Mayor Bellamy Announces Her Plans


Terry BellamyMtn X:

At the end of her State of the City address tonight, Mayor Terry Bellamy announced she won’t seek re-election, instead running for Rep. Patrick McHenry’s 10th district congressional seat once again in 2014.

When a future history of Asheville is written, the historic tenure of Terry Bellamy will be a pivotal part. The youngest woman ever elected in North Carolina, Terry Bellamy went on to become Asheville’s first African-American Mayor. The opportunity to serve alongside her has been an important part of my civic education. She’s been a consistent ally in matters of affordable housing, public transportation, and economic development. I’ll always be grateful to her for her commitment to looking out for the disabled members of our community. We’ve not always agreed on issues, but I believe that Terry Bellamy will forever be an advocate for Asheville.


  1. TJ says:

    “I believe that Terry Bellamy will forever be an advocate for Asheville”

    As long as it agrees with her religious beliefs.

    I’m glad she stood for something positive for some folks.

    I was deeply saddened when she spoke from her seat and blatantly told the LGBT community that she would NEVER support them because it went against her religious beliefs.

    We all have beliefs in SOMETHING…even if it’s just that we are still breathing (in this moment). It was her role to represent Asheville, and, serve them, whatever their beliefs. Whether one approves of another’s’ life or not, ALL people should be given the same basic rights of any other person. When she was confronted with racial issues(Trayvon Martin), she donned a hoodie and stayed (until the wind blew us away!). Yet, she could not even stand on behalf of the Equality Resolution.

    Meeting with her in person was an underwhelming experience (altho’, obviously, memorable).

    When she spoke at Francine Delaney’s graduation ceremony, all I could think of was the hypocrisy, as I recalled her words in the Council chambers.

    Every politician has their less-than-stellar moments, and, I still respect her place in history of this great city.

    Unfortunately, her “less-than-stellar” moment was pretty significant and sent a sad message to many folks I call my friends.

    THAT is a legacy many will remember.

  2. mmurrayb says:

    I have known Terry for a very long time, she truly overcame obstacles and could have easily become a statistic and her ability to go from Hillcrest to the Mayor’s office is proof that God can and will do for those who seek him.The things she went through growing up 99% of the readers on this site could not imagine, nothing was ever handed to her. I have not agreed with her on every issue but I think she has done her best to maintain balance on a city council that continues to move to the extreme ( I am a fairly liberal democrat of color). I think the past 4 years have been especially difficult because she has no allies, each member on the council with the exception of Jan Davis has made it a point to try to box her in, humiliate and conspire against her so that they can finally get someone who will carry their water. I find it most troubling( and pretty disgusting)that Gordon Smith would even try to portray himself as working with the Mayor and to heap praise on her as she walks out the door, when it has been him who has led nearly every charge against her, it just proves how phony and insincere politics can be. What is most troubling to me that after November there will not be any African- American representation on the City Council and I know with out a doubt the current council will do nothing in regards to racial minorities, sexual minorities, yes( who deserve full equality, but the role of local gov’t is not social issues ). I wish Mayor Bellamy the best and I pray for a viable democratic candidate who is not Esther Manheimer to be elected.

  3. RHS says:

    Always a ray of sunshine, aren’t you Sue?

  4. TJ says:

    I don’t think she is unintelligent, just closed-minded…

    That can look a lot like stupidity.

  5. Dixiegirlz says:

    I’ve observed the Mayor on many occasions. So far, I’ve been underwhelmed. Maybe I’m missing something.

  6. TJ says:

    Not much, Davyne.