Nine. Nein? Nine!


Scrutiny Hooligans is nine years in the blogosphere. Thanks to everyone who writes and reads it. As we enter our tenth year, know that this continues to be a place with no editorial controls over its writers, a group blog that is totally independent. It’s been through different seasons, focused on different things, and there’s no telling where it’ll go from here. I’m grateful to be a part of it because it offers up a space for information, education, and advocacy. I gave up hardcore snark when I was elected to City Council, but that’s where the rest of you come in. Keeping us intelligently entertained and mischievously engaged – that’s the heart and soul of the place. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  1. randallt says:

    Congratulations! What a valuable resource this has been through the years. Thanks to the Captain and the crew.

  2. Mim Toffitt says:

    Thanks for continuing to steer the city of Asheville off the left-hand cliff. It makes my job of destroying the place so much easier when I can say with a straight face, “they brought it on themselves.”
    “It was Scrutiny Hooligan’s fault.”
    “I had to push back against the socialist agitators.”
    “Luke, I am your father.”

  3. Freakishly off-topic…

    The NC Senate has passed the bill taking the Sullivan Act Transfer authority away from the City of Asheville. Since it’s a local bill, & therefore takes effect without the Guv’s signature, it’s now law.

    Listen – do you hear that?

    That’s the sound of the Water Dept. still being run by the City of Asheville. And yet now… without the Sullivan Act Transfers. “But, but, but…”, you say: “…that “savings” to the ratepayers was only supposed to happen when control of the system was handed over to MSD!!! …(according to MSD).”

    In fact, that amount covers ALL of the projected “savings” from wrenching the system out of the City & putting it under MSD. And yet, the City still operates the water system, and will for the potential years-long lawsuit over H488.

    Why, one could come to the conclusion that the Sullivan Transfers had no business being counted as a “savings” resulting from a transfer of the system to MSD. And that now that the veil has been pulled away, there’s no escaping the fact that this “merger” (theft) will only result in higher costs to operate the water system under MSD, and eventually, higher rates for water.

    As Mr. Peck will almost certainly say until he finally gets those epaulettes, “Thanks, Rep. Moffitt!!”

  4. TJ says:

    So, Sue, I guess you find the AC-T coverage of happenings more efficient and thought-provoking? And, I’m wondering if you find the subsequent name-calling on their responses, somehow, more edifying?

    Oh. That’s right. They don’t cover as wide a range and, as in-depth. I guess that explains the negative comments there at least a little more understandable-considering no one has more than a passing online nod’s glance of those to whom they are responding.

    Personally, I’ve glanced around, and, find few as entertaining as here…and, almost always more respectful. Definitely, more varied and informative. Don’t like the politics? At least you can google your own links…and, post an opposing idea. Gotta love the internet – there’s no excuse for not knowing.

    Besides, where else can you see so many folks impersonating Mr. Elmer Fudd?

  5. For those of you keeping score, along with being installed on the ALEC Board of Directors, Rep. Moffitt has donned yet another hat:

    Public Sector Chair of the ALEC International Relations Task Force.

    “The ALEC International Relations Task Force maintains relationships and exchanges ideas with legislators from nations around the world. We are especially interested in seeking to expand our reach to political leaders in emerging economies who are aligned with ALEC’s limited government, free market principles.”

    Tip of the spear much?

  6. TJ says:

    Wow! Whatever happened to “conflict of interest?”

    Oh, that’s right. It’s only a conflict of OUR interests. After all, with all that, it seems like Moffitt’s representing someone else. Our esteemed governor doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, though.

    And, lying about it at the meeting? Well, that’s par for the course for politicians, of course.

  7. Gordon Smith says:


    I would recommend starting a better blog at once.