Area Republican Leader Stands Up For #AVLH2O


John Boyle, AC-T:

A former Asheville city councilman and Republican congressional candidate who’s chastised his party before for not sticking to its principles, Mumpower now says he’s flat out leaving to become an independent, if and when control of the city’s water department is transferred to the Metropolitan Sewerage District.
“This is not anything more than stealing Asheville’s water system,” Mumpower said. “I don’t care what people say or how complicated they try to make it, it’s just theft through our legislature, and that’s wrong. And this was a way to fight back.”
But here’s what’s even more perplexing to Mumpower: How come no other Republicans are complaining, when the move seems so obviously counter to GOP philosophy?

“Nobody in the party infrastructure has said, ‘Hey, you guys are in direct opposition to what we’re supposed to be about: small government, government closest to the people,’” Mumpower said. “You’re just using traditional power politics, and you haven’t been in office that long.”
I doubt a lot of Republicans have warm, familial feelings for Mumpower, who’s been a burr under the saddle for years.

But they at least ought to think about the point he’s trying to make.

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