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Names of Future Cats

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The following post is a guest post from Devin Walsh. Read his blog here

Added to the list of Names of our Future Cats (Sports, Action, Snakebite), let’s put “Peeves”.

Couple weekends ago we were sprawling throughout the parents-in-law’s living room, Arielle and I plus her sister and sister’s husband in various stages of recovery, raining out and the kids installed at the neighbors’ (“We want to play with Nedgie!” “We want to go to Nedgie’s!”) and Arielle asked everyone kindly to list their pet peeves.

I was surprised: for the first time in my life most of my pet peeves were aimed at myself. I didn’t say this, of course. I hinted at a mountain of grammatical issues that bug me. But really I was thinking: I swallow too loud, especially in the middle of the night, half sitting-up in bed to slug some water; and I’m prone to sloth; I pretty much suck at self control; I postpone the inevitable to the detriment of my health; and I do this horrible thing when asking someone a question. I’ll go, “What’s the capital of Virginia?” And they’ll say, “Richmond.” And I’ll say back to them what they just said: “Is it Richmond?” while nodding knowingly, as if it had been on the tip of  my tongue and all I needed was a hint. “What’s the atomic weight of a helium molecule?” “It’s blobbety blah.” “Is is blobbety blah? Of course. That’s what I thought.” I hate when I do that.

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Wednesday, And Welcome To It

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This is my work week.

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Comedian and activist, Lee Camp, will be appearing again in Asheville this Monday night at the Altamont at 8 p.m.

I saw Lee’s show when he was in Asheville to benefit Occupy and have met him a couple of times. Great guy. I’ll be there.

Lee Camp

Monday, July 1 – 8:00pm
Tickets: $10 Advance / $12 Day of Show
[Purchase Tickets]

“This up-and-coming US star is already developing a reputation for fearless political comedy, with some calling him an heir to the crown of the late, great George Carlin. ….He gets our seal of approval.”

-Time Out Sydney

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Netroots Nation 2013 Closing Keynote

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“Their tears are delicious.” – Marcos Moulitsas

Don’t miss my friend, Joel Silberman’s, 5-minute talk at 28:00: “The Deeper the Closet, the Bigger the Hair.”

I missed a good part myself. I’m watching it like this right now.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at
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What Are You Most Thankful For?

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I don’t know if it happens at your place, but at the familial headquarters of our little clan where Papa resides in his beautiful late autumn of life, at some time in between the setting of the table and the saying of the graces there is a moment when everyone joins hands around the room and we each get to announce, in various shades of sarcasm, pride, religious zeal and weepy sentimentality, what it is we are most thankful for.

Despite my best attempts at maintaining an ironic distance from this sappy display of Americana de la Rockwell brought to life, it never fails to make my chest swell and my eyes water.

Because really, there is so much to be thankful for. These family rituals serve to remind us that we have people around us near and far to love, admire, bitch at and brawl with. For me, that includes the people who come here and read, speak their minds, argue and exposit. Thank you Hooligans, for keeping it interesting.

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