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  1. Ascend of Asheville says:

    Good choice. Sad times.
    I was once fairly insistent, in a college paper in 1988 that Israeli attitudes towards the Palestinians was very much analogous to American attitudes towards the Native Americans of the late nineteenth century. With very similar underlying causes, including the common belief in a God given mandate that excused whatever amount of bloodshed and slaughter might happen. Because these others were not real people. They were savages.
    I wish I had that paper handy, so I could see how well I did in light of the history of the almost twenty-five years since I wrote it.
    As I recall, it didn’t go so well in class. The seminar model predominant at my school was rife with opportunities for grandstanding proto-hipsters to monopolize the conversation.
    Interestingly enough, however, a later alumni, with more cajones than me, went to the middle east to try to help people. Her name was Rachel Corrie, and she was run over by a bulldozer.
    As Vonnegut would have said, so it goes.