Some things are timeless


This was at the top of my news feed when I got home. Borrowing this wholesale from a Facebook post by Rick Perlstein:

One of the letters Senator Thomas McIntyre got in 1978 after voting for the Panama Canal treaties: “Quisling Traitor Senator McIntyre: Conservative Republicans have added your despicable name to the list of TRAITORS in our stench-producing Senate tainted by those on the Radical Left and representing your ilk. Your refusal to be swayed by either reason or eloquence indicates your leftist orientation…An awesomely large mass of information can be mobilized to invalidate your fuzzy left-wing thinking. Traitors of your gutter orientation abound in our corrupt Senate dominated by the scum and vermin of the Marxist Democrats/ Rest assured, Commissar McIntyre, that you will be classified as insidious and corrupt. Americans who care t stand u in your Marxist behalf are to be sledge-hammered as QUISLINGS and odious incendiaries. We will concentrate on your vicious leftist VOTING RECORD and your excessive loyalty to the liberal pig in the tainted WHITE HOUSE. My qualifications: Washington Unviversity postgraduate and honor student. You are unquestionably one of the most DISHONEST AND VICIOUSLY CORRUPT hucksters and charlatans in our thieving Senate controleld by vermin of your Far Left views. We will work assiduously to damn you in scathing terms. YOU ARE AIDING AND ABETTING your beloved communist cause. conservatives ARE BEING ENLISTED TO STOMP OUR WAY THORUGH OUR COMMUNIZING SENATE WHIHC DARES TO STAND UP TO ITS conservative betters. Rest assured that we deem you to be on THE same plane as the COMMUNISTS. You are vermin.”

Currently seeing similar sentiments (only with better spelling) among local T-party types over this:

The N.C. Republican Party ousted its chairman Saturday in a two-thirds majority vote after months of infighting that has mirrored divisions in the national GOP.


Harnett was the state party’s first black chairman. He was elected last year with Tea Party support, beating a candidate who had endorsements from nearly every GOP statewide elected official.

That prompted this comment on one T-party blog:

What conservative wants anything to do with the NCGOPe these days? It is chaired by a member of the liberal Ripon Society, Robin Hayes, with the real power being exercized by former Karl Rove front man Dallas Woodhouse, and with a central committee dominated by those who only pushed supporters of establishment presidential candidates for the chairmanship and condoned David Lewis’ financial backstabbing of the party. They wanted to keep Lewis but get rid of Harnett. There is no room for conservatives with that bunch of establishment flunkies.

They could have offered someone with a background to bring people back together but instead chose to ram one of the most obnoxious establishment hacks in the party down our throats. Sadly, our candidates will suffer from this disgusting power play come November.

One can only hope. Where else is this happening?

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