Wayne LaPierre & Friends Are Way Better Than You Wusses


Or these test subjects. VIDEO: 2009 ABC News Experiment Demonstrates More Guns Unlikely to Stop Mass Shootings

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    Found on Facebook:

    “I suggest putting a teacher in every gun store.” – Jef Johnson

  2. Tom Sullivan says:

    Wayne, I really don’t think you’ve thought this through.

    After you arm all the teachers, aren’t they just going to demand unions and better pay and benefits? And back up their demands with firepower?

  3. Davyne Dial says:

    I’m beginning to suspect the NRA may be heading down the same road as the tobacco industry.

  4. TJ says:

    Well, if they want to keep blaming the vague “people” for killing, all the while, creating the replacement for the oh-so-dangerous peanut butter sandwich gun, it serves them right.

    Oh, but, hey, they could claim the “corporate personhood” thing.

    I wonder of the weapons then become their “offspring.”

    Like I said, what baffles me is the level of denial they must employ to convince themselves. I think that’s why I find it never makes sense to me.

  5. TJ says:

    @Tom: Isn’t that kind of what happened with the postal workers?

    Poor working conditions.

    Armed employees.

    “Going postal?”

    Took them years to work that image out of the public collective conscious. And, obviously, there’s still traces there.

    I REALLY don’t want to leave that image in my kids’ brains. Having the occasional one that molest children is horrendous enough.

    Ooh, I know. Instead of an apple a day, we can send a bullet a day. Those fundraiser for books and materials? Add ammo and bullet proof vests, just like our police do. Maybe that can pick their own color bullets, so they can get that special plaque for being the one that shot the intruder.