Friday Open Thread


Knock yourselves out.

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  1. Ascend of Asheville says:

    My new job is so far kicking my ass pretty good.
    I need bourbon, and cheap sex.

  2. TJ says:

    No thanks.

    My cough and congestion have already done that the past 3 days.

    Someone ELSE can knock me out, though, so I can sleep.

    And, Jeff, are YOU cheap? Not that I’m buying 😉

    (Meanwhile, I hope folks will sign the petition to tell TV execs to stop running ads of the NRA using the President’s children).

    This is what I added:

    “This is a sad statement on the minds of those whom condone such exploitation. Every child has a right to safety, but, ALL people know it is a privilege to be president and families of leaders make sacrifices, along with the benefits. Children are vulnerable to enemies of any president. I just would never have thought such enemies would be fellow Americans who claim to be right-thinking adults. Shame on you for enabling their exploitation.”


  3. Ascend of Asheville says:

    I’m not cheap, I’m free!
    (That line used to be a good one back in the dawn of time when I was single, right up there with, “Excuse me, but I’m lost in the dark forest of my soul, and I was hoping you might have a flashlight.”)

  4. Have you tried, “Let’s have breakfast tomorrow. Shall I call you or nudge you?(winkie-winkie)

    I hear that’s a good one.

  5. Ascend of Asheville says:

    I did once on a dare walk up to a woman in a bar and say, “Hello, my name is Jeff and my friend and I are really interested to see what you look like naked.”
    She, being quick and sporting in her outlook, replied, “You really need your friend to help you with that? That’s kinda sad.”
    That turned out to be a good night. She had a friend too.

  6. TJ says:

    Seriously, Barry? Now, I know why you’re so greedy with your water ;-).

    Jeff, that’s right up there with John Nash suggesting to a woman that they skip the pre-sex discussion. Just got him slapped.

    So, did you?

  7. Andrew Dahm says:

    Meanwhile, subsidies from City of Asheville taxpayers to county residents will grow.

    Property tax revenues from rural Buncombe properties are likely to decline, exacerbating the problems the City already faces – high commuter occupancy and short shrift on sales tax revenues. If you look at the numbers from the mid-eighties, when the city finally got out from under the depression-era debt restructuring regime, per-capita revenue/expenditures have worked out to a solid return for County residents and a net cost to City taxpayers.

    Raising property-tax millages on City residents to compensate for revenue losses on County properties would cause chapping, especially after other recent indignities and expropriations.

    If the City could raise and appropriate occupancy taxes, that might level the playing field a bit.

    When do we start talking about Legislature’s proposal to only fund one school system per county?