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It’s Coming…

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Check Your Bookmarks!

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Well hello there again Hooligans. I just have a small piece of business here for you.

For the more internet savy, you might’ve noticed the address up there in your browser ends with a .us

scrutinyhooligans dot US

Now most websites end with the .com, thus the dot com era was born! No one much talks about the dot us era nor the dot biz era. Does .etc exist?

The point is: you might have mistakenly bookmarked instead of The reason you don’t second guess a left at Albuquerque is that we currently have any traffic redirected to the correct address.

The problem is something might go hinky with that redirect starting February 1st. We might need a few days to work it out. Don’t worry! The site will still be running. Just make sure you have the .us address in your bookmark! Go check right now!

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments. I will try to get back to you by the evening.

You may now return to your normally scheduled hooliganism. Thank you.

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Site Updates

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Howdy folks. Just wanted to let y’all know that we’ve been doing some of that there updatin’ lately. We got ourselves the latest version of this fix and a new plugin for that thingamabob and gosh knows what else! All I can tell ya is that things are gonna look just a wee bit different round these parts. Now don’t ya go on worrying or nothing. Things will be just fine. Your eyes will get used to it I reckon. Mine did. Ok so now that I got that off my chest, you can all go back to your regularly scheduled hooliganism or whatever.

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Sunday Evening Music

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As seen on Fox News dot com

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At the edge of Asheville, N.C. on a sunny Friday afternoon is a bar scene few American cities could boast.
A brewery, in a warehouse that used to store dead hogs, is the setting. Railroad tracks and empty trucks are the scenery.

The mood? Think family picnic.

In a beer-snob town (and I say this lovingly), the crowd at Wedge Brewing Company is anything but pretentious. Armed with pints and pitchers of local brew that run just a few bucks, the locals clatter around outdoor picnic tables and games of corn hole.

My wife and I got there shortly after the 3 o’clock opening. By 4, it was packed. Nobody really goes inside, except to order or pee.

“This is Asheville,” the guy next to us tells his buddies.

The road to Asheville, for us, was a long one. My wife and I decided to conduct a meandering tour of the South to get there – shipping off from D.C. and hitting Charleston, Savannah and the outskirts of Columbia along the way. We scheduled it so we’d spend just a few days hitting those points of interest before settling into Asheville for the real vacation.

Good call.
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We shall make you understand!

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Friday afternoon 1:00 pm

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Take off work early today — it’s really nice out.

Tell your boss Councilman Smith said it was okay!


The Queen of Disco is Gone

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Sadly, Donna Summer passed away today at age 63. She will be remembered by many of us fondly forever — or at least those of us old enough to remember polyester shirts and platform shoes, like Tom Sullivan.

Now, here’s Miss Donna Summer with one of the greatest songs of all time, Hot Stuff from 1979:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

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Sunday Morning Music

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