The 12 Days of Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets

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  1. TJ says:

    Had to share that one ;-). First four sounds like my son’s wish list.

    I will go for the car, and, I’ll give away the rest!

    Happy, happy Christmas, eve, that is,Tom. And, to the rest of you Hooligans, and, visitors!

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  2. Don Fickles says:

    Merry Christmas, ScruHoo.

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  3. TJ says:

    Nice, Don!

    Here’s one your link turned up. I dedicate this to Shad, Cecil, and, all the cat lovers unnamed – and, as we try to think of a name for our new kitty tomorrow after Santa has dropped his here ( You would think a guy as worldly as Santa would have the spay/neuter thing figured out by now ;-) ).

    Peace and catnip to you all!

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