Congratulations, Commissioner Frost



A judge has told parties involved that he will not grant Republican Christina Merrill’s request that election officials be temporarily barred from certifying Democrat Ellen Frost as a Buncombe County commissioner.

Merrill had asked for a stay preventing Frost from being certified while she pursued her legal challenge to results which showed Frost beating Merrill by 18 votes for the second seat representing District 2 on the Board of Commissioners.

Frost and her attorney, Bob Deutsch, said this afternoon that Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway contacted parties involved to tell them he will rule in Frost’s favor.

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  1. Ascend of Asheville says:

    About durn time we put that tired issue to rest and got about doing the County’s business again.
    Now, if we can only make the rest of the Republican redistricting effort come back to bite them on the ass like this little piece did, we’ll be getting somewhere.

  2. But Christina Merrill says that counting all of Ellen Frost’s 19,918 votes and swearing her in isn’t fair to the 19,900 people who voted against her!

  3. TJ says:

    And Frost and her attorney were at the meeting, and, word was that there would be a swearing in toward the end of the meeting this afternoon. I left for an Occupy meeting, but, I’m guessing it’s done.

    On the other hand, the Tea Party never stops drinking:

    “Please consider Donating to Christina’s Cause. ATPAC is working with Voter Integrity Project and Christina. The Warren Wilson College students voting is an issue that is NOT local. It affects the entire state AND the nation. If you want fair elections and want to clean up voter fraud, we begin here. We will be running fundraisers. Go to http://www.ashevilleteapac.org. Donate button/Christina Merrill Buncombe Commish. All proceeds go to Christina Merrill for Buncombe County Commissioner campaign.

    This case is going to the NC Supreme Court. Please help. Thanks.”

  4. These people despise democracy, since it sometimes mean they lose elections. College students being allowed to vote? That’s almost as unacceptable as minorities or the poor.

    “Fair elections”? You are hypocrites. Tell me that you are prepared and willing to throw out the District 2 votes from the conservative-christian Montreat College up the road from WWC… or please shut up.

  5. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Oh My God, You are right. Merrill can try again in two short years. Dammit. Where is the permanency? I want a final solution to this shit.
    Whoa, wait a minute. Sorry. I didn’t mean that.
    Reading now, back to reading.