A Big Fracking Deal


As if the legislature hand not pissed off enough citizens in North Carolina, this item has been flying largely under the radar. Hold onto your groundwater, people, these frackers mean business and they mean to force you into theirs:

Known as compulsory pooling, or forced pooling, the policy allows drillers to tap local natural gas, even if property owners don’t want drillers probing under their homes and farms. Critics compare it to a government’s right to seize private property for the public good, except in this case the parties claiming rights to the land would be for-profit businesses.

“That’s just unfair,” said Therese Vick, a community organizer for the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League. “They’re taking control of your property – your neighbors, the government and a commercial interest – and making you sell your resource.”

The idea is not a new one and has been on the books since 1945, just rarely used writes the News & Observer. Now energy companies want to. The delicately named Compulsory Pooling Study Group will be holding a public meeting Wednesday in Raleigh and forwarding recommendations to the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It may be the last public meeting before the issue moves to the legislature.

Wonder ow all those “No Zoning” folks out in our bright, red counties will respond once they find out control of their their property has been sold to the highest donors?

Don’t forget, those frackers will need water to frack with. Lots of it.


  1. Forced pooling.

    Otherwise known as communism. The State forces you to participate in economic activity you do not want to be involved in, solely because someone else (and the State) wants you to.

    Good video explaining forced pooling.

    Don’t forget, those frackers will need water to frack with. Lots of it.

    Where will they get it? Where oh where oh where oh where….

  2. Speaking of water, little bit of a tangent…

    Does anyone else find it odd that no one in the whole dang County has reported that MSD Chairman Steve Aceto resigned two months ago? 23 years he’s been with them, 8 of them as Chair… I’m just sayin’. Not a peep in any media anywhere?

    Unless you count this one comment of mine on ScrooHoo

  3. N.C.Rohan says:

    Tough crowd tonight at Charlotte Observer forum with lawmakers. Lots of questions about ALEC/Education cuts , airport, voter ID. Squirming and dodging ensued. Last question was concerning environment, Ruth Samuelson explained that in polling “people don’t care about the environment—it’s way down on the list if it even makes it ON the list”. Guess she gets her polling info from CivitasPopeKochinc.

  4. Yeah, great. Ruth Samuelson is co-Chair of the Environmental Review Commission, along with former Rep., now DENR official Mitch Gillespie, earliest & most fervent proponent of fracking. Mitch said in 2011 that if/when fracking became legal in NC,

    “Roads would have to be built to truck in millions of gallons of water required for fracking operations, or water could be piped in from afar.”

    (Like I said at the time, “Where ya gonna pipe in that water from, Mitch? Hey, you’re right – Asheville has 8 billion gallons just sitting there…”) Well now, these two sterling environmental leaders will be leading this study, thanks to our own Tim Moffitt:

    The Environmental Review Commission shall study the statutory models for establishing, operating, and financing certain organizations that provide water and sewer services in the State… The Commission shall determine whether, how, and to what extent the number of statutory models should be reduced and consolidated. In making these determinations, the Commission shall consider and address any impacts such reduction and consolidation would have on the ongoing operations and financing of existing organizations for the provision of water and sewer services.

    They have written themselves a mandate to go in & monkey with the very definitions of water providers in NC. I wonder what interests will be driving this, and what sort of input from the environment, municipal government, or ratepayer interests will be considered?

  5. The verdict is in:

    North Carolina landowners would be forced to sell the natural gas under their homes and farms – whether they want to or not – under a fracking recommendation approved Wednesday that’s expected to be enacted by the state legislature this fall.

    Private property rights, my ass.

  6. N.C.Rohan says:

    At the forum last night somebody mentioned, again, that they have the power to “dissolve” Charlotte. They seem happy to dissolve a lot of things that people thought belonged to them…right to vote, women’s right to choose, public education, now, property rights. What is that term for when the State owns everything and the Corporations are the State? Some “F” word…?

  7. TJ says:

    So, now the governor will sit idly by and watch the city he “loves” so much be destroyed, too?

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing, etc. etc.

  8. Tom Sullivan says:

    Mr. Oil & Gas: “Yo, hayseed. What’s our gas doing underneath your farm?”

  9. Even a broken clock is right once a day:

    What The Frack Is NCGOP Up To?

    “It’s story like this one that explain why I left the Republican Party about a decade ago.”

    Yet you’ll still carry the water for them & help get them re-elected…

  10. Oh, and don’t blame frackers when the water runs out:

    You have to take into account the decade’s long overuse of land and water by ranchers, farmers, and a growing population that consumes water like it’s air. Cities get bigger every day, and so does our thirst for more water.

    You can’t always blame the oil man. With the advent of fracking, he’s done a lot for our economy and way of life.

    Stupid population wasting the oil man’s water, you know, for drinking & stuff. Are there no bars? Are there no soft drinks?

  11. Doug Gibson says:

    “Consumes water like it’s air.”

    Wow. Just wow.

    And if the cities weren’t getting bigger, you’d be selling gas to whom, exactly?