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Now it’s up to you, Daniel

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In the 10th, Republican Lance Sigmon got creamed by sleazy Pat McHenry 67 to 32. BUT did anyone notice he almost beat our little man in the most populous county in the district?

Patrick McHenry (REP) 50.94% 7,038
Lance Sigmon (REP) 49.06% 6,778

And while Lance Sigmon might not help out the Democrats come November, it doesn’t look like he’ll be behind lil Pat either. From GoBlueRidge net:

“I’m not going to help them [Democrats] either, I’m just not going to endorse him [Patrick McHenry].

McHenry has already started throwing mud at our guy. This is from his website:

But Nancy Pelosi’s chosen recruit, a trial lawyer from Raleigh, already has his pockets stuffed with cash from Washington liberals, and we know there will be more to come.

That didn’t work next door in the eleventh in 06 but who knows, Pat, a lack of imagination never stopped you before, eh?

Here’s Johnson’s response:

“This is an untrue personal attack, and exactly the kind of politics that we in the 10th District are sick and tired of,” said Johnson, “I am proud of my record serving the state of North Carolina as a prosecutor and standing up for the victims of violent crimes. I was encouraged to run by leaders from our community, and I look forward to serving my friends and neighbors in Washington.”

The politics of division and the politics of fear are exactly what are keeping Congress from finding real solutions to the serious problems facing our community and our nation. The Johnson campaign looks forward to a campaign about the issues affecting our families in the 10th District–the rising cost of gasoline and healthcare, the need for new, high-paying jobs, and the care of our military men and women.

And talking about cash, Johnson had raised $217,062 and had $166,188 unspent by the mid-April reporting date. McHenry raised $871,846 during the same period. He spent $679,844 and had $325,663 in cash.

Go throw some money at Daniel, folks!

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[Here’s BlogActive’s Mike Rogers’ take on the story.]

Jackie Sullens writes the newsletter for the Gaston County Republican Women, according to their website. And she openly lives with another woman.

And, gee look . . . here she is having a gay old time with the now-rabidly homophobic future Congressman Pat McHenry.

I let you decide if Pat McHenry is as anti-gay as he pretends to be in the “Sanctity of Marriage” section of his website:

“Marriage, family and community are not just catch phrases; they are the backbone of American society. Sadly, however, there is an organized effort by the radical left and their allies in Hollywood and academia to destroy our traditional American culture.

America is an inclusive nation and we respect other cultures and traditions, but we must defend what is sacred in our country from the reckless actions of a dangerous few who seek to impose their radical view on all of society.”


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According to Roll Call, a subscription-only Capitol Hill daily, Patrick McHenry used PAC funds intended for to pay for the the legal defense of Michael Aaron Lay, his former staffer and roomie convicted of voter fraud while living and working for him.

According to Wikipedia,

In the US, a political action committee, or PAC, is the name commonly given to a private group, regardless of size, organized to elect or defeat government officials or to promote or defeat legislation.

So, voter fraud is political action organized to elect government officials. So, it’s all okay, right? Read More→

Could this guy be any more boneheaded? Great thinking, dunder-wonder. Give the traditional press something to write about just when the story had died. Remind them of your calling a Green Zone guard “two-bit” and then putting up a banned Green Zone video which may have lead to two deaths, including that of a colonel.

Oh, and yes, make sure even more people pay attention to the ad that calls for you to serve your ten years in prison! Read More→

Earlier this week, McHenry posted a video that violated Green Zone military security in Iraq and may have led to several deaths, including that of a colonel.

Now, according to the Charlotte Observer, he’s blaming the Pentagon for not briefing him. But the Pentagon is contradicting him.

A Pentagon spokesman said he didn’t know what McHenry was told in Iraq, “but we routinely brief our operational rules to our visitors in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“We do not as a matter of policy discuss attacks in a way that would provide the enemy any better understanding of the effectiveness of their attacks,” said Lt. Col. Todd Vician.

VoteVets has called on congress to censure him for endangering troops.

Brandon Friedman, vice president of Vote Vets, has suggested McHenry resign and enlist:

And frankly, at this point, members of the military are tired of covering for these chickenhawk wannabe-heroes who go around looking for glory the easy way. We’re tired of them starting wars they can’t finish and we’re disgusted with their enthusiasm to use a military which they don’t understand in the slightest.To be quite honest, it’s only because McHenry is a Congressman that the Pentagon and MNF-Iraq spokesmen were so lenient with him.

If Patrick McHenry wants to tell war stories so badly, he should resign his Congressional seat and go enlist. He’s only 32. That way, he could get some training–so that next time he’s in a combat zone trying to be a tough guy, he won’t be such a bumbling, self-promotional fool about it.

Read More→

I can’t say it any better than this headline at Alternet: “GOP Rep Reveals Details of Green Zone Attack; Did he Get U.S. Soldiers Killed?

From Vet Voice, (an website by American veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan):

In an effort to bolster his own national security credentials in the midst of “Sniper-gate,” Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) gave away intelligence information last week that could have aided Shi’ite militias and/or other terrorist organizations in targeting the Green Zone. Only two days after McHenry promoted a video of himself in the Green Zone describing in detail the effectiveness of the rocket attacks on Easter Sunday, the area was hit with a barrage that killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded 17 others. It was the deadliest attack on the Green Zone so far this year.

Read More→

Here’s the MSNBC video:

Daily Kos, Think Progress, BlueNC, PoliGazette

Feel free to add your own!


Got $9200? You’ll be part of Congressman Patrick McHenry’s “Congressional Circle.” (Click below to see the full brochure and keep clicking to get a larger version.)

Your benefits include “Private Washington, DC retreat” with Pat, including “meals and a reception.” And what else????

It also gets you a”two complimentary tickets to all campaign events” and the “Annual McHenry Christmas Party,” “free subscription” to an exciting campaign newsletter called the McHenry Campaign Insider (a fiction writer wouldn’t make this stuff up), a commemorative pin,” and (not last and not least) a semiannual conference call “update.”

And supposedly campaign contributions don’t buy access. Read More→

Can’t make this stuff up.

Support Daniel Johnson. Please.

And, apparently, his story about a nearby rocket attack doesn’t jive with the official military either. From Sigmon for Congress:

However, official U.S. Embassy spokesman Philip T. Reeker said the facts were somewhat different, emphasizing that there were no fatalities from that rocket attack.

Last week, Consumer Credit Subcommittee Republicans, including Patty McHenry, effectively silenced consumers who flew to DC to testify on abusive industry practices. Golly gee, do you think they thought the testimony might be too emotionally painful for their banking donor buddies?

But, in their efforts to keep these stories out of the press and away from the tender eyes and ears of the weak-bellied banking industry, House Republicans kinda blew it. No wonder none of ’em are returning reporter’s phone calls.

It was at a hearing for the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights, proposed by Finance Committee Chair Barney Frank (D-MA) and Consumer Credit Subcommittee Chair Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY). Yeah, a bill of rights for consumers. Scary stuff. Just imagine not having your credit card rate unjustifiably hiked from 9 to 30 percent right after you make a big purchase.

Sure, I know you can’t imagine being treated that fairly. And neither can the banks. They are certainly not going to give up the right to jack up your rates for no reason. So, in their fear and weakness, they took some of the money they made off of you and spent it on Republicans in Congress. They probably are pretty pissed at the bad publicity they were paying the Republicans to stifle. But at least the networks have no footage (to run for one night and forget). Yet.

Last week, Republican tactics (of trying to force witnesses to sign waivers making their personal financial particulars public) worked like a charm, at least inside the Capitol. Not one consumer said a word. And the bankers got to speak all they wanted. As well, they didn’t have to back up anything they said with facts or waivers or anything so gaglifying.

Read More→

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