How to choose the best gas stove in india

How To Choose The Best Gas A Stove In India

Wondering how to choose the best gas stove in India? Then you have landed in the right spot. Keep reading the article and you’ll know how to find the best stove for your home.

In India, a Gas stove is one of the most essential home needs when it comes to cooking. Though there are many modern appliances like electric cookers and induction stove, without gas stove cooking will become near to impossible. So, looking for the best gas stove for your kitchen? Some of the best gas stoves are available here at Get the best stove that fits all your needs.

How to Choose the best gas stove in India

When you are looking for the best gas stove, there are certain factors that you should consider in mind to make a wise decision.

Things to Consider while buying a gas stove

1. Number of Burners

The number of Burners is the major thing that you should look for. In India, the maximum number of burners accessible on a branded gas stove is four. Nowadays, only a few individuals are going for a single burner gas stove.

Either, it is a small, medium or a big family, everyone goes for the 2 or more burners to meet the cooking needs. However, the four burners gas stove can be chosen only if needed because it consumes more fuel than the 3 or 2 burners gas stove does.

2. Ignition Type

In general, there are two types of ignition mode is accessible in a gas stove.

  • Manual Ignition mode
  • Auto-ignition mode

In the auto-ignition mode, the stove comes with an in-built ignition option that operates through a battery. Hence, simply you need to turn the knobs. The spark will be at your service. Whereas, in the manual ignition, either you need a matchstick or a gas lighter to get the spark.

However, both the ignition modes are familiar to the people. So, if you are looking for the latest gas stove, then it will come with the auto-ignition mode. The Manual ignition mode gas stove is also available in the market. Look for the one that suits you while cooking.

3. Material

In the early days, metallic gas stoves were made with brass, aluminium or stainless steel. with the progress of advancements, the modern-day gas stoves are armed with some new features to enhance the product performance and user convenience.

This includes sturdy pan, high-efficiency brass burner, stainless steel drip trays, shatter-proof tops, and spill-proof designs. All these enhanced features will improve the endurance of the gas stove while cooking.

4. Design

In the olden days, the gas stove will not have any designs except the gas burners. But, in recent days, the gas stoves are coming with attractive designs like aesthetic designs, elegant glass finish, and glass countertop.

5. Heat control

One key feature that you need to pay attention to while buying a gas stove is to ensure that it provides multiple heat control systems. This will help you to cook various food items at a different temperature.


These are some key factors that you should look for while buying a gas stove in India. Most of the gas stoves in the marketplace offers a perfect blend of useful features. Instead of choosing an unknown brand, we suggest you get a well-known brand that makes no sense to take risk while cooking with the gas stove.

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