That Ain’t Right – 5% Edition


So much for the argument that forcibly merging water with sewer would result in cost savings. It won’t.


A bill that repeals a 2009 law that allows the city to use some water revenues to make street and sidewalk improvements when it builds or repairs water facilities received final approval from the state Senate Tuesday.
Passage of the bill could remove some of the impetus for a separate transfer of the water system to the Metropolitan Sewerage District, which is now tied up in the courts.

Ending the allocation allowed by the 2009 law yielded the savings consultants to MSD said would result when the water and sewer systems are consolidated. The bill passed Tuesday ends the transfer whether consolidation ever occurs.
City officials opposed the repeal, saying the General Assembly had approved the law because it recognized that other restrictions it imposes on the city water system create a hardship for the city.


  1. Jeff Mclarty says:

    So, was this the end game in the first place?

    Was it all just meant to make Asheville unmanageable under liberal/centrist leadership?

  2. Yes, one might surmise that Messrs. Moffitt, Ramsey & McGrady don’t care for Asheville very much, and wish us ill.

  3. TJ says:

    That’s kind of harsh, Barry. Are you being judgmental?

  4. Maybe so. They have every right in the world to swing a hammer – it’s our dumb fault for standing where they want to swing it.

  5. TJ says:

    Reminds me of the video Bradley Manning released to Wikileaks. The soldier is heard. Commenting that it was the parent’s fault for bringing them to war, when the US soldiers killed them as they were looking out a van window. It wasn’t HIS fault. :::sigh:::

  6. Tom Sullivan says:

    What we’re seeing is an extension of the GOP’s “defund the left” strategy of undermining the largest concentrations of manpower and funding that support Democrats. First they went after private-sector unions, then public-sector unions, and teachers, firefighters, trial lawyers, etc. Then with Voter ID they attacked seniors, college students and minorities.

    Now, in NC they’re attacking cities. That’s where the large concentrations of Democratic votes are. So they are working to weaken them economically and politically. They’ve taken away control of Asheville’s airport. They’re working on Charlotte’s. They’ve forced district County Commission elections on Buncombe and will do the same with Asheville City Council. Collectively, Republicans in Raleigh are hoping to weaken the D’s hold and render the city irrelevant in future state and local elections. And with redistricting, they’ve isolated Asheville in House 114 and won’t even bother running candidates for now.

    They’ve legislatively taken Asheville’s water system to blow a huge hole in the city budget, leaving the city with two choices: cut services or raise taxes. Prices for water and sewer will likely rise. After a couple of cycles, Republicans will be running candidates who blame the city’s troubles troubles on “mismanagement and waste” by Democrats and counting on voters to forget by then who precipitated the crisis in the first place.

  7. Ha-rumph. That’s what I said, only with more words.

  8. You think all that’s bad, kiddies, wait til they suspend city council elections until they get their way on the water. Crazy talk, you say?

    Mayor Bellamy

    As we are approaching the end of the long session, is it the intent of the City to continue with the legal action against the State and MSD?
    Representative Ramsey has been attempting to seek resolution and it
    seems to no avail. I would like to know by COB tomorrow if a resolution is
    possible and if not, I need to know that as well.

    In regards to district elections and moving City elections to general election
    cycles – it would require all seats subject to this years? election to be
    extended for an additional year. What are your thoughts since it would
    apply to you?


    Representative Tim Moffitt


  9. TJ says:

    Wow! So, what do we need to do next? Maybe go to his office and sit lotus style and set ourselves on fire?

    Or, I’ll just go Monday. Or, maybe, I shouldn’t. After all, our governor considers it “unacceptable.” Well, if I get arrested, I’ll have plenty of water to drink, medical care, food, and a bed. !!!That’s it!!!

    Damn, but, THEN, I can’t vote!

  10. For starters, I think maybe the NC Ethics Commission ought to see all of this.

    § 138A-2. Purpose.

    The purpose of this Chapter is to ensure that elected and appointed State agency officials exercise their authority honestly and fairly, free from impropriety, threats, favoritism, and undue influence.

  11. TJ says:

    “election to be extended for an additional year. What are your thoughts since it would apply to you?”

    I say the City Council pass a ton of ordinances and resolutions, which will no longer limit “free speech” zones. Otherwise, when the new regime moves in, how will we protest their takeover? I guess, for now, we’ll settle for going to Raleigh.

    Can they pass anything, which will limit Moffitt’s “free speech,” if he comes here? After all, I doubt he will stay within the city’s “free speech” zones.

    When the h e double hockey sticks do our CONSTITUTIONAL rights kick in??!!
    Did our warranty expire, or something?

  12. If I were Reps. Moffitt, Ramsey, and McGrady, I would worry about how the Judge in the case, Howard E. Manning, will take all this. It’s now been made public that they are secretly trying to bully the City into surrendering their legal challenge to a possibly unconstitutional piece of legislation.

    From what I know of judges at that level, they don’t take kindly to that sort of thing.