Random Wednesday Variousness


It’s 12.12.12. Do with that what you will. In the past 24 hours there have been approximately 153,400 deaths world-wide ( with approximately 356,201 births, do with that what you will), one of those deaths belonged to Ravi Shankar, again, do with that what you will. Also, several people were shot and killed at a mall in Portland, by a man wearing a white mask and brandishing a semi-automatic rifle. He killed himself. Also, North Korea shot something off, and had a parade. They are fond of parades.


Here’s some random stuff to read/discuss/ignore (after the break):


Item Number 2:

A Lesson in Geography

Tom Clark

Failure of sympathy buries you
in the sand, like the body of
a person at the beach
in your imagination, where
the deer still come down to the water
to utter their spontaneous cries
into the oncoming headlights
of the approaching wave of evening,
that time when your dreams run wild
dogs back into the caves in the rocks
out of fright, and deference
to the way you feel. Baby if you don’t
understand I’m sorry it’s time,
and I guess I’m sorry too as
and if it’s too late to provide
sand castles with
bridges across their moats. Wimps
do that, break
into particulate matter, like grains
of sand in the bucket
of a child who remains in chains.
The life of it is in the details,
anyway. That away lies the equator.
Sacrifice a goat when you cross.


Item Number 3:

Speaking of goats, did you know that for the past 30 years the Chinese have been working on the art/science of miniaturization? You probably didn’t. they are making human beings smaller and smaller in labs outside of Shenzhen. Certainly this research will lead to an easement of the burden on natural resources, but Western theorists also suspect a military application. One can only hope that this technology doesn’t find it’s way into the hands of al-Queda or al-Queda like entities.


Item Number 4:

Are you following The Pope (@pontifex) on Twitter? I’m not. A) I’m not Catholic, B) I don’t have a B. But apparently you can get blessed, absolved of various sins, get info on the best places to fondle, among many other delightful things.  The Pope, he’s entered the 21st century. Do with that what you will.


Item Number 5:



That’s all I got…



  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    Miniature Chinese? Is the “green death” far behind?

  2. shadmarsh says:

    Yay! Someone got the reference…

  3. TJ says:

    The public spoke. The officials listened. They didn’t hear.

    Public speaking sucks.

    Do with that what you will.

  4. 10 year old opinion/ Hannah says:

    What’s going on in this world is ruining my future.

    What are you going to do about it?

    Do with that what you will.

  5. shadmarsh says:

    Good question, Hannah. As the parent of a young child myself I too care about the future, and that’s why I recommend you learn the following skills: hoarding (more of an art than a skill, but still…), marksmanship, botany (or at least own a Field Guide to Edible Plants), basic carpentry, first aid.