Random Tuesday Variousness


‘Tis the season and all that crap. Hopefully you’ve been partaking in the great consumerist holiday that is Christmas by buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff, or perhaps you feel guilty about not spending enough time with that (not so?) loved one so you’ve attempted to make up for it by purchasing a waffle iron. I don’t know what you people do in your spare time, so I won’t venture any more guesses. To the point!

Here’s some random stuff to read/discuss/ignore (after the break):


This was in “the news” last week, another craptastic mural from the guy who gave us Angry Bob Moog.  Seriously? A tiger, in the River Arts District? I’ve nothing against tigers mind you, in fact it has long been my sincere wish to– when my time is up– to be chopped up and fed to tigers. But this “mural” belongs on a velvet canvas with black lights, in the parking lot of an Alabama interstate gas station.

Item Number 2:

There is no such thing as a “War on Christmas.” We heathens love it just as much as you churchy types. There’s food, gifts, a fricken tree in your living-room, lights, egg-nog, all that jazz. Seriously, cut that out.

Item Number 3:

The Flower
Robert Creeley

I think I grow tensions
like flowers
in a wood where
nobody goes.

Each wound is perfect,
encloses itself in a tiny
imperceptible blossom,
making pain.

Pain is a flower like that one,
like this one,
like that one,
like this one.

Item Number 4:

Apparently there is such a thing as a “The Serious Fraud Office” in Britain. They made 3 arrests in connection with the “Libor scandal” (remember that?).

Item Number 5:

You are being watched (duh).  X-37B Space Plane: What This Terrifying Air Force Drone Could Be Doing in Earth’s Orbit

Many scientists and experts are not even entirely sure what it does, though they have theories: Dave Webb, chairman of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, claims the Pentagon is attempting to develop within-the-hour warhead strike capability anywhere in the world, while Brian Weeden, a former Air Force official, insists, “The laws of physics are a pretty harsh mistress and make such systems impractical and not very useful.”

That’s all I got, feel free to chip in with your own whathaveyou.


Cheers Mates!



  1. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Let it out Shad. Tell us how you really feel.

    Let’s have sharing time.

    I think I saw that tiger in fact, next to the souvenir Virginia country ham at South of the Border, next to a painting of Elvis.

    Or there is a new Ninja in town & that’s some sort of warning to the Zhao Lin Temple…

    Or its a metaphor for corporate appetites in would-be egalitarian gentrification efforts.

    Actually, there is no such thing as an egalitarian gentrification. That’s like saying you can have a non-exclusionary BID. Its really all about class & stratification, big fish in small ponds, free market theories overlaid on intrinsically collective social structures and the weaponization of systems that used to be established for the common good, to promote the general welfare and create more perfect unions and whatnot.

    Which reminds me of Christmas. A fake birthday bash cynically created to usurp a festival of collective survival and sharing with a celebration of the ultimate fascism, with a tradition wherein the well-off get to widely publicize their good fortune and earn the respect, gratitude and jealous admiration of all, while the less fortunate are tortured by their inadequacies and forced by social convention to do serious harm to their economic and psychological well-being in order to create the appearance of largess and satisfaction. While the working poor and the truly wretched of society are forced to endure patronizing, proselytizing acts of misguided kindness that are transitory, illusory and calculatingly emasculating, while also being a potent reminder of how easy it would be to share more equally all year long, except for the religious fervor with which we cling to our God-given freedom to be as needling greedy as we want all year so long as we dish out a few left-overs and some cast off coats come Christmas.

    I put Christmas right up there with the most heinous Roman spectacles. It’s great fun for the elite, but it is directed by politicians and produced by slaves.

    Come to think of it, Shad, I think I saw two women fighting over that toaster at Wal Mart on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. There’s another one. An anniversary celebration of the beginning of the American ethnic cleansing program.

    For my money, I’ll take May 1st, and Halloween. Keep the rest. It’s not like we get to take them off anymore anyway.

  2. dasdrew says:

    Good luck with all that. #item2

  3. Tom Buckner says:

    I swear I saw a pedestrian flipping off the Moog mural once. Dunno why.

  4. Mim Toffitt says:

    I flipped a pedestrian once. Very satisfying.
    That would make a great mural. Me flipping off Asheville with a bunch of fallen pedestrians (water protesters!) in my wake as I stride up the mountainside creating clear-cuts and subdivisions with a wave of my hand.
    I wonder if Spagno-what’s-his-name takes requests?
    I’d like a halo too. That would be a nice touch.

    Or do you think I would look too much like a North Korean Head of State?

  5. Davyne Dial says:

    Now I liked the RAD tiger. Partly due to the purple and gold colors of that tiger. But it’s not easy to do a painting that size and it not be too “stiff” looking. I’m coming at it from a technical point of view. It looks to be done without scaffolding and is being done mostly with rollers. I appreciate that Spagnola can replicate quite well using rollers instead of the traditional brushes.

    Angry Bob Moog is not that bad a likeness either given the difficulty of working that large.

    Compared to other mural painters I’ve seen I think our muralists are a bit ahead of others I’ve seen. Colors are more flamboyant too.

  6. shadmarsh says:

    I stand by my original assessment.

  7. Jim Shura says:

    Jim Henson, Yoko Ono, Sidney Nolan and Ayn Rand have a chat. How’s that for random?

  8. TJ says:

    Wow, guys! Now, don’t hold anything back. You’re only as sick as your secrets, or, something like that.

    Jeff, we have Christmas AND Hanukkah, to feel great or horrible about having or not. Hanukkah drags it for 8 days, tho’. This year, I told my kids we’re trimming it to two days. Almost as sleazy as the Black Friday Thursday, some might say, I guess. If I were still in L.A., we could stroll through Skid Row, on our way to serve meals at LAMP, where I used to work with mentally ill homeless, and, remember how fortunate we really are.

    At least I’m just crazy, not homeless 😉

    Tigers are awesome!

    Shad, at least we have New Year’s Eve to wipe out all memory of this past years’ idiocy, even if for just one night!

  9. Jill says:

    You know, it gets tiresome for me to agree so much with Shadmarsh but I just have to do it… again.

    If you don’t enjoy Christmas then you’re not doing it right! Doesn’t matter whether you are or are not a Christian. The colors, the food, the parties, the music, the decorations (best of all is the smell of fresh cut greenery) – it’s all wonderful. I just miss having snow for the season.

    Personally, I don’t go near the mall but I still manage gifts for those I love or really, really like (my veterinarian, the guys who pick up those heavy garbage cans, folks who had a bad year and/or folks who did me a kindness, the neighbor who fixes my lawn mower every single year).

    I do miss the stacks of Christmas cards that used to fill the mailbox. I still send real Christmas cards because I’m old and I enjoy it.

    Displays of white pine, cedar, all kinds of holly, hemlock, pine cones, pyracantha, magnolia boughs – everything green or with berries and best of all is stuff with fragrance and it all means winter. Come on, you don’t love that?

  10. shadmarsh says:

    Thanks Jill. I’m going to go ahead and take that as a compliment.

  11. TJ says:

    Yes, Jill!

    I REALLY love it.

    My kids and I finally decide it’s time to put the tree by ths curb around March…after all, then it’s time for their birthdays ;-).

    I’ve threatened just to plant a live pine tree in our yard. Lord knows, if I did, we’d never uncelebrate.

    Love, love LOVE to give cards. And, I’m only a little old. Have four on our cabinet, so far. I hope most of my friends haves not gone virtual, yet!

    Then, there is Chanukah.

  12. Jill says:

    @Shadmarsh… I always like your comments, poems, etc., so, yes it was meant as a compliment (I didn’t realize it was sort of “left handed”). 🙂

    I also keep Old Christmas (January 6) as a nod to my ancestors and the older ways of understanding the celebration.

    !!! An evergreen tree in the yard isn’t just for Christmas! It’s a great Easter totem if you celebrate the risen Christ but works equally well for the old Pagan gods if one is so inclined or one can be “unaffiliated” and decorate just because it is spring. 😉 Yes, I know, my obsession with fresh greenery reveals itself.

  13. shadmarsh says:

    Why thank you, I shall endeavor to stay in the light.