Ron Moore refused to turn over evidence that cleared innocent people of murder


It’s been years since I last posted to this blog. Decided to do so today because there’s an important issue that needs to be discussed within the Buncombe Democratic Party … and I don’t have another vehicle to start the conversation.

As you may know, I support Todd Williams in the current District Attorney race.  But what y’all may not know is why.

What I didn’t write in the LTTE, because I didn’t want to be confrontational before more information became publicly available, is that Ron Moore had possession of evidence that would have cleared the names of 5 people for murder – and didn’t turn it over to their defense attorneys.

This is upsetting enough. What’s salt-in-the-wound is that this serious miscarriage of justice is not being discussed intelligently within the establishment of the local Buncombe Democratic Party during this year’s DA primary race. “Moore’s a good man” is the common mantra when faced with facts around this issue, or pretty much every other scandal concerning Moore.

Ron Moore may very well be a good man. Fine. It really depends on which side of the prison-bars you’re sitting on – I guess.

The Asheville Citizen times has full coverage of the story here. But the highlights are:

1) Ron Moore ignored DNA evidence.

2) Another person admitted to the crime in 2003, but Moore didn’t re-open the case for investigation.

3) Videotape evidence corroborating the 2003 confession was ignored.

I know Moore is a Democrat. He might even be a great guy in-person. But 5 people spent years in jail because Moore didn’t want to do his job properly. Frankly, if it had been 5 white middle-class kids – it is my humble option he would have been disbarred over this by now. In the coming years this issue is going to develop into a major scandal, putting the already tarnished credibility of the DA’s office in serious jeopardy.

The local Democratic party has a choice this year: During the primary y’all can put forth a 24-year incumbent with a history of opaqueness, sweeping serious issues such as the evidence-room scandal under the rug, and preventing justice; or you can submit someone who will focus on doing the right thing.

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

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  2. Susan says:

    Ron Moore is hiding something, that was clear from how the evidence room abuses were handled.

    What gets me is the one time I have had a friend involved with the Buncombe County Judicial System, and Ron Moore tried to get him to agree to a plea-deal of being guilty to ‘something’ (I don’t remember what) while threatening him with a huge sentence if they went to trial. My friend was arrested for holding a sign. He went to trial, and was found “not guilty”.

    That just stinks to try and get people to plead out when they are innocent of any criminal action or intent.

    Furthermore, Ron Moore has a lot of people scared in this town. And we do not have to live that way.

  3. When the 30 or so of us were arrested in the 2003 Asheville protest over the beginning of the Iraq war, we were all charged with ‘resisting arrest’ – a felony that would get you 2 years in prison.

    It emerged that this was a standing policy with the DA’s office – if a police officer laid hands on you, whether you were resisting or not, you were automatically charged with resisting in order to get you to plead guilty to lesser charges.

    We all were advised to plead guilty to jaywalking, and most of us did so & got off with a $50 fine.

    I have no idea if that is still the case.

  4. Adam Strange says:

    I was charged 7 years ago with a crime i did not commit. Somebody else had plead guilty to what they were charging me for. They already had their man, but they charged me anyway. It took three months of gong to court and almost $5000 for me to be found ‘Not Guilty’.

    Early in the trial I heard my lawyer talking to Ron Moore, My lawyer had said “You know he didn’t do this”, and Mr Moore replied “I know, but i think we can prove otherwise”. -He knew I was innocent, but he thought he should still put me in jail, just because he could. He did not care that i was innocent. -luckily the jury did care.

    please vote – “NO MOORE!!!!!!!!”

  5. Davyne Dial says:

    I will be livestreaming the DA debate tomorrow at 4:00 pm on my Ustream channel. I have my fingers crossed that this will be a decent debate….but it’s only going to be as good as the questions asked. Hopefully some direct questions to Moore about the many questionable practices I’ve read about will be asked.


  6. Jason Bugg says:

    Oh wait!

    It’s always about Davyne, also.

    No wonder I think these two should get together.

  7. D.Dial says:

    Streaming live now…..Election debate (DA & Judge candidates) (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/P7TX )

  8. D. Dial says:

    District Attorney Debate video