Great News: Payday Lending Is Back!


Imagine the conversation went something like this:

“So okay, here’s the deal,” Pope says to McCrory, “we turn the clock back until North Carolina looks like a caricature of a poor southern state from 50 years ago. You will have to own property to vote, Yankees make jokes about us all being crackers. Nuevo-poor (and nuevo-uneducated) locals get even more xenophobic, and they won’t elect a Democrat around these parts for decades. The only places people will be able to afford to shop are my stores. We’ll have it made.”

Oh, yes, they would go that far, says Rob Schofield at NC Policy Watch. He presents this early, partial list of the North Carolina General Assembly’s Greatest Hits of 2013. (It seems like just yesterday, doesn’t it?):

And, of course, let’s not forget the NCGA has introduced a bill to bring the predatory payday loan industry back to to North Carolina to serve families without jobs and struggling to make ends meet. Banned since 2001, payday lending is being resurrected by Republicans Jerry Tillman and Tom Apodaka, and by Democrat Clark Jenkins (You’re off the Christmas card list, pal!).

Esquire magazine’s Charlie Pierce believes Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory is treating North Carolina’s hundreds of thousands of unemployed as a “burnt offerings on the altar of a failed ideology.” He writes:

I am particularly struck by the governor’s logic regarding the way the “job creators” think. Naturally, if you make the unemployed even more desperate more quickly, the “job creators” will respond by hiring all of them at the same wages they were being paid before they were laid off, or even perhaps at a higher wage, because that is the way “job creators” always have operated in this exceptional country of ours. Otherwise, one might suggest that the governor has decided that it’s North Carolina’s turn to prance around in Mississippi drag.

Mississippi, you probably heard, just officially ratified the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, after voting to approve it in 1995.


  1. trifecta says:

    I moved here from Louisiana. There were many strip malls. In the strip malls were usually a Pay Day lender, a nail salon, a dollar store of some sort, and a tanning salon.

    This dream is going to be a reality for us too! Thank you NCGA.

  2. shadmarsh says:

    …and a Radio Shack!

  3. Davyne Dial says:

    And Tattoo Parlors.

  4. RHS says:

    And one of Art Pope’s stores.

  5. Raven Ravinoff says:

    McCrory in 2007: “One of our serious problems are people who have been taken advantage of by payday lenders.”

    McCrory ’07: [Payday lenders] are the worst type of organizations to work with. They charge a very high interest…

    McCrory ’07: A lot of people have lost their homes as a result of these types of activities with payday lenders.


  6. Jason Bugg says:

    This blog has become insufferable lately.

  7. Speaking of insufferable, here’s how Rep. Moffitt talks about Asheville in Raleigh. Is this guy a great ambassador for the region, or what?:

    “If they decided to have a mooning festival, it would be covered?” asked Rep. Larry Hall, a Durham Democrat.

    “If that was to, indeed, happen, it would probably happen in Asheville,” Moffitt said.

    I would respectfully submit that there is already a mooning festival in North Carolina, and it’s occurring under the Dome in Raleigh.

  8. mule says:

    Thankfully that l’ill bitch Moffitt has been seriously punked by the city of Asheville over the infamous nipple ban. Nothing like international ridicule to bring it all back home.

  9. Tom Sullivan says:

    The article opens, “Wednesday’s calendar at the General Assembly sounded like a frat boys’ to-do list: weed, bare breasts and opossums.”

    Only Barry stopped his quote too early to demonstrate that:

    “Hall asked Moffitt if he would accept a mooning amendment or wait until next year for a separate bill. Moffitt asked that the bill be passed without an amendment.

    “You can address this on the back end,” Hall replied, triggering raucous laughter among committee members.

    “This was a revealing discussion,” concluded committee chairman Rep. Tim Moore, a Republican from Cleveland County.

  10. Not sure I understand how Asheville ‘punked’ Moffitt.

    And Tom, I was mainly highlighting how Tim Moffitt aids in making Asheville into a laughing stock. Next time you wonder why we’re not taken seriously in Raleigh, think about Buncombe Republicans talking smack about us for fun in the legislature. That’s gotta be good for business – right BCGOP, right CIBO, right Mr. Cates, etc.? He’s your emissary to the State capital. Thanks a lot.

  11. Andrew Dahm says:

    I happen to think Kellen’s interpretation of Ellul’s Propagandes is the bomb, especially when it comes to getting the concept of orthopraxy over in a succinct, clear way. But, then, there’s Chick-Fil-A . . .

  12. Mr. Bugg, don’t just dine and fucking dash. I know you’re capable of intelligent commentary. Give us some better clue as to the source of your angst. We’re all ears bro!

  13. TJ says:

    Well, Andy, Chick-Fil-A might just inspire Occupiers to camp again! Where are those ordinance enforcers when you need them?

    Oh, I guess it’s okay, because it’s for an important cause.

    Too bad they can only rally folks by bribing them with free food.
    Of course, with all the cuts/slashes, some folks are pretty desperate.

    I’ll stick with protests.

  14. Andrew Dahm says:

    Actually, TJ, you’ll notice that groups with bad politics (and bad food) are always trying to get people to DO something, as a way of getting them to THINK something.

    The American right has renamed the French fry (freedom fries, remember), mounted a campaign to boycott the dime (Roosevelt’s on it, heaven forfend), and many other torchlight rallies. The American left has asked folks to write their congressman and to vote. There really and truly is a difference between the parties, at least when it comes to how they address their constituents.

    Mr Cates, bless his heart, spends a lot of time discussing feelings compared to his devotion to the issues. This, too, is consistent with a propaganda model.

    Our country has never been well-served by interests that are dishonest about their goals, means and methods.

  15. Ascend of Asheville says:

    I disagree with Bugg. Any blog that starts at “loan shark” and goes straight away to “orthopraxy” is alright in my book.

    Andy, did you announce for city council yet?

  16. Tom Sullivan says:

    Indeed, Andrew. As some here know, I collect right-wing pass-it-on spam. I have almost 200 such items that showed up in my in-box. Maybe 2 percent are not outright lies, distortions, and smears. By all appearances, the purpose of this propaganda is to only get conservatives angry and keep them angry about imaginary slights and sins committed against them by liberals. That’s all.

    Oh, there is one more purpose. Pass-it-on spams don’t ask people to write their congressman or senator. They don’t ask people to get involved in or contribute to a political campaign. Or even to make a simple phone call. No. Once you’ve had your daily dose of in-box outrage, conservative reader, all these propaganda pieces ask is that you “pass it on” to everyone you know. So now that you’re good and angry — and if you’re a Real American™ — please share this with all your friends so they’ll get and stay angry too. Conservatives seem to consider this good, clean fun for the whole family.

  17. TJ says:

    Yes, Tom, and, with the Tea Party mail I get, I noticed our children’s doomed future if —succeeds, is thrown in for good measure. Never hurts to threaten those families as they pass along the fun!

  18. nick s says:

    The southcarolinization of NC.

  19. TJ says:

    Andy, you really DO need to “throw your hat in” (I’ll give you one of my Tilley’s, if you don’t have a hat), so, there are more options (not that some are ones I want replaced, but, for the spots left open as Mayorship is chased down).

    After all, the “left” needs to vote, right? (Okay, y’all, for sake of transparency, I’ll admit it. I ask my conservative friends to vote, too – even when I can’t get them to agree for whom).

    And, I can’t wait ’til the suspense is over, and, we see who ALL the contenders for what are, and, start gossiping about them all – in a politically transparent way, of course.

    And, by the way, Andy, if you want my endorsement, I hope you serve some pretty good food. I’d suggest hiring Rosetta! Someone else will have to request the booze. After all, what’s a “liberal” party without beer?! That is, fund-raising party, not…oh, hell, I think y’all know what I mean.

    So much for conciseness at odd hours, David.

  20. Andrew Dahm says:

    Ain’t gonna happen. Spent a day in Sacalana – the Brewvival beer fest in Charleston, a really good one. It rained. The mud was sucking people’s shoes off, and watching inebriates hop around on one foot pretty much fulfills all of my ambitions.

  21. Andrew Dahm says:

    But here’s a campaign plank I found in the pluffmud of Charleston:

    The city of Asheville awards $50K interest-free loans to graduates of the various AB-Tech business incubators (Blue Ridge Food Ventures, for example). Qualifying conditions would be: locate your business inside city limits and hire at least one non-proprietor staff member at a living wage.

    Assuming a 10% default/failure rate (these would be going businesses, not ex nihil startups, with extensive community college training behind them), a 2% cost of money (the City’s bond rating would probably allow it to borrow more cheaply than that), and a five-year loan repayment period by program beneficiaries, the total incentive load (or cost-per-job) works out to about $14,000, not adjusted for property tax receipts to City for equipment located within city limits, parking fees, sales tax revenue, etc.

    What’s the city paying for other recent incentives on a per-job basis, and how much locally-owned equity has the city created with these incentives?

  22. TJ says:

    Well, Andy, I think you just don’t wanna spring for a party with food. Too bad, I think folks getting blasted at a political party (imagine them hopping around on one foot – after all, they do better tricks than that AFTER they are elected) can be just as entertaining.

  23. TJ says:

    OOOH! See?! You’re just proving the point. You MUST run!

    And, NOT the other way!

  24. “…watching inebriates hop around on one foot pretty much fulfills all of my ambitions.”

    Yes, but if you got on Asheville City Council, you could do that professionally.

  25. Davyne Dial says:

    hopping around on one foot – after all, they do better tricks than that AFTER they are elected

    AKA “pussyfootin.”