Looking for Voter Fraud? Tried Right Under Your Noses?


From Progressive Pulse: Scrutiny over Dianna Lightfoot moves to voter registration questions

Dianna Lightfoot is facing more questions, after a Winston-Salem news outlet discovered she’d registered to vote using an address of a UPS store.

The Winston-Salem Journal takes up the story of the hapless, would-be head of the N.C. Division of Childhood Development and Early Education:

Stepping down may not put an end to the questions, though. Public records from the N.C. State Board of Elections show Lightfoot registered to vote at her mailing address, instead of her residential address.

Board of Elections rules clearly state that voters must provide a residential address to register to vote. Falsifying voter registration information is considered a Class I Felony.

Progressive Pulse reports that the director of elections in Forsyth County will refer the matter to his three-person board “who can then ask for the state board of elections to look into the matter, or the local district attorney.”

Did North Carolina secretly elect Sarah Palin as governor?

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    My bad. This would, of course, appear to be registration fraud, but that would make for a much longer headline.

  2. Nancy says:

    The take-away from this fiasco is that Lightfoot’s explicit, vehement opposition to early childhood education, immunizations, sex education, homosexuality, accessible health care, and government in general, are the things that were considered her sterling qualifications to direct the Division of Child Development and Early Education in NC — and it was only her voter registration violation that disqualified her from this influential position. Up until the dust-up over her voter registration application was uncovered, her selection was considered well-considered, ideal.

    Art Pope opposes government spending and now controls the state budget; Dianna Lightfoot opposes early childhood education and is hand-picked to run that agency. Under this new Governor, North Carolina is in a race to the bottom. You betcha.

  3. TJ says:

    Wow! On a tear early, are you?!

    Too little coffee, too much Friday, or, not enough…?

    Rolling eyes? Seems like yours are up and back pretty far. Hope they don’t get stuck ;-).

    BTW. Since registration is part of the voting process, wouldn’t you say that’s a kind of voting fraud?

    Or, maybe all those legendary zombies who voted are okay, as long as they registered for the poll near their cemetery.

  4. shadmarsh says:

    There are other tools in that toolbox sue, feel free to try them on occasion, the one you are currently using is getting a bit dull.

  5. RHS says:

    “There are other tools in that toolbox sue, feel free to try them on occasion, the one you are currently using is getting a bit dull.”


  6. Nancy says:

    suetwo, I assumed Tom Sullivan was comparing the level of incompetence, cronyism, and yes, questionable conduct among appointees, Governor-to-Governor. For that, Sarah Palin became notorious and so, our new Governor a deserves favorable comparison. While the similarities may be selective, it’s not a sexist allegory.

    North Carolina was one of a handful of states awarded a federal Race To The Top – Early Learning grant. The basis was our acclaimed effort and therefore, potential to continue the trajectory of achievement.

    The appointment of Lightfoot was based on her anti-early education ideology and was only retracted for her apparent low-level felony committed and exposed.

    John McCain is nowhere in that mix, except as it relates to having selected Palin.

  7. TJ says:

    Wow, Shad, that’s creepy! Reminds me of the photos in Harry Potter!

    Okay, so, it’s cool, too!

  8. Shad, where’d you get the picture of Pope?

    And I don’t think it’s remotely sexist to compare McCrory with Palin. Two GOP governors. Apples to Apples.

  9. Davyne Dial says:

    WTH is a “prog bot”??? Is it similar to a frog bot?

  10. Ascend of Asheville says:

    And Shad, how do you even do that? The picture thing.

  11. shadmarsh says:

    Cecil: Popes R Us
    Ascend: Magic!

  12. TJ says:

    Ha, Jeff! I got the scoop on that.

    Davyne, rhetorical? Progressive robot.

    I think ScruHoo ought to do that picture thingy with posts more often.

  13. Doug Gibson says:

    If I had to guess, I’d say that Tom was being tongue-in-cheek. It wasn’t too long ago that we had local conservatives on here lecturing us about voter fraud when they really meant registration fraud.

    (And of course, when they talked about registration fraud—whatever they called it—they meant some civic group received a registration form for “Mickey Mouse” and fulfilled their legal obligation by turning it over to their local BOE and flagging it as suspicious rather than tossing it in a dumpster.)

    At any rate, I think that’s a valid point to make. How many headlines at conservative outlets scream “Voter Fraud” when it’s really something else? Lots, I’m guessing. And how often do the authors say “whoops, not really” in their first comment? Never, I’m guessing.

  14. How do you get 5 Popes in a VW? Make them take their hats off.