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Another day, another death. Today’s featured death is Muhammad Ziad Awad Salaymah a 17 year old Palestinian teenager shot dead in West Bank. He pulled a toy pistol from his belt at a Israeli checkpoint, and was gunned down by IDF soldiers.  Protests ensued. The use of leathal force against non-violent protesters is left to the discretion of Soldiers in the field. The US give an average of $3 billion a year in military aid to Israel (that’s billion with a “B”).

Israeli soldiers use rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas bombs and stun grenades against non-violent protesters in the the West Bank – in addition to spraying them with water mixed with chemicals. These tactics have led to the injuries of hundreds and even several deaths among protesters.

Here’s some random stuff to read/discuss/ignore (after the break):

Item Number 2:


Heather Christle

A house is an elephant I live in
I live in one room and death
is also in it like a plant
I forget sometimes to water
With time I can forget anything
Lost to me have been some lakes
What are death’s priorities
and what are mine and can
we reach a happy agreement
People have said to me in quotes
“safe as houses” and I feel
safe here but I think
my feeling is wrong
An elephant is kind but not safe
is maybe troubled
goes to drink and troubles
the water I can see it
I can see it but I do not understand
I went to steal bread and by mistake
I stole harm
Now harm is in the room
What if we eat it
In the room you are here
just a little, you relax
in your own potential form
I feed you and then I feed death
I bring you water
Time elapses, quilts us into place
This elephant we live in is rising
I think we cannot make her safe


Item Number 3:

Ah, the echoes of Cold War proxy-conflicts!  Russia believes that the Syrian Rebels may win . The Arab Spring that keeps on springing. Who’s next? There are certainly a plethora of repressive and corrupt regimes to choose from. Hopefully the benevolent hand of the CIA will keep the friendly krátos  in the region safe from the dêmos. I’m fairly optimistic that they shall succeed…


Item Number 4:

 Modern Times

Title: Modern Times
Artist: Alan Butler
(Featuring Creative Commons Balloon Dog by Rob Myers)


Item Number 5:

Albert Camus Talks About Adapting Dostoyevsky for the Theatre, 1959.



That’s all I got today.



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  1. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Matt Groening, Charlie Chaplin and Albert Camus would have been a cool dinner conversation.