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Fun With Photoshop

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There is a lot of fun to be had by exploiting a bug found in earlier versions of Photoshop… (click image to embiggen)


It’s… the Warholizer from HELL…

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Stuff You’re About To Know

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picture-10Your Democratic Party precinct meetings are this Saturday, and unless you’re a certain ScruHoo commenter (ahem, Green Asheville, ahem), there’s no reason you should miss it. We get to build this party, but only we show up.

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) got a grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation. This is one way to make our economy more sustainable. Eat local –

In 2009, ASAP is conducting a pilot Farm to Hospital program, offering a range of services to hospital food service, administration, staff, patients, and the broader community. This pilot program includes services such as Local Food Guides distribution and support sourcing local food. ASAP also consults on educational programs such as cooking classes, wellness programs, field trips, etc.. and marketing and promotions.

The rumor is that Councilman Carl Mumpower won’t stand for re-election. I suppose that’s why he’s feeling free to let it all hang out:

City Councilman Carl Mumpower compared state legislators from Buncombe County to drug dealers, wife beaters and thieves this week as he vented his frustration over a contentious water issue with the state.

“This year, when you file your taxes, be sure to check off the Democratic Party under NC Political Parties Financing Fund. Doing so won’t cost you one extra penny on your tax return or reduce your refund, and you’ll be helping to guarantee that Democrats across the state have the necessary funding to compete in 2010. It’s that simple.”

Comagun Music and Trinumeral Productions are proud to present TRON-A-THON, a very special two night gala event, and most importantly, Asheville, NC’s first electronic music summit, featuring Pnuma Trio, Eliot Lipp, KAP 10, Future Rock, DJ Rootz, Sci Fi, Random Rabbit, Two Fresh, Freepeoples Frequency (aka FFQ), Agobi Project, Midnight Ace, Aquarium, Somni Suite, DJ Ginza, Mindelixir, EP3, Tropa, Darth Brown, DJ Bowie and Par D.

Hosted by neighboring clubs, Nashwa and Hookah Joe’s, TRON-A-THON features a who’s who of up and coming and already established electronic music acts.

An Asheville couple was supposed to be on the plane that crashed in NY. Serendipity intervened.

I’ve really been enjoying the political stylings of Barefoot Society, an Asheville blog.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains exactly what we’re up against when we’re talking about maintaining and expanding affordable housing:

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Scrutiny Hooligans Year In Review

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Scrutiny Hooligans had a great year in 2008, averaging over 12,000 unique visitors per month and with a roof-blowing 26,000+ in October. The commenter community is consistently witty, thoughtful, and informative. This blog has helped to educate, advocate, and empower Ashevillains of all political stripes while providing a forum unavailable anywhere else.

Before we cross Father Time’s threshold into ought-nine, it seems right and virtuous to have a look back at the posts and themes that helped to make 2008 a banner year for Scrutiny Hooligans.

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Heath Shuler’s Blue Dogginess has him backed into a corner.  He did not support the $700 billion bailout of the financial institutions, and many applauded his stance due to the no-strings-attached nature of the mind-boggling bailout.  Now he’s come out against the $14 billion loan to the auto industry, saying that it’s just too darned pricy and not nearly good enough.  Shuler’s press release reads thusly:

“There is no question that the U.S. automotive industry is an essential part of our Nation’s economy. There is also no question that its current business models are not sustainable and the companies must reorganize. I support those efforts and look forward to working with all interested parties – management, labor, dealership owners, and parts suppliers – to ensure the continued operation of the Big Three for years to come. However, today’s $15 billion bridge loan offers little hope for creating that needed restructuring. Instead, it only puts off those difficult decisions for a few weeks, maybe months. That is wrong, just as it was wrong for this Congress to give $700 billion dollars to rescue Wall Street bankers. The job of Congress is not to be the bank of last resort for businesses. It is our job to be responsible with the money of those we represent, and this package does not meet that standard.”

Let’s remember a few things as we gaze with awe upon Dr. Shuler’s strong stance, which conspicuously aligns him with the Carl Mumpower wing of the Republican party.

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Happy Friday, Hooligans.  I’m tucking into some fresh-squeezed juice and slapping into a day of work.

Here’s your open thread.

Oh yeah – and rumor has it that Dr. Carl Mumpower will not seek reelection to his City Council seat in November, 2009…



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Just a note to let y’all know that I’ve not been much in the mood for blogging.  It’s my occasional attack of bloggui, and it comes around every several months.  Maybe Doug, Arratik, or Uptown will roll in to keep this virtual page fresh.  Or maybe not.  Either way, I’ll try to keep some fresh threads up for you until the blog bug bites me in the ass yet again.  It always does.

Is it correct that Carl Mumpower wasn’t invited to Charles Taylor’s annual Christmas dinner?

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Things You Are About To Know

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{Painting by Robert Yarber}

Here at home, the City Council selection method and process continues to make for interesting internets. Tim Peck at Et in Arcadia Ego argues that utilizing the fourth-highest-vote-getter precedent is the most democratic way forward.  Matt Mittan had a couple of online polls.  The first showed a preference for a special election, and twenty-two days later the preference was for the f-h-v-g.

There’s about to be new art in town:

The Asheville Art Museum’s affiliate group Art Nouveaux has acquired several new works for the museum’s permanent collection.

The group has bought work by Carolyn DeMerritt, Nick Joerling, Lucille Lossiah and Jack Tworkov. Art Nouveaux members Ray Griffin and Thom Robinson also helped the museum to acquire a lithograph by Robert Yarber.

I know you’d rather stand around with Tim Peck and Matt Mittan deconstructing a Yarber lithograph, but the Republican’s Mens Club meeting sounds like it was a lot of fun, too.  Their focus was on the Mumpower problem, and it speaks to Mumpower’s electoral chances in Asheville next year.  Robert Danos, Chair of the Henderson County Republicans was quoted by the Hendersonville Times-News, “He intentionally alienated every group, individual, constituency, club, etc.,” Danos said, and wound up winning the lowest percentage of any Republican candidate in the 11th District since 1974, the year of Watergate.”  

That factoid is going to sting for long, long time.

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Photo By ZenIf you ever get the chance, you really ought to swing by northwestern Virginia to Bath County, the least populated county east of the Mississippi.  It’s a stunning slice of the Appalachians.  I didn’t quite remember what a computer was for a few hours after my return.  The missus had to remind me of some of the basics, and I got the hang of it all over again.

Folks out in Fairview are concerned about how The Cliffs premier Tiger Woods golf course is going to affect their groundwater.  It’s a fair worry, as there are lots of folks drinking the water the runs off those mountains.

WNC Alliance’s Buncombe County Chapter is planning an open meeting in our office on Thursday, Nov. 13 at 6:30 PM to prepare for and discuss the upcoming NC Division of Water Quality (DWQ) public hearing regarding the Cliffs on Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 6:30 PM at A.C. Reynolds High School.

We need as many folks at the DWQ hearing as possible, so if you plan to attend and speak, please come to our meeting this Thursday to get informed and to allow everyone to better coordinate their concerns and comments.

For those of you aching to sell a car to afford the greens fees for the course, it sounds like it’ll be a fascinating play:

Tiger Woods unveiled the design for his first U.S. golf course yesterday, a layout he said will favor “creativity” rather than power.

Cliffs at High Carolina, set 4,000 feet up in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, will open in early 2011.

To encourage walking on the course, which will feature six sets of tees from 5,000 yards to 7,500 yards, there will only be 350 feet of elevation change over the 18 holes, Woods said.

Tony Fraga isn’t anywhere near as rich as Tiger Woods and The Cliffs guys. The global economic credit crunch have put the brakes on Fraga’s plans to build his Towers. City Council asked him to make some changes to the design, and evidently reality has asked him to get his head on straight before trying to bankroll these enormous erections.

Nathan Ramsey’s trouncing at the hands of all of those straight-ticket Democratic Party voters last Tuesday was a surprise to anyone who was following that race.  The CW was that the race would be a squeaker.  Chairman Ramsey, graceful in defeat, sent a Letter To The Editor to the AC-T:

To the good people of Buncombe County: On behalf of my wife Robin and my dear family to whom I owe so much, please accept my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to work for you these past eight years. The honor I feel defies my ability to express it. To serve Buncombe as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in the county where I grew up, attended public school, graduated from college, met my wife and expect to live the rest of my life is an experience I will treasure until my dying days.

The good Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people over the last eight years and I thank everyone for their kindness, friendship and support. My congratulations go out to Commission Chairman-elect David Gantt, and I sincerely wish him well in the future. I ask too for God’s blessing –- on the Board of Commissioners and on all the people of Buncombe County.

I wish I knew more about Citizen For Change leader and Stomper compatriot, Kathy Rhodarmer’s, intimidation of voters on election day. Shoot me an email if you do.

Ms. Rhodarmer’s candidate for Congress, the unflappable and insufferable Hot Carl Mumpower, spent only $128,000 in his failed bid to unseat Rep. Big’un.  This fun fact over at Swing State Project ought to make Mumpower, his supporters, and those who were already overwhelmed by political advertising feel better about the way it went down:

Marty Ozinga (IL-11): $1.4 million spent, 34.5% of the vote won.

Carl Mumpower (NC-11): $128,000 spent, 35.8% of the vote won.

I reckon Mumpower and Ramsey spent about the same amount of money in their respective races.  If Ramsey was trounced, then Mumpower was:

(a)  destroyed
(b) shellacked
(c) disintegrated
(d) blessed by the Good Lord
(e) my answer is in the comments

And, lastly, in a nod to the popularity of our Mayor and the dissatisfaction that Congressman Shuler engenders among his more progressive constituents, this letter to the AC-T introduces a fun idea:

I have just written Mayor Bellamy to ask her to consider running against Heath Shuler in two years. And I hope she says yes. I find myself disagreeing with Shuler on a majority of issues on which he has voted. He has stated he is proud of his “blue dog Democrat” label, but I, for one, am ready for someone who is more aligned with my values.

Shuler’s 62% in this election won’t make anyone excited about running against him, and it’s likely he can keep this seat without any great exertion for as long as he likes. However, should Rep. Shuler decide to vie for Richard Burr’s Senate seat in two years’ time, then Madame Bellamy might want to have a look at the political climate for a Congressional run.

For Scrutiny Hooligans’ Asheville – Buncombe Voter Guide click here!

One more posting for the last-minute shoppers. Send the link to your slack friends who couldn’t get it together be among the 48% of registered voters who already cast a ballot in early voting.

For Scrutiny Hooligans’ Asheville – Buncombe Voter Guide click here!


Shuler – Mumpower Debate on Take A Stand

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Deputy Whip Largely and Carl Mumpower debated one another in a two-hour block on Take A Stand With Matt Mittan. Just in case you have a desire, here’s the audio:

Shuler – Mumpower on Matt Mittan

Shuler – Mumpower on Matt Mittan

Republican representative Charles Thomas called in to the show to excoriate Carl Mumpower on his over-the-top rhetoric:

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