Moral Monday


Growing numbers of people are gathering on Mondays in Raleigh to voice their strong support for the things that keep our society and economy ticking – Education, Health Care, and Voting Rights among them. The weekly gatherings are called Moral Mondays. Supporters have gathered outside and inside, and many have been arrested for refusing to end their peaceful occupation of public buildings. NC Policy Watch has a statistical list up today regarding the NC Senate budget. Excerpt:

Thousands and thousands – Number of low-income, pregnant women who will be kicked off of the state Medicaid plan and forced into the private insurance market under the Senate budget plan (“Senate budget plan kicks pregnant women off of Medicaid,” The Progressive Pulse, May 23, 2013)

25 – Years since former Republican Governor Jim Martin helped launch a major statewide effort to reduce North Carolina’s infant mortality rate (which was then highest in the nation) by expanding eligibility to Medicaid for low-income pregnant women (Ibid)

185% of the federal poverty level (or about $20,000 per year for a single person) – Income eligibility threshold for Medicaid health insurance for pregnant women that was ultimately enacted as part of that successful effort (Ibid)

From 13 per 1,000 to 7.2 per 1,000 – Amount infant mortality rate has fallen in North Carolina during that period (Tom Vitaglione, Senior Fellow for Health and Safety at Action for Children N.C)

133% of the federal poverty level (or about $15,000 per year for a single person) – Income threshold under the budget adopted by the North Carolina Senate (The Progressive Pulse, May 23, 2013)

It’s this kind of thing that has prompted the Moral Monday demonstrations that have grown week after week. Below you’ll find a video with lots of excerpts from previous events. There’s a big demonstration scheduled for today.


  1. TJ says:

    Amazing and wonderful!

    Do they care that the natives are restless?

    Do they care that Occupy is not the only group of folks tired of this mess?

    I want to be there.

  2. Tom Sullivan says:

    1,000 or more at Moral Monday protest today. 14 arrested.

    Melissa Harris Perry in attendance to cover the protest:

    Image from North Carolina House Democrats FB page.

  3. Gordon Smith says:

    From Facebook:

    Thanks for posting this, Gordon! There will be a bus from Asheville going next Monday. Anyone interested should contact the local NAACP office (828) 281-3066.

  4. TJ says:

    Calling first thing tomorrow.

    It’s about time! We should be there EVERY week until this insanity ends…

    Perhaps it won’t matter, but, I can promise it will mean something to all whom go and stand for what it right.

    We are seeing that our freedoms may cost us EVERYTHING! Some have died for what we have today. The LEAST we can do is ride a bus out of town and face those whom would see us watch helplessly as they push their insanity onto all of NC.

    Let’s go “occupy” the house!! (And, I’m not too worried about THEIR “living room.” After all, WE pay their “rent.”

  5. TJ says:

    Our governor is not happy.

    he has an interesting way of compartmentalizing what he defines as “acceptable.”