Friday Open Thread


Obama destroys the economy (again): Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 236,000 in February. Unemployment rate drops to 7.7%. Dow hits all-time high (again). Simpson-Bowles and the Austerians (Hey, great band name!) order their priests to throw poor people into the volcano to appease the Market gods.


  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    (Reuters) – “Every new solar panel installed on European rooftops chips away at power utilities’ centralized production model. Unless they reinvent themselves soon, these giants risk becoming the dinosaurs of the energy market…

    “Ultimately, utilities could become aggregators of electric power, much as Google aggregates content, with the difference that regulators will require that power keeps flowing and the lights stay on. Several countries, including France, Spain and the UK, are preparing legislation to set up capacity mechanisms, under which utilities would be paid for keeping capacity on standby.”

  2. While California is rallying the rooftop solar sector with its California Solar Initiative, it is also, along with the federal government, abandoning decades of wilderness protection and surrendering huge square mileage of pristine desert to private enterprise. And by doing so, further relying on the centralized generation and distribution model.

    There seems to be the perception among many concerned about our energy future that solar = good. But a distinction needs to be made. Rooftop solar is best, followed by concentrated solar on previously distrubed land. Disturbing wilderness for solar is bad. And not necessary.