Statewide Implications?


From North Carolina’s The Answer to Annexation is Confiscation Department.

The Independent Weekly of Raleigh asks whether the bill being drafted by NC state Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson, to strip Asheville of its $170 million water system might have statewide implications.

Several towns in North Carolina, including Butner, have passed resolutions opposing the legislation because it “sets a dangerous precedent that will have a chilling effect on any local government investing in infrastructure.”

“It is pretty clear state government has that power,” says Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton. “They have the ultimate say over what we do. This is obviously highly concerning.”

At press time Tuesday night, the town was considering a resolution opposing the bill.

For his part, McGrady says his confiscation bill cosponsored by Rep. Tim Moffitt, R-Buncombe, has “no statewide implications,” but that “somebody could decide it’s what they want anywhere.” The Independent replies, “That sounds like a statewide implication to us.”

The Independent Weekly quotes somebody named Barry Waters as a source on this story. Anybody know the guy?

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  1. Ascend of Asheville says:

    I just love how this is getting mostly hung around McGrady’s neck right now, when his marching orders come from Moffitt.

    I wonder if Mr. McGrady is starting to feel like a guy standing on a corner with a bag yet?

    I also wonder who else in the State House is getting screwed by Moffitt in the same fashion and we just haven’t heard about it?

  2. Davyne Dial says:

    Huh, so good,…McGrady’s getting covered with skanky funk from Mr. Moffitt’s heavy-handed legislation. I think this will end up in Court…if not, it should.

  3. “The Independent Weekly quotes somebody named Barry Waters as a source on this story. Anybody know the guy?”

    Sounds like a fake name.

  4. Roger hartley says:

    This move is a threat to all towns and cities. In this case years of public investment in infrastructure goes poorly compensated. And look at the waste. The cost of the merger and the process and energy to do this is a huge waste of public resources. If you don’t strip the water system, the state doesn’t have to buy it at public expense. The admin costs alone to do the merger…staff time is significant.

  5. Andrew Dahm says:

    The Beaucatcher Tunnel would be a great thing to seize. That project, along with the dams and reservoirs, pretty much bankrupted the City of Asheville back in the 20s.

    The library has tons of old newspapers on microfiche, and it’s possible to spend a rainy afternoon reading about Buncombe and Henderson County officials calling the Mayor of Asheville insane for building the tunnel, the reservoir, and pretty much anything else that shows moxie and such.

    The fact that resources are being stolen from the government entity with the foresight to create them and given to those that couldn’t be bothered cements my opinion of who the real welfare queens are in our society.

  6. TJ says:

    I say the City puts signs on everything and stake claims, before the next Raleigh dog comes around to pee on it and tries to claim it.

    Oh, and, not-Barry, I’ll find Occupiers who can hide you, if you give me a 6-pack of water!

  7. Well apparently that was a typo, which has now been fixed. There is no ‘Barry Waters’. I can now confirm that I am, indeed, the Walrus.