Protestus Interruptus


The Army of Mumpower decided late last night to cancel today’s rally in support of local police. (A #BlackLivesMatter counter protest had been planned.) While acknowledging that local protests have been peaceful, former Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower said obliquely that he was cancelling his rally so as not to provide “the opportunity” for that to change (emphasis mine):

“I try to be direct and honest,” Mumpower said. “To me, we have been far too tolerant in this community. There are a lot of aggressive minority voices who have come here not to uplift our culture, but kidnap it. That doesn’t call for silence or passivity in my view,” he said.

Outside people have come here with a broad insensitivity to the traditional culture and values of our community and that merits challenge.”

The challenge is how to do that without dismantling the local tourism-dependent economy. Unless, of course, one proposes ceasing all advertising and new home construction, rolling up the streets, and erecting gates at the county line.

Don’t like outside people? Stop inviting them!

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  1. N.C.Rohan says:

    How far back do you have to go to be “traditional”? Seems like Asheville has a long tradition of welcoming Outside People (like the Vanderbilts). Maybe Carl is only tolerant of his caveman culture

  2. I’ve noted elsewhere that I think he couldn’t recruit any women to go topless, since boosting toplessness has been his biggest agenda item in the last few years. But, actually, I suspect he realized his puny event was about to be overwhelmed by the other side that caused the cancellation.

    Poor Carl.

  3. Ax handles for everybody!

  4. TJ says:

    Yes, we’ve had SO many violent protests with Occupy and Moral Mondays!

    Good thing he’s so responsible as to keep his supporters away, since he’s not sure they could control themselves.

  5. I’d like to muster up some sympathy for Dr. Carl and the shrinking number of locals who respond to his shenanigans. Like Tim Moffitt and his 2012 comment: “a rogue element of what I would consider folks who have moved to Asheville“, these are people who are threatened by change.

    Tim was referring to me in that comment. I moved here roughly 17 – 18 years ago, and I joke that I’m an honorary native now, and can gripe about all the newcomers ruining this town. It’s a joke, but I have to confess that I’m a little overwhelmed sometimes when I go downtown & see a city I barely recognize from when I moved here. I can only imagine what it’s like for those who grew up here.

    When I read Carl’s statements there, I’m reminded of the movie Pleasantville, where everyone is in black and white, until an “aggressive minority” showed people one by one how to break out of their ruts, whereupon they burst into full Technicolor™.

    Come towards the color, Carl. The water’s fine.