“You know we can hear you, right?”



  1. Joe Minicozzi says:

    Bless Don’s heart. How embarrassing.

  2. Andrew Dahm says:

    I think Don did a great job as the public face of his party, and he should be promoted forth-frigging-with.

  3. His hair looks great. Don – did you go to a hairdresser?!?

  4. At least they never mention Asheville.

  5. And the negative national attention begins:

    Gawker.com: Even The Daily Show Was Shocked by This Racist GOP Leader’s Responses

    Inquisitr.com: NC Republican Don Yelton Admits Voter ID Laws Intend To Suppress Vote.

    Philly.com: Things got REALLY racist on ‘The Daily Show’ last night.

    Those all went up in the last half an hour. There will be many more. We’re so proud…

  6. Doug Gibson says:

    Holy cow.

  7. Joe Minicozzi says:

    Looks like Don is getting his 15 minutes. E tu Mumpower? Could we be so lucky?

    Send in the clowns!

  8. Doug Gibson says:

    Can I just say that calling Don a “spokesman” is a bit much? Yes, he’s a Republican precinct chair and county executive committee member. But when I first moved here, I’m pretty sure he was filling similar offices in the Democratic Party. I don’t think he’s doing anything more than expressing out loud what a lot of Republicans privately think, but does he, at this point in time, speak for the party in any official capacity?

  9. Boyle, AC-T: Yelton: ‘There’s nothing I would take back’ about Daily Show comments

    Frankel. XPress: Don Yelton responds to criticism of his controversial Daily Show interview.

    Despite the controversy, Yelton tells Xpress: “The comments that were made, that I said, I stand behind them. I believe them… To tell you the truth, there were a lot of things I said that they could’ve made sound worse than what they put up.”

    Oh holy mother…

  10. Joe Minicozzi says:

    Well Doug, he may not be “official” but he spoke about the agenda pretty clearly. And if the Republicans didn’t want him around, they wouldn’t let him have any responsibility (including precinct chair). It should come to no one’s surprise that Yelton says these things or behaves this way. Indeed, this is tame compared to an average display at a County Commission meeting. The fact that they fraternize with him speaks volumes of their “big tent”.

    So the bigger question would be that if why anyone would associate with him in their “club”?

    You sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

  11. Yelton is on Pete Kaliner, saying that both the Buncombe GOP and the NC GOP are now demanding that he resign. He’s angry that they aren’t standing by him, and fighting the same fight at his side.

    “They stabbed me in the back… I’ll resign my precinct chair. Fine. I don’t want to be associated with a bunch of mealy-mouthed people who aren’t willing to fight.”

    He’s an angry little victim.

  12. Jason Bugg says:

    He’s also really mad that he can’t say n****r.

    Also, Yelton said on the air that he told Aasiv Mandvi (maybe I misspelled it) that if he grew a beard he’d be a terrorist.

    Last night, Kaliner tweeted “Remember, tonight @TheDailyShow will mock dying, former Democrat Don Yelton in Asheville.”

    Today “independent” Kaliner is palpably angry at Yelton, a “dying former Democrat”.

    Also, Kaliner has a weight problem. Don’t know if anyone has noticed.

  13. Karen Cragnolin says:

    You could not make this stuff up. No one would believe it.

  14. TJ says:

    Whatever their response to Don, they seem to fail to recognize that it was they, whom taught him well these lessons on bigotry. They just prefer to keep it under the sheets, and, seem surprised he could not contain himself.

    How could he?

    That is what he believed to be true, because they trained him all too well.

    That old joke about parents having no secrets, when their children go off to the world of school, etc, because their children will tell people anything… seems true here.

  15. Chad E says:

    Best Pete K show ever!!!

  16. The sad thing about the Pete show is that Pete is angry at Don for giving people who oppose Voter ID ammunition to call it deliberate suppression, especially of African-American’s ability to vote. That’s what the Voter ID law is, Pete. You’ve been denying it for months, but Don pulled the veil aside, & you’re mad at him for telling the truth.

  17. Chad E says:

    A caller just said “You can get an ID free. I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t have an ID. You need one to drink and you need one to drive.”

    Are all NC voters assumed to drink and drive?

  18. Brothah Blue says:

    Kaliner’s a GOP operative (his fake “libertarian” bs aside); of course he’s furious. Gotta give ol’ Don props for taking the real stuff to the streets…the only difference between him and most any other Republican in this day and age is the serious lack of social filters on his part.

  19. nick s says:

    Are all NC voters assumed to drink and drive?

    Somehow I don’t think they’re out checking licenses on the backroads in Cherokee or Graham County, and plenty of folks make their own likker. Point being, the ID issue affects the most rural and most urban in the state, and you’d think that conservatives at least cared about the rural side.

  20. RHS says:

    Don Yelton used to be just a local embarrassment. Now he’s a national one.

  21. Tom Sullivan says:

    From a 1964 report historian Rick Perlstein uncovered in the LBJ library. (Sorry, this 2007 article is no longer online):

    “‘Operation Eagle Eye’ was publicly established by the Republican National Committee on October 13. To make the program nation-wide a ‘ballot security’ official–the very name suggests that voting is illegal or at least dangerous–was named in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    “‘In one state, Minnesota, ‘Operation Ballot Security’ issued a seven-page single-space private memorandum detailing a variety of methods for challenging voters at the polls, with instructions to discourage helpful judges in Democratic precincts, to cut off waiting lines in Democratic precincts but not in Republican precincts, and to encourage stalling in Democratic precincts while preventing stalling in Republican precincts.

    “‘The Minnesota document goes so far as to state its purpose, not as encouraging each American to exercise his right to vote freely but ‘to safeguard the investment of time, money, and effort that the Republican Party, its volunteers, its candidates, and their volunteers have made in this election.’

    “As for specific instructions, the Republican memorandum says:

    “‘If any questions or dispute arises, refer to the pertinent authority cited below and (when it is to your party’s interest) insist that the law be followed.’ (Emphasis added)

    “‘Stalling in booths is a common trick when lines are long in order to discourage those waiting. In GOP precincts, keep lines moving.’

    “Memorandum like this leave no doubt in my mind that the Republican strategy for November 3 is the excessive, indiscriminate and unnecessary challenge of every voter.

    “How else will ‘Operation Eagle Eye’ work? A Wall Street Journal article of October 22 by Stanley Penn told how.

    “Penn quoted one ‘ballot security’ official as saying he planned to equip his poll watchers with cameras to frighten people into believing that voting irregularities can be photographed. He wrote: ‘The official notes that even if poll watchers don’t now how to use the cameras, potential Democratic wrong-doers may be frightened off.’ Here is an example of using a camera to intimidate a voter.


    “In Detroit, less than a month before election day in 1962, an organization called ‘The Committee for Honest Elections’ was established and immediately proceeded to:

    “–Mail 159,000 copies of a letter misrepresenting the Michigan election law to ‘high mobility’ areas that were predominantly Democratic. The letter created the impression that anyone who had moved 30 days before the election could not vote. It also appealed for informers to come forward and report suspected cases of voter fraud.

    “–Plan to flood these Democratic areas with fliers that said: ‘WANTED–FOR VOTER FRAUD.’

    “–Recruit 600 ‘challengers’ who would use ‘Honest Ballot Association’ credentials to indiscriminately challenge voters on election day.

  22. “If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, then so be it,” Don Yelton, GOP leader.

    Greensboro News & Record: The most honest Republican in North Carolina

  23. Joe Minicozzi says:

    (Waylon Jennings is a genius, and apologies to Hazzard County)
    Just’a good ol’ boys
    Never meanin’ no harm.
    Beats all you never saw
    Been in trouble with the law
    Since the day they was born

    Staightnin’ the curves
    Flatnin the hills
    Someday the mountain might get ’em
    But the law never will

    Makin’ their way
    The only way they know how
    That’s just a little bit more
    Than the law will allow.

    Makin’ their way
    The only way they know how
    That’s just a little bit more
    Than the law will allow.

    I’m a good ol’ boy
    You know my momma loves me
    But she don’t undestand
    They keep a showin my hands and not my face on TV

  24. TJ says:

    Don would have done well to keep his face off TV. But, since he was so convinced of his “truth,” he had no qualms.

    That’s fortunate for the rest of us.

  25. Per Doug Gibson’s observation about Yelton’s Democratic Party past – as well as addressing Yelton’s observation about the Dems dominating the state for 145 years. We need to remember that the Dems who controlled this state for a century and more were often racist, created the Jim Crow laws and so forth. After Nixon’s southern strategy took hold, many like Helms, left the party. It isn’t long ago that the Dem primaries determined elections here, but in more modern times the racists have pretty much left the Democratic fold.

    Yelton was late to leave.

  26. RHS says:

    “After Nixon’s southern strategy took hold, many like Helms, left the party.”

    It should be noted, however, that the “southern strategy” did begin with Nixon. It began with Barry Goldwater in 1964. Nixon just built on it enough to make it a winning strategy.

    But yeah, the party of Lincoln has now pretty much become the party of Jefferson Davis.

  27. Joe Minicozzi says:

    OK. He’s definitely getting more than 15 minutes!

  28. N.C.Rohan says:

    Why is the Party even pretending to be “embarrassed”?The law was based on data showing exactly the points he made. Public comments at the legislature elaborated on the data to every legislator that voted for it. If there was nothing wrong then why would it be embarrassing? Be Proud! Be Loud! To me the State Party reaction makes them look worse than him. I haven’t seen a word of criticism from the Tea Party faction, I’m sure he’s welcomed with open arms. (They may or may not explain that their code word for n****r is “Muslim” for press or public events). Punishing him for being honest? The hypocrisy of the Party reaction should be the embarrassing part.

  29. USA Today, CNN, LA Times, SF Chronicle, McClatchy News, the friggin Daily Mail in the UK, Slate, Salon, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, MSNBC, every major NC paper, and of course, every national political blog…

    Thanks Don.

  30. Truly hilarious to see Pete Kaliner bemoaning the Yelton affair:

    Drop by any of the national publications that have focused on Yelton’s story (as if he were an actual leader of the GOP at any level), and you’ll see how easily the left takes Yelton’s words and stuff them in the mouths of every Republican.

    This from the guy who spent days & weeks stuffing that fake BlueprintNC controversy into every progressive and/or Democratic mouth.

    The Left’s Talking Points & Strategy

    Pete’s just mad because Don pulled the curtain back & told the truth. Wah. And if throwing him under the bus politically isn’t enough, Pete puts the bus in reverse & gives Don a couple more thumps for good measure:

    As simple and obvious as it sounds, I think he just wanted to be on TV.

    Don has been battling some serious health problems for a very long time and I think that’s part of it. When a person approaches the end of his life, I think that person tries to ensure he or she left a mark. I think Don thought this might be his best opportunity to do so.

    Let’s paint him as a feeble and fading old man who “just wanted to be on TV.” Real classy, Pete.

  31. shadmarsh says:

    OK folks, we’ve met our quota of mentioning Pete “have another doughnut” Kaliner for the week, thanks.

  32. Kaliner Kaliner Kaliner.


  33. Jason Bugg says:

    Here’s a nice quote from Don.


    “When a n—– can use the word n—– and it not be considered racist, that’s the utmost racism in the world, and it’s hypocrisy,” he told me, a reporter calling to see if he’d been unfairly branded a racist.


  34. Poor Don. Doesn’t get it, won’t ever get it. Bless his heart.


  35. “He Who Shall Not Be Named” is on the air with Don Yelton again right now, begging him to drop out of the Republican party, and for God’s sake, please shut up!!!

    Yelton is starting to figure out that HWSNBN is calling him stupid and accusing him of sabotaging the GOP. Don’s getting ready to do an interview for the Today Show, and HWSNBN is doing everything he can to convince him not to do it.

  36. Salon.com is now featuring audio from yesterday’s HWSNBN interview with Don Yelton. Disgraced GOP official Don Yelton resigned because he was embarrassed by “gutless” GOP

    “I will gladly resign,” said Yelton. “I don’t want to be part of a group that is that…gutless,” he said, calling the North Carolina Republican party “embarrassing.”

    Thanks, HWSNBN. You’re doing great work for us.

  37. Brothah Blue says:

    Ok….so you’re not going to publish my comments then eh? Fuck you bitch.

  38. Andrew Dahm says:

    Mr Yelton needs to get out more. There’s much made of the “outsiders” ruinin’ this here part of North Carolina, but the fact of the matter is that socialist-makework projects and New York money have made Asheville the economic hub of the region.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

  39. I actually think Don is having a great time doing what he’s doing. He’s got a bone to pick with the local GOP, who have been trying to shake him & Chad Nesbitt & all the other ‘old schoolers’ off for years. So Don is killing two birds with one stone: saying what he actually believes about race, and the partisan Democrat-killing intention of the Voter ID act, AND sticking it to the party who sidelined him.

    You all should have heard HWSNBN begging Don not to do the interview with NBC today. Hilarious. When he asks Don when this interview will air, & Don says, “I think they said it will air on the Today Show”, you could hear HWSNBN’s shoulders slump as he said,

    “Oh great. Hardly anyone watches that.”


  40. Tom Sullivan says:

    Ferguson, I don’t care who this [Stomper fellow] is! This is the [lamest excuse for bigotry] I ever saw. Now you musn’t think you can impose on us because we are strangers. We are not fools, by a good deal. If you have got any specimens of [bigotry] of real merit, trot them out!–and if you haven’t, drive on!

  41. The Hill gets it:Yelton was fired for saying what the NC GOP won’t

    Yelton, a self-described “bigot,” wasn’t fired because he made racist comments in his capacity as a Republican Party official on national TV—racist remarks aren’t something new in the GOP camp. Yelton was fired because he said what NC Republicans are too afraid to say in public.

    “The [voter ID] law is going to kick the Democrats in the butt,” Yelton said, and with this comment he opened the door on the real agenda of the NC Republican party. This quote, lost in coverage of Yelton’s other blasphemy may well be the blow that will bring a struggling NC GOP brand to its knees.

    Simply put, Yelton revealed the intent of this law was never about protecting voter’s access to the polls; it was about taking away people’s right to vote.

    As Don put it at 4:00 in the above clip: Geeeee.

  42. Jim Shura says:

    I remember this idiot asking Shad to use his real name. Then there was this this thing with Bugg. You two are being too nice. You should tell your stories.

    If admin is around, I’m curious what this has done to site traffic.

    And somebody explain to me how this ignoramus got into politics.

    My mom is moving here and I just sent her a link to this thread in the spirit of full disclosure.

  43. And somebody explain to me how this ignoramus got into politics.


    1996: “It is possible to get a 40-percent reduction,” said Don Yelton, Buncombe County’s waste-reduction specialist.”

    1998: “In what she calls a “hiring freeze,” County Manager Wanda Greene effectively fired five Buncombe County employees in recent months by eliminating their positions… In April, Don Yelton lost his job as the county’s waste-reduction specialist”.

    1999: “Don Yelton didn’t set out to be a thorn in the side of Buncombe County Manager Wanda Greene…”

    And the rest is history…

  44. Jim Shura says:

    Thanks Barry. That doesn’t really explain anything tho’. I thought I moved to the progressive South in 2006.

    We are going to hell in a burning handbasket.

  45. TJ says:

    Barry’s proof: satan and his minion.

    Jim’s right… we must be going to hell.

    But, wait… what’s that weird light above Don’s head?

  46. Barry’s proof: satan and his minion.

    I’m confused. Which is which?

  47. The Buncombe County GOP has apparently scrubbed photos of Don Yelton and Tim Moffitt posing together from their website.

    From Scrutiny Hooligans, Sept. 19th, 2010:

    Chad Nesbitt Republicans

    You can see the photos there, of BCGOP NC House and Senate candidates posing with then-Chairman Chad Nesbitt. Moffitt was running for House, Yelton for Senate.

    There is a link there that takes you to the buncombegop.org page where that album of photos previously existed. It is now blank. The albums before and after are still there.

    Wouldn’t want the presumptive Speaker-in-waiting to be seen standing too close to the radioactive anvil that is currently dragging the NCGOP down, would we?