is the largest single source of CO2 in Western North Carolina; amounting to over 500,000 extra cars on the road. It is polluting our air, our water and our communities. Not only that, but the coal that we are burning comes from mountaintop removal, which is destroying mountains, sickening communities, and harming the air and water of communities in Appalachia.

With music, kids games, speakers, and much much more!

Speaker Program includes:
Mary Anne Hitt, Beyond Coal Campaign director
Terry M. Bellamy, Mayor of Asheville
Ian Somerhalder, actor (Lost & Vampire Diaries)
Hartwell Carson, French Board Riverkeeper
Drew Jones, Climate Interactive
Dr. Richard Fireman, retired MD
Nick Mullins, coalfield resident
August 24th
Pack Square


“We Took That Away From You”

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Transcript of exchange between Chris Pelly and Tim Moffitt – August 5, 2013. Taken from video shot at the event by another attendee. It’s my understanding that neither Councilman Pelly nor Representative Moffitt were aware they were being recorded.

Pelly: If we wanted to join the Culture and Recreation Authority, does the current legislation allow that to occur?

Moffitt: No, we took that away from you. When you filed your lawsuit, we… You did three things: First of all you filed your lawsuit, ok, so we’re not going to let you file the lawsuit on this side and sue the state and charge your taxpayers money but at the same time be the benefactor of this because it’s going to cost people outside the city some of their hard-earned money, so until the lawsuit is settled, we took the Authority away from the city.

Pelly: And does any other city in Buncombe County have the right to join the Authority?

Moffitt: Right now Buncombe County has asked for two years to not allow anybody to join. So they feel it’s going to take two years to kind of get the foundation set, for them to undertake that. So the limitations are going to be based on what the County is willing to do.

Pelly: And there’s a lot I could argue with you about about the issue of the water system, but this isn’t the place to do that…

Moffitt: Well, you know the history I’m talking about, Chris, you can find it. The history you’re talking about, I’m not sure.

Pelly: I have just one question for you.

Moffitt: Sure.

Pelly: Later on today there’s going to be a rally in downtown Asheville, your hometown…

Moffitt: Yup

Pelly: …and the newspapers are estimating thousands of people are going to be there.

Moffitt: Yup

Pelly: Does that give you pause that….

Moffitt: No

Pelly: decisions you’re making in the legislature are concerning people?

Moffitt: No

Pelly: Does it concern you that 86% of Asheville residents voted against the water referendum, for the water referendum that retains the water system?

Moffitt: What really concerns me is that you would actually put a referendum on the ballot that was not about the issue that was actually being discussed. As far as the folks that are participating in Moral Monday, we predicted this would happen in 2011 when it started in Wisconsin and Michigan. We predicted it would be 18 months before it hit North Carolina because North Carolina is considered a purple state. So North Carolina is seen by the unions as a state that they can flip, and if you go back and look at the chatter regarding Moral Mondays, it’s really a union driven event and doesn’t really…

Pelly: Does it affect the future of education and voter identification or any of those issues?

Moffitt: It affects people’s opinions on those things, but a lot of those opinions are not based on fact.