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“Republican rule has transformed this young, vibrant nation from a nation that once believed it could do anything, into a nation that believes it’s broke and can’t afford to do anything. Think about it; everything we discuss doing these days is through the frame of how much it costs and whether or not it will make money, which is not rational. While we are still the richest nation in the world, with Republicans in charge – especially the current crop – we won’t be for long.”

The Stealth War on Abortion — Rolling Stone

But while some on the left think the right may have overplayed its hand, others see these defeats as simply incidental. “This type of thinking is how progressives delude themselves,” says [Rachel] Tabachnick. “The problem with the left is that it pretty much fights every battle from scratch. But the right is playing chess: They are willing to lose a pawn here or there to achieve the larger goal.”

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  1. TJ says:

    Just returned home from 2 film screenings: Beyond the Medical Model…mental health recovery.

    Seems developing countries, such as India, had folks with psychotic symptoms for brief periods, then moved on with their lives…that is, until we brought them out of the dark ages with meds. Now people are staying “sick” much longer.

    Gideon’s Army taught me that in one Southern state,a person can be sentenced to prison for a 40 year term, for shoplifting an iPod. One prison pays the inmates .08/hr for their work. There are about 15,000 Public Defenders for around 2 million defendants. Most have around 150-200 clients at a time.

    We DEFINITELY live in a sick society, and, the folks whom can help the most are, at best, blinded to it…at worst, indifferent. Even worse.. invested in perpetuating it, for a plethora of reasons.

  2. Tom Sullivan says:


    North Carolina ultrasound abortion law ruled illegal by judge

    The law “compels a health care provider to act as the state’s courier and to disseminate the state’s message discouraging abortion, in the provider’s own voice, in the middle of a medical procedure, and under circumstances where it would seem the message is the provider’s and not the state’s,” she added in her 42-page ruling.

    “This is not allowed under the First Amendment,” Eagles ruled.

    Norman Goldman asks, “Now, just WHO is the ‘small gov’t conservative’ around here?”

  3. TJ says:

    On NOW on MSNBC:

    Melissa-Harris Perry – voter suppression, and, North Carolina.

  4. randallt says:

    We are almost a week away from the fourth DKos Asheville meetup! If you’ve been following our Saturday diaries on Daily Kos, you know about the food and the place. If not, here is a brief reminder.

    WHEN: Saturday, January 25th at 1:00 pm

    WHERE: The Cantina, Asheville NC
    10 Biltmore Plaza, Asheville, NC
    (828) 505-7682

    WHAT: DKos Asheville New Day Meet up
    *Guest speakers include Asheville City Council Member Gordon Smith and League of Women Voters Educational Outreach spokesperson Sarah Zambon.
    *Updates on our Voter Registration Project
    *Open Forum for action planning and events
    *Kossack Komraderie

    FOOD: DKos Asheville will be providing a delicious buffet for up to twenty five guests. If there are more attendees, we have plans to accommodate. The meeting room and the food are already paid for so please don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


    Jeff Messer, Asheville’s progressive talk host gives DKos Asheville some air time! He will also be attending the meet up and has great insight into local and state politics. David Houck and I will be on his radio show next Tuesday 1/21 promoting the event. You can stream us live from the website. We will be on from 5:00 pm EST to at least 5:30. Please give us a listen as we promote all things DK and build excitement about our Jan 25th meet up! And you can call in! That would be amazing!

    I have a meeting with the facility early next week and it would be comforting to know for sure how many attendees we will have. Please drop me a kosmail.

    Best wishes! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Tom Sullivan says:

    A grim read from David Atkins about where this economy may lead:

    Cowen goes on to argue that all the poors will simply fight and eat each other rather than focus their gaze on the 1%, and that a new dawn of libertarianism tingned with slight neoliberalism will rise in America’s technocratic urban centers. It’s well worth reading his piece in full to appreciate the giddiness with which he anticipates this Malthusian nightmare.

  6. On the twitter:

    Rep. Moffitt is jazzed about being appointed to the “Joint Legislative Study Committee on the Affordable Care Act”.

    He (and a fan you might recognize) are also excited about his “Public Enterprise System & Use of Funds Study Committee”.

    Not a peep about his role on the committee looking at drone policy, which is meeting today to consider the explosive issue of potential spying on North Carolinians by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. I wonder why?

    Rob Schofield at NC Policy Watch has a theory:

    First off, it turns out that Committee co-chair, Rep. John Torbett is a Vice President at a defense contractor that makes drone operating systems and sells them to the military. How’s that for some “expertise”?

    Meanwhile, committee member Rep. Tim Moffitt – one of the General Assembly’s most aggressive Tea Partiers – is, amazingly enough, co-chair of the International Relations Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). That group issued a pro-drones statement last year urging ALEC to push back against “misconceptions” about drones and educate lawmakers throughout the country about the “benefits” of their use in “the domestic sphere.”

    That’s not necessarily going to win him any friends in the Tea Party/Libertarian?Get Govco Out Of My Private Bidness community.

  7. N.C.Rohan says:

    http://www.bluenc.com/thank-you-contributing-tillis-senate Describing the committee as a taxpayer funded campaign ad for Tillis, they refer to the “ethically challenged serial liar Tim Moffitt”. Ha!

  8. Well now, to be fair, they also call Rep. Moffitt “Tillis’s Deputy Attack Dawg”.

    Our own Rep. Nathan Ramsey is also on this “BashObama&Hagan-a-thon” committee.

    Bless his heart.

    Oh, and despite the fact that the Drone Committee hearing is in a room with no audio streaming (?), some facts are leaking out. For example, where would you guess that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are already being tested in North Carolina?

    I’ll give you one guess…