Firefighters Ambushed in Webster, NY


Virginia Tech; Fort Hood; Tucson; Seattle; an Aurora, CO movie theater; a Sikh temple in WI; Sandy Hook Elementary in CT. Now firefighters under fire in upstate New York on Christmas Eve.

WEBSTER, N.Y. — A gunman ambushed four volunteer firefighters responding to an intense pre-dawn house fire Monday morning outside Rochester, N.Y., shooting four and killing two before ending up dead himself, authorities said.

The gunman fired at the firefighters when they arrived shortly after 5:30 a.m. at the blaze near the Lake Ontario shore in Webster, town Police Chief Gerald Pickering said. The first Webster police officer who arrived exchanged gunfire with the suspect, authorities said.

If America’s last few years were a movie, Keanu Reeves or Tom Hanks or Nicolas Cage would be risking life and limb investigating whether these seemingly random acts of gun violence were actually the result of Satanic forces at work attempting to bring about the end of the world or something like it. Meanwhile, in a dark crypt hidden deep below the national headquarters of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre is in blood-soaked robes conducting an even darker ritual…

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  1. TJ says:

    Yeah, well, Tom…bad news. The NY location has changed, but, back in the 80’s, when I stayed in NYC briefly, I knew some folks from the Bronx, who could not get 911 to respond. First responders KNEW they would face gunfire.

    Sadly, it is clearer than ever, like Davyne said about the thin veil, that there is little respect left for those we once held in high esteem: teachers, policemen, firemen, priests(for some people, anyway). Actually, the murders of priests and nuns in Central America convinced me times were getting worse, being a country where you didn’t dare speak against the church for so long.

    Here, I think it hit me more when presidents were openly lying, cheating, and other such things, with such a forgiving audience. It wasn’t just a recognition that we all are just human, after all, really. It was more like we lowered our standards of what our leaders should lead with. But, then, we are all shocked and angry when big bankers lied, stole and cheated us. After all, we are the ones who said our leaders could be forgiven.

    Sorry, back to the guns. I guess it should seem a natural progression of our collective degeneration… That is, if you listen to TP folks. We should all get armed, including those firemen.

    Or, we can remember this is supposed to be a time for peace on earth, and good will toward all people. Maybe, it’s time to start finding ways to make that more than a sentiment that pops up once a year. Maybe, it’s possible to bring that about, or, we should just stop singing carols with words that speak a lie.

    Oh. Merry Christmas. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to Man(and Woman)kind.

    Peace y’all.

  2. “The gunman, who shot and killed himself at the scene, was identified as William Spengler, who was arrested by Webster police in 1980 for beating his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer.

    “Pickering said Spengler had staked out a position with an arsenal of several firearms on a berm overlooking the scene.”

    Wow, I’m proud to live in a country where a guy like that can escape being ‘judged’ by meddling liberals, and still get ahold of his Constitutionally-guaranteed “arsenal” of weapons.

    Of course, if the firefighters had been packing weapons instead of firefighting gear, they might’ve been able to defend themselves from this guy (who wasn’t a creep until he pulled the trigger, before that he was a proud gun owner who only wanted to exercise his God-given right to assemble an “arsenal”…)

    Right, NRA? Merry-Armed-to-the-Teeth-Christmas.

  3. BTW, thanks NRA – I mean Santa – for those gun-show and peer-to-peer loopholes that allowed me to assemble my arsenal. This is about to be the best Christmas ever.


    Tomorrow’s Lunatic

  4. TJ says:

    Careful, Mr. Lunatic, you run the risk of TP folks saying we Hooligans are TOO liberal – tolerant, that is.

    Oh, I FINALLY get it!!

    Us “liberals” are too liberal and tolerant when we dare speak of peace, justice and an end to inequities. TP are just “doing this for your own good,” so, it’s okay for THEM to be tolerant and liberal with weapons. Lord knows we don’t want people to think they can actually solve conflict peacefully. That would not make the NRA
    money makers merry this holiday season.

    Actyally, now it makes sense. After all, someone connected to the conservative crowd once told me “they” should put all the people with AIDS in a circle and shoot them.

    For now, they are just stockpiling.

    Watch out, Barry!

  5. Thanks TJ.

    Audio of one of the firefighters calling for help & describing having been shot in the back with an assault rifle as he tried to flee the scene after watching his friends get murdered in front of him:

    IMO, every NRA member should be required to cancel the Xmas music this year, & play this over & over all day tomorrow.

  6. TJ says:

    Barry, I think your thought SHOULD be done!

    They want to have a happy day, and, ignore the reality of the end result of gun ownership. It’s too easy to blame anyone/anything else, than look closely at their own hearts and distorted thinking.

    That has to be one scary world view!

    Too bad their weapons don’t leave them feeling safe…I mean they have to protect themselves the rest if their lives, right?

    I guess faith isn’t enough.

  7. Tom Sullivan says:

    A convicted killer, who shot dead two firefighters with a Bushmaster assault rifle after leading them into an ambush when they responded to a house fire he set in Western New York, left behind a typewritten note saying he wanted to “do what I like doing best, killing people,” police said.–abc-news-topstories.html

    Do what you like doing best, killing people. Bushmaster’s new slogan?

  8. Do what you like doing best, killing people. Bushmaster’s new slogan?”

    Fitting. Same rifle was used a week earlier in Newton Conn., and by the DC sniper in 2002. 40 dead innocents in these three incidents alone.

    Company that makes it is headquartered right here in NC. We’re so proud.

  9. TJ says:

    Another bonding moment with a gun in the home. Tonight, a father in jail, his adult son in critical condition with a gunshot to the head.
    The Madison Co. family had alcohol as a family tradition, the father “had no criminal record,” but, had a history or drug paraphernalia, assault, and intoxication; the son had been imprisoned for alcohol related criminal actions. His “best friend and neighbor,” said there was “no sign” of problems between them, and, the father had done “everything” he could to help his newly released son get back on track.

    I guess shooting him was his final solution.

    Peace on Earth.

    The family that shoots together, stays together…in prison, I guess.

    Good will toward all mankind.

    Blah, blah, blah.

  10. TJ says:

    Here’s another approach:

  11. Pete Kaliner says:

    Forgive me for pointing out the obvious here… but the lunatic set a fire in order to lure the firefighters into the ambush. Setting a fire like this in order to prompt a response is an attempt to kill those firefighters, all the same. Had any of those firefighters been killed in the blaze, their deaths would be no less of a murder.

    As for the firearm argument, even if there were nary a firearm in America, I suspect the perpetrator bent on killing (doing what he does best) would likely have arranged another method to kill. After all, he beat his grandmother to death with a hammer. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t be punished for that under the law, and I don’t know why a guy with that record would’ve cleared background checks. It seems there are several points in the societal construct that failed here, but all the details are not known.

    Finally, are you calling for a ban on rifles? A ban on semi-automatic weapons? What?

    Granted, I might be missing something here. I was a little confused with all the lamentations and demands for goodwill and Christmas spirit intertwined with the name-calling and demagoguery of political opponents.

    Also, if you’re going to offer up a discussion about such bans with anecdotal premises, be sure to include stories such as this:

    or this:

    Hope it helps! Best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2013!

  12. TJ says:


    My calls to peace on earth, etc., in case you didn’t notice, were a bit of pointing out the paradox of these issues.

    I am not for or against guns, in general. I have friends who hunt (although, I would not – for other reasons – I don’t harbor harsh feelings either way), and, I know there is a long tradition of BB guns for young boys’ rite of passage into manhood. Again, not what I would choose, but, that’s their family’s choice.

    I DO feel strongly about any weapon that allows someone to pump the “other” full of holes in a matter of seconds. There is NO way anyone can convince me that anyone in the general populace “needs” that. I can’t see eating a dinner hunted down, full of holes. I DO know that I have lived places like L.A., CA, Chicago, Ill., Wash., D.C., and southern Fla., where there is high rates of violence, gang activities, etc. I never saw anything good come out of citizens and handguns.

    If I have to teach my children to fear for their lives enough to carry or keep a weapon, then, it probably would have been a better choice to not have brought them into this world to begin with, IME. (MY personal view). It bothers me that I have to know whether a playmate’s family has guns in the house, and, I don’t like to feel that is intrusive on their privacy. However, kids have killed each other, playing with the guns. So, I have to ask.

    I also don’t feel it an effective means of conflict resolution to meet violence with violence. We have seen how that escalates, and even the military is a poor example. All sorts of resources, to the point of absurdity (nuclear weapons, biological weapons, etc). None of these have made us “safer,” as 9/11 proved.

    Whatever it is you are asking from me, this is the basis on which I determine my values. It is sad that even those, I have had to base on what DOESN’T work. In the core of my being, I am non-violent by nature, and, while I have had enough experiences throughout my life, that anyone who favors guns, would harbor no ill thoughts of my owning a gun. However, I don’t find it helpful in the healing process, or, anything I am trying to do positive in my life.

    There are many excuses for violence, and, I hope we can find ways to create less of them. As for the already occurring violence, there DOES need to be a way to justly weigh what consequences should be for violent offenders.

    I have no illusions of guns being banned, etc. I DO believe that automatic weapons can be outlawed without my feeling a moral dilemma over anyone’s “rights” being trampled. That the ban had an expiration date baffles me. Did they think we would be so advanced, or some such nonsense, that they would be fine now? Why not a permanent ban on them?

    Anyway, as to whether what you wrote “helps” or not, I was not seeking help. I hope that this clarifies what I was responding over the past few days. However, I think I have been clear about it, already.

    Of course, perhaps, this was a general “you,” and not a direct response to my comments…in which case, I apologize.

    Happy New Year, ya’ll!! Stay safe while you have fun. Let’s make this New Year a greater one, and, if it is full of hopes, I hope that your hopes are within reach. (NO, I have NOT been drinking, I do this just fine without any help ;-D ).

    Oh, one other thing. If you knew me, as folks here probably do, you would know I am not into that whole “political opponent” thingy. I’m an equal opportunity commenter on anyone who does idiotic or insensitive things, and, whom need to be reminded that we (the “people”) DO care about what’s happening and how they respond.

  13. Pete Kaliner says:

    You say you’d like to see a ban on automatic weapons. But those are already banned. Have been for quite a while. These are the weapons that fire multiple rounds with just a single squeeze of the trigger. Think: Rambo.
    The military uses these.

    You wrote:
    “… any weapon that allows someone to pump the “other” full of holes in a matter of seconds. There is NO way anyone can convince me that anyone in the general populace “needs” that.”
    This is any gun except a bolt-action rifle or a single-shot shotgun. Even a revolver can discharge its 6 rounds within seconds. It all depends on how quickly you pull the trigger. This is the case for all semi-automatic firearms (one trigger pull = one shot fired).
    So, I am unclear what you’re calling for in these posts about gun violence.

  14. TJ says:


    Thanks for clarifying. I may be getting the terminology wrong. I understand a ban on assault weapons expired, making it legal for citizens.

    Honestly, I do not support ANY guns, as violence doesn’t cure anything. I also don’t get the idea that guns make folks feel “safe.” Safety implies not needing to be afraid. If weapons bring that about, that is not TRUE safety. The paradox is that if it did bring safety, the need would be no more. I believe the threat of death hanging over our heads does not help either “side.” Just look at how nuclear weapons worked. We all felt afraid, so we did not bomb each other. That is not safety, that is a truce.

    Specifically, I see it as absurd that an assault weapon ban would expire, or, that any non-military use is “necessary.” I would like a permanent ban. I am not an expert on guns. I do see the harm they do. I see a more positive future when we stop encouraging violent methods of protection and conflict resolution. Otherwise, we should just go back to the days of the Wild West. If we are truly “advanced” as a nation, we should be the example. We have the nerve to tell other countries they should follow our example, yet, our nation is so broken, that citizens feel the need to bear arms.

    Other than that, I will leave this to wiser people than I.

    I will not send my kids to a school that has armed personnel, etc. I might as well move to a country with an open civil war, in that case. If that is the rationale gun owner/supporters have, I’m afraid we are beyond saving, really. We might as well draw guns and see who has the fastest trigger finger.

  15. Tom Sullivan says:

    Pete, I’m, sure you’d love a good “liberals wanna take your guns” quote, but that would be a distraction. We are, however, running a special on “the NRA’s a shill for the gun lobby and masquerading as an advocate for Average Joe” over at Silencer Night, Holey Night.

  16. Pete, Pete, Pete. You’re too gentle in your quote-fishing! Don’t you know that the best way to fish for quotes is to throw in a stick of dynamite? They float to the surface & you can scoop them out by the handful.

    But seriously, Happy New Year!

  17. TJ says:

    Have fun, Pete.

    Seems like an expenditure of energy I don’t find useful. I’d rather spend my time connecting with folks in a healing way…and, looking for solutions.

  18. Pete Kaliner says:

    Interesting responses. Accusations of “quote fishing” … on a blog?
    I’m still trying to wrap my head around that concept. It would be like someone hosting a radio show becoming surprised that he was on the radio.

    The questions I ask are straightforward and honest.

    You can’t say you’re “looking for solutions” when you aren’t interested in discussing the issue with people of different opinions. An unchallenged idea is easy to hold. I’m asking you to explain why you hold the opinions you do… on your blog.

    As for the expired assault weapons ban, I encourage you to look into the specific weapons that were covered. For example, a barrel shroud was banned. A barrell shroud is just a cylinder that attaches over the exterior of the rifle’s barrel. You’ve seen them in movies, I’m sure. They have lots of holes in them. They provide no enhancement to the shooting of the firearm at all. They are just meant to allow the person to pick up the barrel of the gun without getting burned by a hot barrel. That’s it. But this was banned. Why? Because it looks mean.
    Here’s a good write-up by a self-described “gun-loving leftist.”

    What would you assume I prefer a specific comment? Different people have different views on things. I am always interested in asking why people believe what they believe.
    I am asking TJ to explain a position.
    Also… and this might be a bit shocking… there are far more prominent liberals I can quote re: confiscation of firearms. Gov. Cuomo and Al Sharpton just served up some good audio on that score.

  19. Go easy on Pete. It’s a slow news day. Gotta feed the beast somehow…

  20. Davyne Dial says:

    Why do most mass killings of corralled victims with high powered multiple round weapons by disturbed white men, seem to be happening only in the USA?

  21. TJ says:

    Davyne, that is what I wonder. Other nations have massive weaponry, or, at least armed folks, such as Canada. Yet, we still have either the highest, or close to it, non-militarily involved gun deaths.

    Pete: I made clear what I thought about gun usage. That you choose to go into specific weapon types, I can’t help there. I am not a weapons person, but, I stand on my belief that we cannot call ourselves an “advanced” nation, if we rely upon violent means to “protect” ourselves…or to have the illusion of it.

    I am not for OR against specific weapons, and, I practice non-violent resistance and protest. I have friends who hunt and I do not tell them they shouldn’t. I know folks who have gone target shooting, etc.

    I don’t presume to know what everyone else “should or shouldn’t” do. I simply stand by my personal ethics and values.

    My values do not include threatening harm or death to anyone. Do with that what you will. It doesn’t seem that you’re interested in anything than putting folks on the defensive to prove a point. So, in that case, I’ll bow out of this interchange, and will watch with interest if folks will be creative as to means of feeling safe.

    Back to the NRA, regularly scheduled programming.

  22. Tom Sullivan says:

    What I have seen for a couple of weeks on this and other forums is a lot of angry, frustrated people needing to process their pain over the spate of mass shootings. They needed to vent and still do. If you are puzzled at not seeing people here discussing policy and staking out policy positions, that’s why. People are simply not ready to get down into the weeds yet. That’s why when you introduced the topic of weapons bans you did not get the kind of answer you were looking for. TJ”s talking about her feelings. You’re talking about barrel shrouds and the difference between semi-auto and full auto.

  23. TJ says:

    Spot on, Tom!

    Thank you for summarizing and clarifying more concisely than I could.

    So, that’s that, for now.

  24. Tom Buckner says:

    I’ll say this a hundred times if I need to: one of the main reasons Unistat is more violent than Canada, even if Canada has lots of guns too, is that more societal inequality correlates strongly with more violence. Where inequality is really severe, life is cheap. This phenomenon is downright biological in its roots, where you have more cooperative species on the one hand and more competitive (tournament) species on the other. In a tournament species (lions, for example) you have one alpha who collects a harem and fights challengers to the death (if that’s what it takes) for the sole right to reproduce. If a challenger beats the alpha, he gets to work slaughtering all the kittens the previous boss had sired.

    Some people like the hypercompetitive tournament model of society because they assume they will be alphas.

    Incidentally, I heard on NPR a few hours ago that studies in “Stand Your Ground” states show about a 7 to 9% increase in homicides, and what seems to account for the increase is situations where both individuals view the other as the dangerous aggressor. Without those laws, as the reporter on the radio said, you’d tend to get a fistfight instead of a killing. As the law removes the requirement to attempt a retreat, it creates a legal and game-theory incentive to use deadly force before the other guy does. Indeed, it tends to remove the incentive NOT to strike first since it increases the chance that the other antagonist will kill you anyway and make his version of the story the only one anyone will hear.

  25. Davyne Dial says:

    So it’s a “High Noon” at the OK Corral mentality that is unique to USA??

  26. Tom Buckner says:

    Unique to the US? Not really… watch “The Harder They Come.”

  27. Davyne Dial says:

    Tom, haven’t watched the movie…will check it out on Netflix.

    Am wondering if we are reverting to a third world society/country, headed to where mass genocide of rounded up hostages become the norm????

  28. TJ says:

    For your viewing pleasure:

    “For Immediate Release
    Draw for Asheville Tea PAC’s “Great Gun Give Away” in the Parking Lot at High Noon at the Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show, Ag Center, Airport Rd., Fletcher on Saturday, January 5th. Read more at

    Meet us at the Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show For more information visit 2 volunteers essential for 11:30 – 1:30 on Saturday. Other times and Sunday welcome. Please call Jane at 828 692 3117. We have only two volunteer badges so we need to coordinate. Thanks.
    When: Saturday January 5th, 9 AM TO 5 PM and Sunday, January 6th, 10 AM TO 4 PM. Adults: $8 Children under 12 free.
    What: Saturday in the parking lot at High Noon – Ticket Draw for AR15 and .22 Magnum. Join us for the event!

    See below. This is why we will not be silenced.
    Asheville official mulls banning gun shows
    Published: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 8:54 a.m.
    Last Modified: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 8:54 a.m.

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A member of Asheville’s city council is proposing a ban on holding gun shows at publicly owned buildings.

    Councilman Cecil Bothwell said Tuesday he’s interested in the idea in the wake of a shooting that killed 26 people, including 20 children, at a Connecticut school.

    Asheville already has an ordinance prohibiting the possession of firearms on city-owned property. But gun shows have regularly been held at a city-owned agricultural center and U.S. Cellular Center downtown. One is scheduled at the agricultural center this coming weekend.

    Bothwell says the law is clear and that the city should do whatever it can to stem gun violence.

    … Perhaps Mr. Bothwell needs a Firearms Refresher course … see right column.

    Gun Free Zones Don’t Work. Find out why this leftist utopian world sets us up to be victims of violent crime.

    Grassroots North Carolina .

    Tom Lamprecht and Sadie Klaus discuss protecting school children with Paul Valone, President of Grassroots North Carolina.

    Stop the Obama Gun Ban petition and more.

    Readiness Raffle is now underway thanks to Carolina Readiness Supply, Inc in Waynesville. See for flier with details on four prizes. DONATE. Readiness Raffle . Please visit Carolina Readiness at They have everything you need for disaster preparedness. Four chances to win great prizes for a $10 donation per ticket. Enter as many times as you like. Must be a US resident. Out-of-state Patriots welcome. 600 tickets will be sold. See us at the Gun Show this weekend for an early entry or stop by Carolina Readiness Supply.

    Carolina Readiness Supply, Inc.
    72 Montgomery St., Waynesville, NC 28786
    Hours: Mon – Fri: 10 AM – 6PM, Sat: 10AM – 5PM, Sun: Closed

    Calendar of Events for Jan 2013

    Tea Time Meeting at IHOP on Airport Rd., Arden will resume on Thursday Jan 17th, 6 pm.

    Thursday, January 10th: Buncombe County School Board Meeting, 6:30 pm. Buncombe County Schools, Administrative Services Building, Phone: 828.255.5921, 175 Bingham Road, Asheville, NC 28806Your citizen input and support of measures such as these is crucial — please ask your board to consider a fresh approach to school governance in the coming year.|newswell|text|Opinion|s

    Contact Board Members:

    Watch Independent Video of Board Meetings:
    Dec. 3rd meetings:
    BCSB part two agenda items
    BCSB work session 12/3/12
    Amy Churchill swearing in
    BCSB part one (public comment)

    To watch independent video of past meetings:
    Firearms Refresher Course”

  29. Pete Kaliner says:

    I agree that a lot of people are still processing their pain and grief, and this manifests itself in very different ways.
    However, my response on this blog post was prompted by the original comments (by you, Barry and TJ).
    If by “processing their pain” you mean making accusations about some nebulous monolithic Tea Party bogeyman… well… I guess that’s one explanation.

    But there are underlying policy prescriptions embedded in these comments. Yes, people have their feelings. But those feelings get harnessed and directed into specific policy.

    So, when TJ argues against “assault weapons” (but cannot define what those are) and says things like:
    “I DO feel strongly about any weapon that allows someone to pump the “other” full of holes in a matter of seconds. There is NO way anyone can convince me that anyone in the general populace “needs” that.”
    There are obviously policy implications. Yet, when I ask a few questions to see what those implications might be, TJ bails – under the premise that it’s just feelings.
    Again, if folks say they are interested in the conversation and finding solutions, it might be a good idea to discuss the issue with people who have different opinions.

  30. TJ says:

    Pete, please do not speak for me.

    I have not “bailed,” I simply wait and watch-to see ideas folks may bring up, rather than argue for or against.

    One can not intelligently choose either without full input. I cannot offer a solution, until I fully understand the topic, and, without clear info.

    The TP speaks in reactionary ways, just as they accuse “liberals” of – which, btw, I an not “liberal” in the manner some folks may think of it.

    I was taught long ago that a wise person seeks counsel, and, listens.

    Anyone here can tell you I have problem stating my views. I choose to hold off and learn more.

    You can twist that as “bailing,” if you choose, however, it makes it no less an incorrect interpretation.

  31. TJ says:

    Oops, should have read “no problem.”

  32. Tom Buckner says:

    Pete Kaliner, let me just jump in here and say what a felicitous pair of words ‘nebulous monolithic’ make. It’s a cloud! It’s a stone! It’s a nebulous monolith!

    …probably an aerogel.

  33. Davyne Dial says:

    Or a d & d phrase….

  34. Tom Sullivan says:

    Not just here.

    It was standing room only at the start of the Hendersonville City Council meeting Thursday as citizens, devastated by the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., pleaded with city leaders to ban assault rifles and high-volume magazine clips in city limits.

  35. Pete Kaliner says:

    You wrote:
    “It doesn’t seem that you’re interested in anything than putting folks on the defensive to prove a point. So, in that case, I’ll bow out of this interchange, and will watch with interest if folks will be creative as to means of feeling safe.”

    I stand by my description – that you “bailed.”
    You might feel challenged by my questions, but the motive you’ve divined is wrong.

    Tom Buckner-
    Glad you appreciated the phrase. 🙂

  36. Jason Bugg says:

    Pete Kaliner is the sort of low rent right wing tool that makes me miss the good ol’ days of Tim Peck. Seriously, Pete. You’re pathetic.

  37. Tom Sullivan says:

    Please play nice, Jason.

  38. Ascend of Asheville says:

    What Jason said.
    I miss the old days when the comments were numbered. You could always tell when something was getting good when the numbers started to go up.
    The quality of comment from the loyal opposition sure does seem to lack the dazzle it used to have.
    At least Muller was/is bright.
    And TP is the very picture of consistency, except when he’s working for a candidate, but you know, things happen.
    PK seems to be just all blustery about everything, but he can’t seem to make a coherent point. I hear him on the radio and he sounds literally like he escaped from somewhere that is holding his meds at the ready for when he is finally found and brought “home”.
    He’s as bad in that forum as the MTNX is in print. Asheville is becoming a media dessert…

  39. TJ says:


    Tim Peck was nice in person. Even though I don’t agree with much with him, at the school board meeting, he was very appropriate.


    Call it what you wish. I don’t need to know your reasons. I save my interpretive work for my work with clients ( although, I let them work through that themselves, for the most part. I’m not big on ‘telling’ folks things about their inner world-as I am merely an observer-participant in the process).

    Either way, I’m still here. That’s hardly bailing, simply b/c I don’t like hamster wheels.

    Still watching…

  40. TJ says:

    Jeff, sure miss you on the airwaves!

    Reminded me of this:

    Good ol’ DJ days!

  41. Andrew Dahm says:

    “A well-regulated militia” seems pretty unattainable at this point in the etiology of our Great Shared Mad Cow Disease, no more likely than a well-regulated financial system, and don’t get me started on petroleum extraction.

    Guns are always a lot heavier than they look once you pick them up, doubtless due to the freighting of despair they’re laded with: Society is breaking down, one needs to protect oneself, etc. Like much of what passes for “traditional values” in our political culture, guns – like privatization – scream “every man for himself.”

    I’m back to watching football, where the team that tells their bellyachers to shut up, be constructive, and create will win. Again.

  42. Davyne Dial says:

    Bring on the gnashing of teeth & the fear mongering from the pro-gunners.
    White House weighs broad gun control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings.

  43. Pete Kaliner says:

    Following you off-topic for moment…
    If this is what you consider to be good radio (, then thank you for your criticism. I wouldn’t want to sound like this at all. But that’s just my personal taste.
    Given the latest ratings, it seems a lot of people are enjoying my show. So we’ll just agree to disagree on what makes good radio.
    However, I do like the idea of Asheville becoming a “media dessert.” I have discovered that most people like dessert. So, it must be pretty good.
    Best of luck in your broadcasting endeavors.


    Jason –
    Sorry, but I don’t find you worth engaging in conversation. You might have noticed this by now on Twitter.
    If you ever expand your repertoire beyond incoherent, immature & ignorant insults, you might get more out of your life. Given what I’ve learned about you and your existence over the last year, however, I’m not confident in your chances.
    But good luck, nonetheless.