“I Really Don’t Get Involved…”


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“I really don’t get involved in social issues.” — Representative Tim Moffitt (R-Buncombe)

More video today from that August 5 realtors’ luncheon where Tim Moffitt admitted to engaging in legislative retaliation against the City of Asheville, a litigant in a pending lawsuit against the state.

In this exchange, attendee Cindy Ward asks Moffitt his thoughts on the abortion restrictions enacted by the legislature and signed by Governor McCrory.

“I really don’t get involved in social issues. At all,” Rep. Moffitt replies.

“But you vote on it [unintelligible] so you must be involved,” insists a second woman.

“I’m not involved,” Moffitt insists right back.

“Who are you representing?” Ward asks, not buying the not-so-smart-ALEC response. “If you’re not involved, who are you representing? You’re a representative.”

“Right,” says Moffitt.

“In Raleigh,” Ward adds, driving home her point.

Moffitt explains that the abortion debate in the Republican caucus is driven by the women in the caucus. He just goes along in support, because he supports the women.

Just so you know, social conservatives — and women in general — if you think you’re paying Tim Moffitt to represent you on social issues, he doesn’t consider it part of his job description.

Cindy Ward’s interview on The Jeff Messer Show (880 AM) is here. Segment starts at 25:20.


  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    Rep. Tim Moffitt takes a stand on not taking a stand.

  2. Hazelite says:

    Don’t nipples count as a social issue? Or are they purely economic?

  3. RHS says:

    Haven’t you all figured it out? It was another “joke.”

  4. That’s a relief – I forgot. He’s sort of a Kaufman-esque comic. Never sure when he’s really “on”.

    Honestly, this guy cracks me up.

  5. Raven Ravinoff says:

    Moffitt gets an ‘F’ from the ACLU for his voting record on civil rights issues.

    S.B. 306 Capital Punishment/Amendments: Fully repeals
    the Racial Justice Act and implements several provisions
    intended to speed up executions.

    H.B. 589 VIVA/Election Reforms: Makes a number of
    changes to election law, including shortening early
    voting, ending same-day registration, and requiring
    photo ID at the polls to vote

    H.B. 392 Warrant Status/Drug Screen Public Assistance:
    Requires drug testing of some recipients of public benefits.

    I think those count as ‘social issues’, don’t you?

  6. Seriously, it takes some chutzpah to claim that you’re “not involved” when you were one of the 100 (mostly male) representatives that acted to force these restrictions on all North Carolina women.

  7. N.C.Rohan says:

    How is pushing to privatize public utilities and education NOT Social Issues? Taking the Public out of Public Good.

  8. Jeff Mclarty says:

    ALEC didn’t tell him they were social issues, so he had not considered the possibility.

  9. Off topic, but related – excerpts from the State’s response to Asheville’s lawsuit, filed yesterday in Raleigh. Honestly, these are verbatim including the emphasis:

    “The Legislature need not state its justifications. The law is valid so long as some justification on the facts may exist… A court must find only “a connection between the statute and a conceivable governmental interest.””

    If there’s some rabbit that anybody might plausibly pull out of a hat at a later date, you have to rule that that gets us off the hook for what we did. An argument written by Tommy Flanagan himself.

    “To succeed, the City must establish complete legislative irrationality. If the issue is “at least debatable,” the City “cannot prevail.”

    Really? You’re going to put all your eggs in that basket? Really?

    “Currently, the water system’s management and operation are in the hands of the City only, despite the fact that the operation and management of the water system have engendered chronic disputes and litigation between the City and residents of Buncombe County for decades.”

    Let’s just assume, for the sake of argument, that all those disputes were the City’s fault, and never ever the result of Asheville-hating freeloaders trying to get subsidized water on the backs of City taxpayers. Just for the sake of argument, really – let’s assume that.

    “Therefore the General Assembly could have contemplated in enacting the Act that the transfer contemplated by the Act would, among possible other purposes, bring about the better governance of the water system.”

    We’re not saying they actually did contemplate that, or that the transfer actually would bring that about, (and remember – we’re assuming that the City is always in the wrong), but still you have to agree that our logic is irrefutable here:

    “This would be a meaningful change in how the water system is to be used, managed and operated. For these reasons, the City’s argument that the transfer contemplated by the Act is an invalid and impermissible taking by the State of the City’s water system is without merit.”

    Why don’t lawyers take Viagra? Only makes them taller.

    Sorry. I didn’t say that. I suspect I’m going to be the only non-lawyer in the courtroom in Raleigh tomorrow. Wish me luck…


  10. Andrew Dahm says:

    Prostitutes don’t get involved with their clients. So there’s that.

  11. One other thing – as expected, the lawyers for the State cited Senate Bill 341, and the “Greenville Gambit” contained within, as evidence that the NCGA has successfully undermined the City’s case:

    “The City’s contention regarding the interbasin transfer provision of the Act is moot because the interbasin transfer provision of the Act has been repealed.”

  12. One more bit of bad news for Rep. Tim “I AM Corporate America” Moffitt. Chairman Moffitt of the House Select Committee on Public-Private Partnerships (P3) forgot to give local Tea Party uber-conservative Dr. Dan Eichenbaum the memo about how great P3s are.

    The Public-Private Partnership (P3) is yet another ruse of big government to steal your wealth and private property and, in the process, “fundamentally change America” and plunder the productive members of society. A P3 is the essence of fascism and crony capitalism, elected government officials and their bureaucracy favoring corporations who support the political agenda of the ruling class, so both can profit at the expense of our individual freedom. (emphasis mine)

    Tim. You’re the Chairman of the ding-dang thing in North Carolina. You’re on the Board of Directors of ALEC, which pushes P3s as the savior of us all.

    Tim – I think Dr. Dan just called you a fascist.


  13. Jeff Mclarty says:

    That was the most sane thing I had heard from old Dr. Dan in a long time. Of course it was buried in some lunatic agenda 21 shit, but still…

  14. Dr. Dan is not alone. Remember the anti-privatization piece put out by another conservative a few months ago, Rep. Robert Brawley?

    The American public depends on the equitable accessibility to basic needs, such as water, roads and emergency services. Seeking ways to profit from the public for services that they cannot pick and choose from (such as the airport they use, the interstate they drive on, or the water they drink) is essentially forcing the public to buy your product – that is not a free market practice.

    Whether it’s through tolls or taxes, the source of revenues are still people. P3s create fertile ground for monopolistic and corporate cronyism practices. Government that is By the People and For the People should steer clear of partnerships that increase the gains of the private sector at the expense of the public. Socialist and non-democratic countries do P3s very well, which is another example why they are an un-American practice.