NC Charges Undocumented Prisoners Rent For Jail Cells


Arizona, Here We Come!

Courtesy of Rep. Nathan Ramsey’s office. Joe Arpaio will be proud. Pink undies next, Nathan?

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From the Office of Rep. Nathan Ramsey providing information on HB786 :


Information on House Bill 786 up for a vote Monday, July 15th for the Second and Third Reading in the House.


RECLAIM NC is a law enforcement / public safety bill that has been carefully crafted to address hardened criminal activity in our state. The bill applies to citizens and non-citizens alike. The bill creates new statutes, enhances some existing statutes and imposes stiffer penalties on the activities that support various criminal activities.


HB786 addresses Identity Theft by making it a Class H Felony to “manufacture or sell” counterfeit documents. Currently, it is only a Class 1 misdemeanor.


HB 786 creates a “rebuttal presumption” against bail for certain crimes perpetrated by people in the State illegally, who may pose a threat to society or a flight risk if released on bail. It creates a tier of secured bail requirements for various other crimes, under the same conditions. This will help protect the citizens of NC by keeping the undesirable element off the street for longer periods of time.


RECLAIM prohibits the use of the Matricula Consular card or any other such document issued by a consulate or embassy of another country, other than a valid passport as a valid form of identification, unless authorized by the NC General Assembly by the NC General Assembly.


RECLAIM NC will require prisoners who are in the US unlawfully to be responsible for the cost of their incarceration, upon conviction. Illegally present criminal will be charged for the cost of their own incarceration reducing the financial impact upon our State.


HB786  will give law enforcement the authority to check immigration status of any person(s) stopped, detained or arrested where there is reasonable suspicion that the person is not here legally.


RECLAIM NC recognizes that tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are enjoying a “de facto amnesty” by being allowed to drive in our state without impunity and ends that “pardon” by REQUIRING that every illegally present person in our State MUST come forth and qualify for either a Restricted NC Driver Permit or a Restricted NC  ID.


The NC Restricted Driver Permit is NOT a license. It can NOT be used for any rights or privileges of a citizen. The Permit will bear a statement to that effect and the words

“No Legal Presence -No Legal Status”


Requiring illegal immigrants to qualify for a Restricted Driver Permit will assist law enforcement by creating a state-wide data base of illegally present people who have submitted to a criminal background check including fingerprinting and having identities established.


Public Safety will be enhanced by having tens of thousands of people who are currently driving illegally prove they know the rules of the road, can pass a NC DMV driving test and have prepaid insurance.


RECLAIM NC will make NC the only state to require criminal background checks for illegally present people to drive.


RECLAIM does not give any one a driver license. RECLAIM REQUIRES illegally present people to come forth, identify themselves, give proof of residence and submit to a background check, including fingerprints and to qualify for a RESTRICTED DRIVER PERMIT. Failure to comply will result in prosecution when caught driving and subject their vehicle to confiscation and sale upon conviction.

Confiscated vehicles will be sold and proceeds go to education


Citizens caught driving on a REVOKED license will also have their vehicle subject to confiscation and sale.


RECLAIM has caveats for innocent owners and lien holders in regards to the vehicles.


RECLAIM requires that all contractors, in or out of state must be in compliance with NC E-verify program in order to do business with any NC government entity. This will give our state based contractors a level playing field when competing for state business.

A RESTRICTED DRIVER PERMIT and / or A RESTRICTED NC ID will make it more difficult for employers to knowingly hire illegal immigrants.


Illegal immigrants will not “flock” to NC for a Restrict Driver PERMIT that requires them to submit to a criminal background check, get finger printed, prepay insurance, prove that they have been a resident for at least 1 yr. PRIOR to April 1, 2013 and is only valid for 1 year. Why wouldn’t they just go to any other state that is offering walk -in driver licenses, instead?


This Bill has nothing to do with the Federal regulations and standards, it is about what state government can legally do to make our state a safer place for everyone.


  1. nick s says:

    Public Safety will be enhanced by having tens of thousands of people who are currently driving illegally prove they know the rules of the road, can pass a NC DMV driving test and have prepaid insurance.

    How about Rep. Ramsay applies that principle to all those drivers who come up from Florida? (The NC driving test is useless, but at least it leaves the DMV parking lot.)

    That’s the kind of grandstanding idiocy I could get behind.

  2. Free online dictionary defines impunity as “exemption or immunity from punishment or recrimination”. So when Rep. Ramsey says that

    “tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are enjoying a “de facto amnesty” by being allowed to drive in our state without impunity”

    …and he wants to end that, is he saying he wants to grant them “exemption or immunity from punishment or recrimination”? Because that seems like poor public policy, IMHO.

  3. Jeff Mclarty says:

    You know what they say, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”.

  4. Joseph Minicozzi says:

    Here! Here!
    Enough with the freeloading!
    In fact, this isn’t going far enough. I think the State should start paying the Cherokee some rent while we’re at it!

  5. Gordon Smith says:


    Bowing to concerns from Gov. Pat McCrory and fellow Republican lawmakers, state Rep. Harry Warren pulled back Tuesday on a comprehensive immigration package that would have combined driving permits for people here illegally with stringent, Arizona-style provisions to change how immigrants are treated by judges, jailers and police.

    The House gave preliminary approval, 84-29, to an amended bill that asks the state Department of Public Safety to study most of Warren’s proposals. He said he hopes to generate enough support to bring the full legislation back for consideration by the General Assembly next year.

    Rep. Nathan Ramsey is already on record as supporting the dehumanizing, draconian version of this bill.