Water Rights, Cattle Barons, Governors and Resolutions


saveourwaterwnc.com Monday hit the airwaves with a radio ad attacking the “cattle barons” behind the threatened city water system merger as Pat McCrory made his first visit to Asheville as governor. Signatures to an online petition condemning the water system seizure accelerated in number, approaching a thousand Monday night.

The AC-T reports on the McCrory visit: McCrory discusses water merger

The new governor promised to act as facilitator in the water merger dispute:

McCrory said he has not made up his mind about what should happen with the water system, though he said, “We’ve got to develop a long-term fix, and it can’t be just the state involved in discussion or your local leadership.”

McCrory neither explained who else he believes deserves a place at the table nor what water system problem needs fixing.

In other McCrory news, he made an announcement:

At a morning news conference, McCrory named former Republican lawmaker Fred Steen of Rowan County as his chief lobbyist, charged with getting the legislature to implement his agenda.

According to ALEC Exposed, Steen is one of the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council’s “Frequent Flyers.” Steen is the recipient of multiple ALEC “scholarships” to go on corporate-funded junkets:

Fred F. Steen, II has served in the State Assembly of North Carolina since he was appointed in 2004 to fill a vacancy. He was the North Carolina State Chairman of ALEC as of 2011 and serves on ALEC’s Board of Directors. He has received a total of $7,665 in ALEC “scholarships,” according to data from 2006 to 2008.

Wonder how that facilitating is going to with McCrory’s ALEC lobbyist and Rep. Tim Moffitt, a reported member of a couple of ALEC task forces, facing off against Asheville City Council?

Last night, the Franklin town board passed unanimously a resolution opposing any forced taking of Municipal Water Systems [timestamp 17:00]. Last week the Hendersonville city council postponed a vote on a resolution opposing any water system takeovers by the state.

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  1. Conover NC also approved the resolution last night, and Concord NC is considering it right now.