Sunday Morning Music




  1. Jim Jenkins says:

    Thumbs down! This could have been a nice family video about machine guns but for the immoral flashing of overexposed mammalian protuberances.

  2. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Agreed! There ought to be a law, I tell you! Let’s bow our heads and ask the state govamint for some “clarification”, (or a whole new law) on the subject.

  3. Davyne Dial says:

    “Sometimes Anna, a machine gun is just a machine gun.” Paraphrasing Frued’s “sometimes Anna, a banana is just a banana.”

  4. I almost blew milk out of my nose just now, and I’m not even drinking milk.

    From the comments on an AC-T editorial:

    “It’s ugly business and the sooner Democrats recognize how progressive activists are dividing our community, the better for everyone.” Mark Cates

    This, from the guy who famously kicked off his failed 2011 run for City Council by saying, “We live in the heart of enemy territory and we have to strike a blow from the inside.”

    King Hater himself, who openly calls Ashevillians “the enemy,” turns around & says that we’re the ones who are “dividing our community”. Geez, the huevos…

    Kicking off your failed 2013 run for City Council already, Mark?

  5. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Yes, he is running. New and improved.

  6. I’m guessin’ the message hasn’t changed: “Democrats Are the Enemy. Please Vote for Me, Democrats.”

    I know – he clearly didn’t spend enough money last time.

  7. shadmarsh says:

    The hilarious thing about Cates (for me anyway) is that he is absolutely clueless as to how he comes across. Perhaps he is banking on lower turnout and a Muller smear campaign to push him up to 14% this time?

  8. I guarantee you one thing he is banking on: that the Dark Overlord will find a way to gerrymander Cecil in Montreat and Gordon on the southwest side, into the same newly-created City Council district.

    Where the heck are there a concentration of GOP votes in this town, anyway? That’s where Mark is looking for a house.

    Oh, and Mark? Even solid Republicans like Lou Bissette now are coming out against the seizure of Asheville’s water system by the State. You might want to tweak your message…

  9. The velvet slips from the chain mail, ever so slightly:

    “Wish blow could have come from the inside, but Asheville voters weren’t ready… now Raleigh is in charge.”


    Speaking of rabbits dying:

    “What happens now?”

    “Well, now, Tim Peck and I wait until nightfall, and leap out of the rabbit, taking Asheville by surprise!!”

    Who leaps out?”

    “Well, Tim Peck and I, leap out… of the rabbit… oh.”

  10. Mark Cates says:


    “Oh, and Mark? Even solid Republicans like Lou Bissette now are coming out against the seizure of Asheville’s water system by the State”

    As much as I appreciate Mr. Bissette, he is late to the game compared to me. I stated publicly on multiple occasions that I wanted Asheville to keep the water system and did it a long time ago. I look forward to you referring to me as a “solid” Republican now, but I am curious as to how you became so misinformed about my position. It’s almost as if local media might not accurately represent or provide any context to comments of mine. Do you think that is possible?

    Regardless, unfortunately Asheville City Council has done very little to make its case for maintaining the system. As a matter of fact, they have shown themselves to be dishonest and childish during this process. There were many good arguments to be made, but council members and progressive activists chose to make the weak and dishonest ones. This has hurt us as a city in more ways than just the water system and we will bear the burden of those actions for many years to come.

    If you could be so mistaken about my position, perhaps reconsidering the sources where you obtain your information would be appropriate.

    On that note, I understand the context of my comment on what it is like to be a Republican or Democrat in Asheville may not be relevant to you, but it is to many others and that’s good enough for me. I’m always shocked at who pulls me aside to share their thoughts and experiences with progressive activists. Even when I lived near San Francisco, I never experienced anywhere near the hostility to Republicans & Democrats as I have in Asheville from a small but loud and organized part of our community.

    It would be good if Republicans or Democrats finding themselves in disagreement with progressive activists in our community weren’t treated like an enemy, but they are and I’ll continue doing my small part to change that. Maybe you could help?


    “The hilarious thing about Cates (for me anyway) is that he is absolutely clueless as to how he comes across”

    Actually, I know exactly how I come across to hardcore progressive activists and there was never any avoiding that outside of the mind-numbing compliance.

    I’m a pro-green, pro-local food and pro-equality Asheville Republican. I’m pretty happy with those positions.

  11. TJ says:

    So, Mark, do you have a site up, it seems?

    I’ve been busy, so, haven’t looked for anyone, yet.


  12. TJ says:

    Music to politics. Sounds in keeping with musicians I like.

    At any rate, I thought it was a given that Bellamy is not running, so, I was surprised to see a paper headline questioning that.

    Maybe, it was just wishful thinking?

  13. Mark, I just find it incongruous that someone who throws out the word “enemy” as freely as you do, can chastise others for being divisive.

    I do notice one change in your campaign rhetoric.Last year your focus-grouped slur was “hard-core progressive”, and you used it over and over and over. This year, you or one of your handlers has decided that you should refer to folks like me over & over & over as “progressive activists” in an angry, smeary, negative way, while aligning yourself with “Republicans and Democrats”. Divide and conquer. “”We” can all be united, just as soon as we carve out those people who cost me the election last time…”

    Dude, you live in a majority registered-Democratic City and County. You’re apparently desperate to be considered for elected office. Maybe playing the victim isn’t your best move. If this cheap rhetorical manipulation is all you got, it’s gonna take all the money Art Pope has in the world to get you elected.

  14. TJ says:

    So, cool, Barry-I mean “the-other-Barry”-
    am I a “progressive activist,” too!?

    It sounds better than “dirty, homeless, jobless hippie.”

    Or, do we actually have to be making progress? I mean, that’s kind of hard to do with all the “divide and conquer” mentality. Does that make others “regressive?”

    Can I like it, even though it’s meant to be derisive?

    I LIKE it!

  15. Ascend of Asheville says:

    I want to hear more about those weak, dishonest arguments. Did I miss something?

  16. Andrew Dahm says:

    Newt Gingrich is none too sanguine about Mr Obama’s prospects for getting immigration reform done, saying an Obama plan won’t go anywhere because of “the level of hostility towards the president and the way he goads the hostility.”

    Neat little blame-the-victim pirouette there, as Mr Gingrich says the President is dressing slutty and asking for it. And, in fact, the President may be doing just that, leaking the Rubio plan with every intention of getting pilloried for it, exposing the Republicans as the party-before-country hacks they truly are.

    I understand all this very well, you see, because I, like most of you, went through ninth grade.

    At a time when one-sixth of our people are living in poverty and one-seventh are unemployed, this Great Nation can still field a world-class schoolroom blame-and-backstabbing league, with televised bouts featuring John McCain thoroughly hosing friend and former campaign fundraiser Chuck Hagel and other edifying tests.

    The institution is such a part of our politics that we have a minor-league franchise here in Asheville.

    There are actually a number of reasonable, effective representatives of the Republican Party here in Asheville. Lou Bissette and former Mayor Russ Martin spring to mind. I haven’t heard either of them refer to majority-Democrat Asheville as “enemy territory,” nor have I noticed them cozying up to the Apodaca/McGrady/Moffitt axis that is trying to steal our stuff, interpreting Asheville’s foresight, investment, and sense of property rights as some form of schoolyard provocation, getting quickly to the state of entitlement and sullenness poor people are said to exhibit as they take our savings and property to pay for wine and cigarettes, steep-slope gated communities and fracking. At least, that’s how Republicans describe poor folks. Hasn’t been my experience, being grown up with my eyes and ears open and all.

  17. Ascend – you may be waiting for a while. Shall we send out for sandwiches?

    Mark – I’m glad to hear you are against the unprecedented abuse of State power proposed by your friend Tim Moffitt. I have not heard you speak out on this, and one would think that a Republican speaking to Tim on this would get reported. The only statements I can find related to the issue are your attacks on City Council for causing the situation.

    As the legislation seizing the water system is imminent, I’m sure you’ll want to submit a LTE, or make some other public plea to your friend Tim Moffitt to drop his unprecedented abuse of State power. Thanks for joining the opposition.

    Or you could sign the petition, like all the cool kids, including your fellow Tea Party exile Tim Peck.



  18. TJ says:

    Well said, Andrew!

    If he signs, Barry, that’s evidence, I mean, committing.

    If he commits, do you acquit?

  19. No, dear sweet naive TJ. He could just be signing sarcastically, like his fellow Tea Party exile Tim Peck. At this point, for me to ‘acquit’ as you put it, Mr. Cates would have to camp out in Raleigh in front of the Leg. Building, with a sign saying that “Tim Moffitt is a Communist!” for threatening to use the power of the State to seize local assets.

    And he would have to get serious print and/or airtime.

    See, TJ – like Mr. Cates says, you have to be a bully to be a “progressive activist”. We’re bullies, and we’re in charge. Hear us roar. We run this town.

    You’re just too nice, TJ. Have you tried the “bleeding heart liberals”? They’re always recruiting.

  20. TJ says:

    Dang, Barry, I never knew!

    And, our schools work so hard to teach folks about bullies.

    “Bleeding heart, liberal?”

    What does it make me, as I go tomorrow to Kay Hagan’s office, to push for bans on massively destructive guns, and, push to keep guns out of teacher’s hands?

    I don’t know about bleeding, but, this all makes my heart ache, that I even have to do this, because some “good people” think guns have done so much damage in our schools, that we need more in school! How ironic, get the bullies out, bring in the guns!

    I need a cup of cold, fresh water…got any? Oh, I forgot. I better start asking Moffitt

  21. Mark

    Still hoping you’ll answer Ascend’s query – in your view, what exactly were the “weak and dishonest arguments” made by Council members and us “progressive activists” on the proposed seizure of the water system by the State? And how will this hurt the City “for many years to come” as you claim?

  22. Mim Toffitt says:

    A recent history of proactive responsible stewardship, almost as if trying to make up for past mistakes by others, is a weak argument.
    A managerial approach that seeks to do the most for the most while charging the least is a weak argument.
    Questioning the authority and motives of a representative unwilling to be clear about either is also a weak argument.
    The desire to keep what is and has been in your hands, as oddly common as that might be, is a weak argument.
    These positions are weak because they do not maximize the possibilities. They do not seek advantage. They do not separate the successful from the losers in our great schoolyard society.
    They do not lead to victory, but to equilibrium. They are therefore weak.
    Weakness is easy to see, and to vanquish. Weakness is why liberals cry about the plight of others and whine about fairness, when it is not fairness but equality that our country was founded on.
    Weakness is balance. Balance is the weakest position of all. It takes the most effort to retain and preserve. Balance is Hell. Balance is boring. Balance is for dweebs.
    Chaos however, now that is easy, and made for the market mentality. I represent chaos; that magic which springs forth in the universe when systems of balance fail and the hunger takes over. Chaos feeds the hunger of the predator. Chaos is paradise. Chaos is my brand, my God and my goal.

  23. Andrew Dahm says:

    These things have a way of sorting themselves out. Just ask Mussolini.

  24. Oh, Mimsykins. You get more Kaliesque every day.

  25. TJ says:

    Oh, Mim, thank you for finally being clear.

    And, Barry, you really need to stop being so demanding!

  26. Yes. Working now on being more passive, waiting, compliant, cooperative, patient, listening, still, and pure…

    Oh shit! I’m in a box! I’m dead!!! If only I had been more compliant, earlier!!

  27. TJ says:

    You know that gun motto, “you’ll have to take it out of my cold hands!” ?

    I guess it’s better to feel the cold, dead hands of a child, as you bury them?

  28. Ascend – it looks like maybe we’re waiting in vain for Mr. Cates to respond to your question. Oh, look: more unsubstantiated partisan innuendo posing as political commentary! Excellent letter by one Ellen Lyle, followed by snark from Mr. Cates:

    It takes two to tango and two to collaborate. If one side is bullying, threatening the other side with dire consequences if it dares stand up for itself and do anything other than yield, the result is not going to be collaboration. There is no action the low-powered side can take that could be so described. Does this scenario ring any bells with the writer(s) of the editorial “Collaborate, don’t fight over water” in Sunday’s newspaper? It ought to, because the pages of Citizen-Times have been full of N.C. Reps. Tim Moffitt and Chuck McGrady telling the city of Asheville that it is doing itself no good if it doesn’t do as it is told. Democracy is not served by the stifling of the opposition as those two representatives have done. It also is not served by a newspaper trying to stay somewhere near the middle between the two sides, regardless of where justice lies. Asheville deserves better.

    Ellen Lyle, Asheville


    Mark Cates · Top Commenter · Asheville, North Carolina
    Ellen Lyle does make a fair point, “It takes two sides to collaborate”

    With zero Republicans on the County Board and zero Republicans on the Asheville City Council, the progressives were unwilling to collaborate on important issues.

    It’s good that more people now have a voice in our community.

    I know it’s a forlorn hope, but maybe Mr. Cates will come on here & explain precisely how having more Republicans on either the BCC or the ACC would’ve changed anything on the water issue. Reps. Moffitt & McGrady are intent on taking the City’s water system, the end. There is not now, nor has there ever been, any attempt from them to “collaborate”. There’s been orders handed down from the State capital. Former GOP Council members like Bill Russell, Lou Bissette, Russ Martin & others are against the seizure. Are you saying they’re wrong – that the City should “collaborate” with Moffitt & McGrady to transfer the water system to MSD?

  29. Raven Ravinoff says:

    Did y’all see how Pete Kaliner mused that if only Asheville City Council would share in the national ridicule being heaped on Moffitt due to his now infamous Nipple Ban then, oh Lawd, and I quote:

    “Perhaps doing so might have helped persuade Moffitt to back down on the water issue.”

    You see folks? Keeping the water system is EASY. Moffit doesn’t want logical refutations of his egregious meddling, he just wants you to share his pain!

  30. “Perhaps doing so might have helped persuade Moffitt to back down on the water issue.”

    Oh lawd, indeed. Pete, is this true? Do you really think this?

  31. Raven Ravinoff says:

    Even ol’ Timothy ‘Libertarian when it’s convenient’ Peck agrees that the forced H2O merger is unnecessary:


  32. Andrew Dahm says:

    Glad you can construe agreement out of Mr Peck’s MT or RT or whatever that is. It bespeaks a sunny disposition on your part.