The Fleecing of America


Where’s William Proxmire when you really need him?

In government, if I help myself to taxpayer dollars, we call that embezzlement and I go to jail. In the private sector, if I help myself to taxpayer dollars, we call that innovation and I get hailed as a visionary exponent of public-private partnership. That’s the lesson of a Nov. 17 investigation by Anne Ryman of the Arizona Republic into the state’s charter schools.

In her examination of Arizona’s 50 largest nonprofit charter schools and all of Arizona’s nonprofit charter schools with assets exceeding $10 million, Ryman found “at least 17 contracts or arrangements, totaling more than $70 million over five years and involving about 40 school sites, in which money from the non-profit charter school went to for-profit or non-profit companies run by board members, executives or their relatives.” That says to me that in Arizona, at least, charter-school corruption isn’t the exception. It’s the rule. And that’s just in the nonprofit charter schools. Documentation for the for-profit schools is not publicly available. What are the odds that charter-school proprietors operating in the dark are less inclined to enrich themselves at public expense?

More at New Republic.

One of these days people will wake up to this scam.

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  1. trifecta says:

    I thought the fleecing of America was an Old Navy plot.

  2. Actually, it’s a long running NBC News segment about how the government “wastes” “our” money.

    I would have thought it was that moron John Stossel but after a quick fact check it turns out its Brian Williams.

  3. Tom Sullivan says:

    Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel argues for more of that public-private partnership stuff today in the WaPo. Infrastructure improvements? Check. But also education reform, public funding for parochial pre-K, public-private partnerships, “innovative financing,” etc.

    How’d leasing those parking meters work out for you?