The Real Question


Development, affordability and diversity were key issues in the city council elections yesterday. Cannot remember where I heard it, but someone commented recently, “We are now a 4-crane town.”

The real question, an activist heard outside one North Asheville polling place, is do you want to continue building hotels? The current council seems to be bent, the voter said, on building hotels and getting in outside money and then things will get fixed versus growing the town from the inside out.

The AC-T reports:

ASHEVILLE – City voters picked two candidates who voiced some of the biggest concerns about fast-paced development and a regional environmental leader to take seats on the City Council.

Keith Young, deputy clerk of Buncombe County Superior Court and an outspoken proponent of a new downtown park and the first African-American elected since 2009, led the voting. Following him were Habitat for Humanity assistant manager Brian Haynes and Mountain True Executive Director Julie Mayfield.

Good campaigns all around. Congratulations to the winners, the other candidates, and all their volunteers.


  1. NFB says:

    The issue of development is certainly one to be concerned about but one thing is for sure we are not going to get anywhere close to solving the affordable housing crisis we have in Asheville without development.

    And that’s where both sides in Asehville seem to get it wrong. Some are fixated on hotels and others are fixated with another park downtown, neither of which are going to solve our most urgent problems.